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  1. Dynasty help

    I gotta go Team B. To me, Kris Bryant is the most valuable piece in the deal hands down. He's young and a top rated 3b. Whit is great, but old. Noah is phenomenal but has so many question marks constantly. Next, you have a stud in the wings in Sheffield and Franmil Reyes really produced well down the stretch. Team B hands down for me, but it's a fair offer.
  2. George Springer Trade

    Interesting trade. Springer is 29 yo while Rosario is 27. Vizcaino is likely on his last legs either this year or next. Not sure what the draft pick will represent, but if it's just a minor leaguer than it's likely not much. I guess I'd stay put in this scenario since Springer is valued greater than Rosario.
  3. Hey guys, this year I am committing myself to fantasy baseball -- baseball has become a passion for me that I now want in my life daily until I grow very very old! With that being said, I am looking to start my fantasy baseball league that I intend on renewing year after year for the long foreseeable future. I need tips/ideas help on creating the best possible league. As far as settings go, I'm looking to do a ROTO league rather than a H2H league as I feel there is much more skill involved in Roto compared to H2H's luck of playoffs. I'm thinking 12 to 14 teams. Very deep rosters. I'm not sure what to do with Keeper vs. Dynasty. I really enjoy the draft year over year, and I'm leaning towards going a limited keeper version. I think the thing I'm leaning towards is doing something like 5 to 8 keepers based on their Auction $$$ and they increase in $$$ by some set amount every year. Seems to work really well until someone gets Mike Trout, bryce Harper, Mookie Betts all for under $20 due to good foresight :p. So a keeper league with say, 6 keepers that can be kept at their auction values year over year with a $$$ increase every year. As far as settings go, I'm going to go sabremetric inclined settings, however these are TBD. Can I do this league on Yahoo? This is the provider I'm most familiar with. How can I incorporate minor leagues into the league? Any information on this from Yahoo vets? Also, what is the better bet -- getting a few real life friends in the league or doing it all with online people? I may not even have 6 friends in real life interested in this type of fantasy baseball seriousness. Basically, any guidance is appreciated whether you agree with my setup or not.
  4. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    I haven't seen anything reporting on any rumors of Bryce to the Phillies tonight.
  5. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    STL would have to give a high level prospect for anyone to take Fowler's contract away from them. That trade you proposed would not work out.
  6. Trade Help

    At first I was like hell yeah this is a good trade ... Then I looked at your keepers... hell no don't do this trade, you'd have to give up quality pieces just to fit the extra keeper in there. Too many good ones.
  7. Chris Sale Dynasty deal

    I'd keep Sale. I agree with the others here.
  8. Yeah, gotta do this in a NL Only league. Who are your other keepers? Are you losing any valuable keepers tho?
  9. OBP vs AVG Leagues

    I liked my first year with OBP last year. It definitely takes the luck factor out a bit more as OBP seems more consistent. The fact remains that walks should be something that is credited for in fantasy leagues. Someone brought up Harper's OBP vs. AVG last year and that is the very reason why OBP should be counted.
  10. Who should I keep?

    I'd keep Flaherty for sure. Then I'd drop seager and keep Eloy.
  11. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Looking for the White Sox to make a big splash towards Harper and or Machado. I doubt we get them, but they should/need to be in the mix as an organization that has so much money to spend this offseason.
  12. Boston Red Sox 2018 Outlook

    Good points. Great team the Red Sox were this year, just absolutely dominating.
  13. Early talk for my Keepers

    I think Aguilar is a must keep. So that leaves 2 more spots... Seager vs. Willy adames is a tough one, but I go with Corey Seager due to his past fantasy production. Then I go with Leclerc.
  14. Who do i keep 2 starters? WHIR

    I'd keep Nola for sure. Then it's a coin flip, but I go Noah due to age...
  15. Franchise Player: Altuve or Judge?

    Real tough choice here... I am leaning towards Altuve due to steals.