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  1. I think the mid-April deadline (I forgot which day it actually is in the middle of April) is more likely for salvaging a bit of service time by the Reds, and Senzel coming up then. I still think it's stupid he's not starting the season in the majors, and even more so with the injury to Scooter, but c'est la vie.
  2. Besides this lovely resource for closer news, are there are new sources anyone is aware of or would like to share for this season? Also wondering if Closer Monkey is toast. No update on their site or Twitter account since around March 2nd.
  3. A shame they didn't activate Foreman for the game, could have at least gotten a look at him with Miller limping out.
  4. Ha! Well, that would be fair and all considering how that one was scored.
  5. Anyone else on ESPN not seeing McGuire's TD showing up in the scoring?
  6. Thanks for help with mine. Sorry, too late with my reply for Anderson, but I wouldn't have gone with him anyway. Dixon, Humphries, Reynolds here.
  7. I have trouble trusting Sutton. The other two DEN WR made noise last week. Sutton was a dud. Who knows what happens this week? Reynolds is my choice here. I like the opportunity vs. Eagles. They're missing a starting DB as well.
  8. Thanks for help with mine. Mack here. I'd go with the better talent. I don't trust Martin at all!
  9. This is probably what concerns me most about if I start Golladay.
  10. I'm for Njoku. Seems like a steadier option for a playoff matchup. Help with mine?
  11. Anyone? Golladay's body of work for the season vs. Reynolds with the better opportunity this weekend. Can you lean one way or another?
  12. Could also consider Bennie Fowler and Russel Shepard in place of Odell for the Giants, but neither looks like much. Still, someone has to catch the passes from Eli.
  13. With Odell out yet again, I'm left with the choices of Golladay, Josh Reynolds (LAR), or Keenan Cole. I'm not really considering Cole as it's just not looking viable there in the JAX passing game and with Moncrief and Dede both in the mix. Could add Seattle's David Moore off the wire as an option, but not feeling real inspired there either, like with Cole. Golladay has been a bust of late. He's got a tough matchup against the Bills' Tre'Davious White this week. Reynolds seems to have a better matchup with the Rams playing the Eagles. But Reynolds hasn't exactly been a solid replacement filling in for Cupp since he has been out. So between Golladay and Reynolds, who do you like? As said, not PPR, just standard scoring. WHIR, leave your link. Thanks! kk
  14. Despite being fantasy playoffs (every roster decision seems dangerous or dicey!), if you are going back and forth between a couple of WR choices and MW is one of them, I think he's in a good spot this week to put up some points. With the Chargers RB health issues, they could be throwing a lot. Williams could be a nice play. -fingers crossed-
  15. This guy. It just never ends with Reed and one injury or another. Wonder how many playoff matchups he helped lose this week for owners.