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  1. We had one leave so I sent you an invite if you're still interested
  2. Team taken. The only openings I now have are these: Pacers: Wizards:
  3. We now have just one opening in the league. The Atlanta Hawks. If interested, email me at
  4. Invites sent to both of you. Feel free to change the team names upon joining.
  5. We are in our 2nd year and it is a free league. We keep 3 players every year (everyone else goes to the draft pool) League Page: Openings: #1: #2:
  6. All 3 of those openings are now taken but we need an owner for the Clippers ($33.00): Email me at if interested.
  7. The last opening we have left is the Grizzlies. Interested in them?
  8. Hawks and Pistons taken. Still have Pacers, SPurs, and Grizzlies available.
  9. Email me at if interested.
  10. Cross-Court Dynasty 30 team contracts NBA league that is managed on ProFSL and scored on fantrax in a premium league. Teams keep original contracts and $80m salary cap. Teams may also have a five player D-League. League Boards: Rulebook: This league is a free league. However, since we are in a 30 team premium league on fantrax, fantrax has a $79.95 fee. You are not required to pay any part of the fee though as some GMs agree to donate a decent amount towards the $79.95 fee. You can pay your team share (about $2.67 per team), more than that, or none at all if you prefer. These teams are currently open: Pistons: (this team doesn't have a good current roster but prior to our draft lottery, they have 4 lottery picks including the projected top 2 picks) Pacers: Hawks: Grizzlies: Spurs: We are currently in the beginning periods of the off-season.
  11. Pistons and Pelicans still available. Also got Grizzlies available. Pistons are $33.00, Pelicans are $37.00, and Grizzlies are $33.00
  12. Bump Still got Pistons and Pelicans available.
  13. Are you looking for free or money?
  14. I am looking for a few owners for a 30 team NBA money league. Full Court Press is a 30 team NBA money league that is going to be entering it's 2nd season. The league is run on and scored on fantrax. Scoring is H2H Most Categories and you set lineups daily. It is a varying entry fee league where your performance in the previous season dictates your entry fee for the following season. Money is paid through fantrax treasury and is then paid out at the end of the season (money needs to be paid as soon as possible after joining as no moves can be made until you have paid to fantrax) League page: Openings: ($33.00)Pistons: ($50.00)Pacers: ($37.00)Pelicans: Check out the league and email me at if you have interest in this league.