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  1. AD had way more blocks than missed shots, more than Clarke, so that stat doesnt mean much for Clarke's advantage. Yes, Clarke had a slightly higher PER, but AD was also much better in other areas (blocks, win shares, rebounds). Basically nitpicking here, and AD didnt even have what i would consider a top 5 all time college basketball season. You said it yourself, BR didnt keep those stats before 8 years ago (KD and Beasley played before that), so it seems youre leaning heavily on PER as the sole reason for your claim Clarke had best season ever when hes not even close. Did you even read Shaqs stats i posted? 28 pts, 15 rebs, 5 blks on 63% shooting versus 17, 9, 3 blks a game on 69%. Gee idk, who is better...hmm, the guy who nearly doubles his stats in every cat, or the guy with almost less than half? Lol come on man. Heck Micheal Beasley put up 28 and 12 on 53% and had much higher win shares 10.7 to Clarkes 8.8. This is really a no brainer, but ok.
  2. I mean if hes a 3rd round pick then max should be 33, but if you can get him under 30 then i would consider that a steal if you expect him to be a top 25 player. If you pay 33 then youre basically expecting him to be top 30 at the least.
  3. I just find it funny people are actually short changing Siakam to 18 ppg next season. Toronto lost a guy who averaged 27 a game on 19 attempts and didnt replace him with anyone, so that makes Siakam the number 1 option. Clearly he will work all summer on preparing to be the number 1 option. Is it unreasonable to believe at least 5 of those 19 shots will go to him? If so thats at least another 4 points per game right there, and if you include his likely increase in free throw attempts (lets say 1 ft per game more), thats 5 more ppg next season. Theres absolutely no question he'll average 20 ppg next season, but likely more. It doesnt happen often, but if you look at other names of young players who were the 2nd option to a great scorer, and then the following year they became the unquestioned 1st option, you see a huge difference statistically. Tracy Mcgrady, Jerry Stackhouse, Stephon Marbury, Porzingis, and Harden come to mind. Mcgrady left Vince and went from 15 to 27 a game, Stack left Grant Hill and went from 15 to 23 a game, Marbury left Garnett and went from 17 to 22 a game, and yall know what Prozingis and Harden did already. I went far back because i honestly cant think of it happening too much recently because teams dont tend to let go of 1 of their 2 young superstars (Curry and Klay, Lillard And Mccollum, Wall and Beal).
  4. I get what youre trying to say, but hes not even close to the greatest season in college basketball history, or even of the last 10 years. Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Beasley, all had wayyyyy better seasons. If youre mind is blown by 3.2 blocks a game, Davis put up 4.7 a game lol. If you wanna go even further back Shaq was absolutely ridiculous in college with 28, 15, and 5 blocks a game. Clarke had a really good season, but hes in the argument for best players of last season, not of all time.
  5. Man the value in rounds 4-7 is pretty amazing this year. I'm curious though as to why Caris Levert was taken in the 6th round. I dont think ive ever seen him drafted so high, plus hes now battling for the starting spot with Taurean Prince. Levert didnt finish in the top 150, so am i missing something? Also surprising he was taken ahead of Kelly Oubre, which leads me to my next question. Why is Oubre so low? He was great with the Suns, putting up top 40 numbers after the trade. I figured Covington, JJJ, and Oubre would all be drafted near each other since they all have somewhat similar stat lines.
  6. Anyone else expecting another big year? Obviously his fg% will take a major hit, but hes been such a hard worker. I see him going off this year again and finishing around 22, 6.5, 4, similar defensive stats but fg% will probably drop to 47 % and to's will probably go up to around 2.7.
  7. Yea a single punt is much more reasonable especially if its turnovers. Ive done very well some of the years i decided to punt turnovers. For the majority though i go with balance in roto and its served me well.
  8. Actually I do have more questions. Youre punting BOTH ft% and tos in a 9 cat league? This strategy has forced you to overdraft specific players each round. Youre basically drafting them at their 8 cat peak performance from last season. If you consider youre taking age 35 Lebron and expecting him to perform like last few seasons with this stacked team around him now, just doesnt seem like youre maximizing value. Plus you then took Blake early 3rd, who has steadily gone downward 4 seasons in a row, and drafting him at a spot where you easily couldve easily waited another round for. Its odd how you said dont believe u can win a 9 cat league without punting, yet in all the years ive played roto, Ive seen people win wayyyyy more without punting than someone who punts 2 cats. In fact i only remember losing to the 2 cat punt setup maybe 1 time in 20 years of roto leagues.
  9. Multiple questionable picks so far. I'd say worst picks so far are Lebron at 6, Conley at 22, Dipo at 23, Blake mid 3rd, and Ben Simmons to start the the 4th round. The last 4 i name are total head scratchers, like why so early for them? Conley's def early, but whats wrong with Aldridge? Hes finished 18 and 24 last 2 years. Hes always been consistent.
  10. Exactly, Beal played all 82 games for a terrible team. Beals total missed games over last 3 seasons : 5. Thats right, 5 missed games out of 246. FIVE. Beal had injury problems early in his career and since then it seems like hes gone outta the way to prove hes not an injury concern.
  11. Coming from a realistic Knicks fan, RJ will never be a superstar. He will be good, maybe a guy whos always a borderline all star snub, but never will he be a superstar. I dont envision him ever scoring 23 a game at any point in his career. I also expect him to put up 15, 5, 4 with horrific efficiency as a rookie.
  12. Yea if this is ppr i have no clue why youre hesitating. Id take that deal all damn day.
  13. Its a 3 WR league and a flex. My guys are Marvin, Goodwin, Lockett, and Amendola at the flex. I feel extremely uncomfortable with this group. Got Cordarelle, Moncrief, and Ross on bench.
  14. 12 team, 1 pt ppr Auction league Im great at QB, TE, and dominant at RB (Gurley and David Johnson). Im pretty bad at WR. Thinking of trading Gurley and Marvin Jones Jr for Mccaffrey, Thielen, and Tyreek. Thielen and Tyreek concern me as they both have new QBs. Should i do it?
  15. I think this dudes a lock for a top 10 finish and he can be had near the end of 2nd round. He would be so perfect to pair with Leveon Bell in PPR.