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  1. Seems like this type of statement should be used in the Josh Gordon thread
  2. I'm still holding. He has just as much opportunity and "upside" if he gets the starting gig as someone else they might bring in through trade or claim. As others have said, he can be first cut in the regular season if need be.
  3. And if he had a real quarterback last year, we would not be able to get him in the 7th/8th round this year.
  4. Even if the Texans sign someone, someone who is cut who couldn't make that team for whatever reason, be it poor play, younger players, whatever, if said player goes to the Texans, who's to say said player will suddenly play better or beat out the younger Duke or Crockett?
  5. My exact thinking after drafting him late as well. I might hold on a little longer just in case. I'm in a multiple keeper league so maybe he pans out.
  6. Mahomes put up monster points last year, as did Connor. Tis a ppr league. I know Connor has the amazing value but is he the best player to keep points/production wise?
  7. Keeper leagues have a different view on him. He still gets drafted in those leagues. Definitely worth a draft and stash just to see what he becomes. I'd take a chance after most of my starting lineup is filled out.
  8. Any news on this guy. It feels like I haven't heard anything about him this offseason yet. No news is good news?
  9. I'm in the same position. Right now no one is going to pay anything close to his value. I've tried shopping him for something decent. Best case is to hope to hear some positive news in the next 2 weeks before keeper lists are due and drafts begin. Or if he gets back on the field, trade him ASAP!
  10. Just to add, not making either of those trades is an option too.
  11. No but all the big name players would be kept anyway so it's usually the rookies that come off the board during that first round, unless a not too bright owner doesn't keep a really good player. Even then, that player would be drafted within the first 3-5 picks of our first round.
  12. They still have Lewis who is more adept at pass catching. Don't know why they would just eliminate him.
  13. Wow both great options. If you can gauge which RBs might be kept or not (depending on the round), you could draft a RB with your first pick and keep Kittle, who is a top 2/3 TE for a 16. Connor feels risky to me with all the talk about possibly splitting time as well as injury concerns. Help below?