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  1. 2018 Celebration Thread- Victory is Mine!

    56 Total teams this year. 3 ROTO still on-going. 2 Custom leagues (12 teamers) and I am in the finals this upcoming week. 51 Yahoo Public leagues and in all 51 of them I am in the semi-finals this upcoming week. Woohoo.
  2. 9/16 - GAME DAY THREAD

    In that situation, I always choose to go the safe route and get someone who's already in the line up and starting for the day.
  3. Hi all, I'm in the semi-finals this week and looking towards the finals week as well. 12 team larger rosters 6x6 (OBP and SLG instead of Avg and QS and K/BB instead of wins). I have 2 roster moves left this week that I want to use to ensure I win this week and/OR give me a good start on next week's championship. I'm currently looking like an 75% lock to win this week and in the pitching categories I am down 1 in QS (we each have 3 SP left) and down 4 K's. I am taking Saves and a head in K/BB and I am currently winning in 6/6 hitting categories, some of which I am far in the lead. I have Clay Bucholz to drop and then a streamer spot as well. I dropped Chris Sale this week with the news that he will be an 'opener' however he's on the wire now and starts tomorrow. I assume he is only going to throw 2 IP, but any reason I should spot start him and hope for a good outing next week during the finals? Ross Stripling is maybe more interesting. I could pick him up tomorrow and use him also in the finals. Any knowledge on if he will go more than 3 innings in these games? Eddie Rosario just got dropped. I could pick him up in hopes that he produces. Anything good here? Any other streamers that are going MON/TUE would be good to suggest as well. To get me a head of the championship week. Thanks.
  4. FA Pickups Before Offseason. 14 Team H2H Dynasty. WHIR.

    Candelario, Teoscar, Cody Reed I guess
  5. It's incredibly difficult to give you advice on this... What top ones are available in your league for SAT and SUN? Off the top, I'd also agree with Reynaldo Lopez and Giolito but BOTH of these guys are erratic as can be. Derek Rodriguez is an interesting one, but he's likely taken. Andrew Heaney is good against SEA on Saturday.
  6. 9/12 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Anyone know if MIA Sandy Alcantara will start tomorrow against the mets with all these damn PPD's?
  7. Which SP to start?

    I guess you have to bench Carrasco. TB is playing really well and Carrasco is great but Cole vs DET is tantalizing and Wheeler has just been insane for so long now.
  8. I gotta go with Correa or Pollock and I'd lean towards Pollock. He's been horrid past 30 days, but he did finally have a good game last night... I think Robertson gets more saves, so stick with him. Smith is like a better younger version of Pollock without the homers (but Pollock hasn't hit one in ages anyway). Correa has been putrid, but for some reason I feel more confidence in him over Pollock.
  9. 2019: Tapia vs Robles

    I would also say Robles only due to opportunity.
  10. Who to bench? WHIR

    Lowrie and Jose Martinez with a close nod to Mike Moustakas
  11. Which do I drop?

    Oh man, I'd drop Dee Gordon in an instant. He's been regulated to batting 9th, getting off days and barely does anything for you. He'll chip in some steals, but so will Odor and Odor plays all the time.
  12. Who should I stream? Matz or Junis?

    I'd say Matz UNLESS it is proven that he is starting off against BOS this week. If he misses BOS then he's the pick.
  13. Which do I drop?

    Why not Olson? Guy doesn't do much of anything other than a few HR here and there and plays the same pos as Abreu. My drop list: 1. Olson 2. Shaw (because you never know when he's sitting) 3. Odor At least Odor plays, hits in the middle of the line up, and could go on a tear that Shaw/olson can't imagine.
  14. En mass drop

    You have a right to be sour, but there still is one question that remains: Is this a public league where there is no commish? If so, then you have to get over it, try to get the players and move on. If this is a league with a commish to it, you need to voice this opinion to him. It's not right when a manager just drops his team like this and does mess up with the credibility of the entire year. I'd tell him he needs to put those dropped players back on the users team and lock his team.
  15. Playoff Push Add/Drop

    Sorry man, the place seems dead for the moment with baseball season nearing it's end. Hopefully I am of help. 1. It's a crap-shoot. It truly doesn't matter. pick one and hope it doesn't harm you. 2. Dump dozier, guy is useless and getting off-starts. Odor is at least starting and hitting in the middle of the line up. 3. Yes, dump Gallo so you get back Votto. He's been a beast so far from his return. 4. I'd pounce on Pham if you have someone to easily give up. Perhaps give up Dozier for him and let Odor start at 2b? 5. None of these are of interest unless you are just streaming them. The only pitcher I don't like on your team is Godley. I would use that spot to stream if possible.