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  1. League changes ok/not ok? WHIR

    I'd love a look at more of the teams 6 keepers, but just from the two examples you have: Trout, Arenado, Machado, G. Sanchez, T. Pham and Blake Snell. Judge, J. Upton, Gerrit Cole, and then probably D. Gordon, E5 and Jon Lester That's a very big drop off in comparision. DGordon/E5/Lester are pretty much junk here. Upton is fine but not a great keeper while the other side has Trout, Arenado, and Machado who are essentially first rounders and Snell a 2nd/3rd rounder then two nice pieces in Sanchez and Pham. Your worst keeper (Pham) would arguably be this guys second best keeper behind Judge. That's a pretty big hole to dig out of and if I were to take over that team, I wouldn't be very happy in that league. At the end of the day, it comes down to making sure the other league managers are having fun as well. I'd be interested in seeing the list of other 6 keepers, but at this point even going down to 4 keepers prevents a massive disparity in those two examples so I'm not sure what it would further solve.
  2. Dynasty Altuve deal for depth? WHIR

    I think you have the makings of a very logical trade. If I were getting back Ozuna, Hampson, McNeil, and Kingham, I think I would take that deal. Hampson could be a huge get for the current Altuve owner in a few years. It's a very nice deal.
  3. Dynasty story Seager deal

    Tough to decide, so many moving pieces here.. I like team B I suppose.
  4. Eloy for Bregman (AL only keeper)

    Bregman is the established star at 3b/ss. Go with him.
  5. League changes ok/not ok? WHIR

    This is the problem with keeper leagues vs. Dynasty style leagues. When you have juggernauts in keeper based leagues the rich tend to get richer. At least in Dynasty settings a bad team can consider itself 'rebuilding' and focus solely on prospects year over year. Can't do that in a 6-keeper setting.
  6. League changes ok/not ok? WHIR

    It would be very interesting to see the 6 keepers from each team in the league. I think that would illuminate whether or not the balance is broken.
  7. League changes ok/not ok? WHIR

    Every situation is different, but the goal of any fantasy baseball league is fun and competition. If the competitive balance of the league is truly broken, then YES measures to fix this are important. If half of the teams in the league feel like they have no chance, then they are more prone to quit the league midseason or just leave the league. What fun is it for a few teams who are superior to them to continue playing? With that being said, their needs to be a good case that the balance is broken, that some managers are so much better than the others that it requires this. It really doesn't matter that some managers 'did the work and research,' because at the end of the day if it's alienating other managers in the league then the league is bound to failure. Let the hard work and research win you championships every year, not destroy your fantasy league because a few managers hold the best assets from the year. Personally, I find the changes proposed fair if the competitive balance is broken. Going down to 4 keepers from 6 evens the playing field a tad while allowing teams to keep their very favorite players. Of course, a case has to be made that indeed competitive balance is broken.
  8. NEW LEAGUE - Help with Settings

    I think it's a very solid league setup. Ususally I do not like IP as a category, but when it's on weekly setting it works here. I love it.
  9. Trade Value for Altuve in 14 Team H2H Dynasty. WHIR

    If you want to get you ger id look to trade altuve for a pick and a stud prospect or two
  10. Trade Value for Altuve in 14 Team H2H Dynasty. WHIR

    Not a fan of tgat deal, altuve is way too good for that trade... id shop around if i were you
  11. Stanton Deal

    Interesting deal. I'm biased -- I'm a white sox fan. I like the deal. Stanton is the best player in the deal but both Moncada and Eloy have huge futures a head of them in Dynasties.
  12. I need help choosing my keepers

    1. Acuna for sure. He is the highest ranked out of the group and youngest. Surefire keep. 2. Trea Turner, Definite keeper, first rounder this year 3. Toss up between Harper and Blackmon. Blackmon is the better fantasy contributor in general, but Harper is younger and has more name value for a potential trade. I'd love to wait and see where Harper signs as if he signs with the Giants I think you go Blackmon, but if he signs with the White Sox or Phillies I'd go Harper. Anyway my three: Acuna, Trea, Harper.
  13. Luis Castillo or CMart

    Is he really safe/logical when their talking about putting CMart in the pen?
  14. Luis Castillo or CMart

    I go Luis Castillo.
  15. Jon Gray for Mondesi? WHIR

    This is a slam dunk, get Mondessi.