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  1. Good opportunity for the talk, but this trade actually isn't all that bad. Machado has been a downer and Villar I think is doing well and Doolittle is a great closer. Nothing really wrong with the trade other than he sold low on Machado which is normally not a good idea.
  2. Thanks for the opinions guys. I'm not much of a 'reactionary' so I kinda keep my rankings close to the rankings i had coming into the season, but Tailon's misery compared to Smith's breakout is hard to judge here.
  3. Rest of season, W/SV/K/ERA/WHIP/ (K/BB) are categories. H2H Who'd you rather have on your squad?
  4. Not too excited here. The playing time is there for the very short term but not seeing it long term unless he kills it... as others have stated, what am I missing here? Mid to low speed and pop? Good average at best? Seems like a best case scenario would be just above replacement level in 12 team redrafts. Not too interesting. Note: That's NOT to put a damper on your pick ups! Go pick him up if you have a spot! Just don't expect any soto-esque sort of outcome here IMO. I bet he's a pick up and a drop within a 2 weeks, but he's DEFINITELY worth the pick up to find out.
  5. Nope -- Arenado is a stud and I have him ranked a head of Max prior to the season. Max's stock has only gone down since the season began.
  6. Overall it feels like the majority suggests vetoing this deal. As of now, I'm leaning towards resetting the trade and locking the team moving forward.
  7. Pretty even trade. Would be nice to know the league settings.. I'm assuming a standard settings for my advice. I think the Kluber/Cast side wins here. That's an Ace starting pitcher and a pretty solid bat compared to just Bogaerts on the other side. Gardner is trash IMO and I don't have faith in German+Voit long term this season. Kike is interesting, but I also I'm not big on him. TY for the help on my topic.
  8. Yup -- absolutely. If I do veto, this guy is out. I wouldn't want to put up with his backlash and not worth it in a free (no money) league.
  9. Thanks for the thoughts. Just to clear up my stance on it: I cancelled a trade prior to the season starting and almost directly after the auction draft. Mookie went for near $60 in the draft and he was trading him for sub-$10 worth in value. That to me was completely asinine after the draft. This trade in question occurs early-mid season where both superstars are injured so IMO it's a lot more reasonable. I would have given this guy significantly better players compared to the absolute trash he got back in return and I think just about everybody would as well which is why there is an inkling of a veto here just for sanity and integrity of the league.
  10. Seems like 2 people are for NO Veto and the small majority are for the veto. Would like more discussion before I act on this. Any further thoughts from other members? Thanks for your help guys!
  11. A few more opinions would be helpful here. I appreciate all your comments.
  12. No, not a keeper. So you think the 5 guys there are good enough for DeGrom alone? The Judge injury here and the DeGrom struggles is the only reason this is in question and not an outright veto.
  13. League Settings: WEEKLY setting 12 team H2H R/HR/RBI/NSB/OBP/SLG W/K/ERA/WHIP/NSV/ (K/BB) Relatively deeper rosters (30 men on a team, 3 DL, 1 NA) The trade: Team A Gets: Aaron Judge and Jacob DeGrom Team B Gets: Rasiel Iglesias, Luke Voit, Max Fried, Chris Paddack, Asdrubal Cabrera Notes: That's a pretty awful trade. Jacob DeGrom is worth all 5 of those and more IMO. Team A has also made some rather crazy trades as well with a different owner. Prior to the season he tried to trade Travis Shaw, Randall Grichuk, and Will Smith for Mookie Betts and Chad Green. I actually vetoed that trade and set the rosters back for just how awful this trade was (people on here confirmed my veto belief). He also made this trade last week, but it's more reasonable IMO: He gets Chris Sale and gave up Will Smith+Tyler Glasnow. No problem here. What do you say?
  14. Let's go Yonny! One of my favorites.