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  1. We've had a few spots open up so come get a spot in this league and be able to bid for your team. Email me at if interested upon signing up, you will need to send in a 15.00 deposit.
  2. Still got a few spots left. Come get a spot.
  3. This is a 12 team keeper league that will allow 3 keepers per year. This is the first year of the league so there is no one on rosters right now. Link: League rules: Draft is not completely determined but will most likely take place Saturday, August 27th at night. Email me at if interested
  4. 4 spots left before the auction draft begins. Come join the league.
  5. Still looking for owners so that we can begin the league. These teams are open: Toronto Raptors- $55 Chicago Bulls- $40 Detroit Pistons- $45 Atlanta Hawks- $50 Miami Heat- $50 Washington Wizards- $40 Oklahoma City Thunder- $55 Los Angeles Clippers- $50 Dallas Mavericks- $45 Houston Rockets- $40 Memphis Grizzlies- $45 San Antonio Spurs- $55 The prices of these teams are going to be cut but the new prices have not been determined. Come get your team and begin building towards a championship. In addition to these teams, we also have teams that have owners who are looking for GMs to run the team. Denver Nuggets Utah Jazz Sacramento Kings. Email me at if you are interested in buying a team in this league.
  6. 7 to 12 spots now remain. Get in to be able to bid for your team.
  7. This league now has 2 openings. We have the 76ers and Magic available: 76ers: (this team has TOs left to pick up and also will have the #4, #30, and #40 picks in the NBA Draft)Magic: (this team has TOs left to pick up and doesn't currently have any picks in the NBA Draft) Email me at if interested.
  8. still looking for GMs for Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Washington, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles Clippers, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, and San Antonio.
  9. Need 12 more people to begin the auction draft for the teams.
  10. Currently still have these teams open: Toronto Raptors $55.00Chicago Bulls $40.00Detroit Pistons $45.00Atlanta Hawks $50.00Miami Heat $50.00Washington Wizards $40.00Oklahoma City Thunder $55.00Los Angeles Clippers $50.00Dallas Mavericks $45.00Houston Rockets $40.00Memphis Grizzlies $45.00San Antonio Spurs $55.00
  11. 4th Down Conversion- 4th Down Conversion is a 20 team free dynasty league with IDP, contracts, and an unique scoring system. League homepage: Rules: We currently have the Patriots and 49ers available: Patriots: (team has the #53 and #73 picks in the rookie draft) 49ers: (team has the #4, #24, #44, and #64 picks in the rookie draft) Check out the league and email me at if interested
  12. Future team fees will be varying based on the regular season results of the previous season. We've had 12 sign up so far. Looking for 35 (5 owners will not end up with a team after the auction but those 5 owners will get first dibs on any future openings).
  13. One didn't accept the invite so you can have the last spot. Invite sent.
  14. The Spurs are no longer available. This league is now full. However, if you would like to be on the waiting list, come sign up for the league.
  15. League still has a lot of openings left. Come get your team while they are still open. Email me at if interested