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  1. Currently at 8 participants but looking to get more. You can either pay by paypal or Venmo.
  2. Currently 4 paid up. 6 in total just waiting on their payment. Trying to get more. Sent you email.
  3. I am running a $10 march madness bracket on yahoo. Currently have 6 guys interested (3 are paid and joined). Looking to get as many as I can to join. If more than $10, then more than just the winner will get paid out. Top 2 will get paid out with more than 10 and then maybe top 3 if more than 15. Money will be held in my paypal till end of tournament and then paid out. email me at, post here, or message me here if you want to join.
  4. Currently in need of 2 owners going in to the first off-season of my 24 team NFL Money league, Two Minute Warning. Entry fee is $35 but we pay 2 years in advance so $70 is required when joining and then each additional season, you just pay the regular $35 to go to the following seasons' fee. This is a dynasty league using salaries and IDPs League boards: League rules: The current 2 openings are: Notre Dame: (this team holds the #1 overall pick in this year's rookie draft and has $100m in cap space to use this upcoming off-season) BC Lions: (team unfortunately does not have a draft pick till the 4th round and has $27m in cap space going into the off-season) If interested, email me at
  5. Still need a owner for the DAllas MAvericks. The team will cost nothing for this season as I'll put up the entry fee for the team. Team is in rebuild mode so get in to get a chance to retool the team for the future this season
  6. I am looking for a few owners for a 30 team NBA money league. Full Court Press is a 30 team NBA money league that is in its 2nd season. The league is run on and scored on fantrax. Scoring is H2H Most Categories and you set lineups daily. It is a varying entry fee league where your performance in the previous season dictates your entry fee for the following season. Money is paid through fantrax treasury and is then paid out at the end of the season League board: Rules: Open teams: Dallas Mavericks: New York Knicks: Each team's entry fee this season is $45.00 New York is currently 3-1 after 1 week and currently not winning any of 4 matchups in week 2 Dallas is currently 2-2 after 1 week and currently winning 3 of 4 in week 2
  7. Combined leagues with another group and have 2 spots open. 18 of 20 have paid directly to fanduel and we just need those last 2 in to pay and open the contest for week 1. If we don't have all 20 in and paid for week 1, the $25 prize that is given to the winner of the weekly contest will be added to the total championship pool for finishing top 3. Hmu with your fanduel username for invite to new group to get in league for week 1
  8. Currently have 7 entered. Looking to get to at least 10 to run this championship contest
  9. I assume the draft dates for those 2 leagues are set in stone? If so, I'll have to pass as I won't be available to draft Monday or Tuesday night and would want to be able to draft my team in a start-up dynasty rather than have to be autopicked.
  10. I am looking for a free fantasy football league. Can be ESPN, Fantrax, yahoo,, or any other one not mentioned. Almost any kind of style league I am interested in: -Can be start up or taking over a team -Prefer at least 10 teams -Prefer keeper or dynasty -IDP or no IDP no preference (if IDP, want scoring to be somewhat balanced where defenders actually make a difference.) -H2H Scoring only though -Snake or auction draft no preference -Not interested in 2QB leagues Available for draft this friday, saturday, or sunday night (31st-2nd). Respond here or email me at if you've got a league.
  11. Come join. We have 4 currently. Want to get to at least 10 hopefully more.