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  1. 30 Team NBA Money League

    Washington no longer available
  2. New Money NFL League

    2 spots left. League is also now $35 per season (but $70 for the first season due to us paying one year in advance). Money is held in fantrax
  3. New Money NFL League

    3 spots left
  4. New Money NFL League

    Down to just 4 spots available as we will be doing a 24 team league.
  5. 30 Team NBA Money League

    Teams Open: Washington- (costs $33.00) Dallas- ( costs $45.00) Golden State- (costs $50.00) New York- (costs $45.00) Email me at if interested
  6. Two Minute Warning- League is a money league with contracts and IDPs. League will be run on and played on fantrax. This will be a $30 per season money league (paying 2 year's in advance though so it'll be $60 upon joining for the first season then it'll just be $30 each additional season to pay for the following season).This will be a H2H Points contract IDP league.The league is either going to be a 16 or 24 team league (it'll depend on amount of guys we get signed up).The franchise draft process will change based on what size the league is.16 Team League:2 round snaking franchise draft where you draft 2 teams in those 2 rounds and get to choose your beginning keepers from those 2 teams.24 Team League:Will also be a 2 round snaking draft. However the change would be that the 1st round will be drafting an offense and then the 2nd round will be drafting a defense. You would then build your beginning roster from whatever team you draft for offense and whatever team you draft on defense.Keeper size will TBD and will also have a max amount of keepers you can choose from each position on your 2 teams. Link to rules board: Link to main board: Email me at if interested
  7. 30 Team NBA Money League

    Washington and Dallas remaining
  8. 30 Team NBA Money League

    Just Washington remaining
  9. 30 Team NBA Money League

    Only Dallas and Washington left
  10. 30 Team NBA Money League

    Down to just Memphis, Dallas, and Washington available
  11. 30 Team NBA Money League

    Memphis, Dallas, Clippers, and Washington only spots sill open. Other openings taken.
  12. I am looking for a few owners for a 30 team NBA money league. Full Court Press is a 30 team NBA money league that is going to be entering it's 2nd off-season. The league is run on and scored on fantrax. Scoring is H2H Most Categories and you set lineups daily. It is a varying entry fee league where your performance in the previous season dictates your entry fee for the following season. Money is paid through fantrax treasury and is then paid out at the end of the season (money needs to be paid as soon as possible after joining as no moves can be made until you have paid to fantrax) League page: Openings: Toronto Raptors (cost $33.00)- (owns picks #10 and 40 in 2018 NBA Draft) Chicago Bulls (Team has an owner but that owner also owns and runs another team so needs a GM)- (owns picks #25, 35, and #49) Washington Wizards (cost $33.00)- (Owns pick #13 and #43) Los Angeles Clippers (cost $37.00)- (owns pick #3, #21, #34, #44, and #52) Dallas Mavericks (cost $45.00)- (owns pick #46) Memphis Grizzlies (cost $33.00)- (owns pick #5 and #17) New Orleans Pelicans (cost $40.00)- (owns pick #2 and #37) Check out the league and openings and email me at if interested
  13. In addition to Brooklyn, we have 2 new teams open: Miami Heat- Orlando Magic:
  14. We are now down to just the Brooklyn Nets open.