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  1. I'm with you there...he's the type of guy whose upside can help win leagues at very low risk. Drop him if he's crap, but it would suck to regret taking a flyer on him if he breaks out.
  2. God please don't try to change your approach. Signed, Kris Bryant owner
  3. Is he the top prospect going into 2020 drafts? Gotta think it's between him and Adell.
  4. Alright I don't post in here often but figured I'd get some thoughts (if you're willing): Sent: Manny Machado, 3rd rounder Received: Bryce Harper, 5th rounder 14 team H2H 6x6 (OPS)
  5. Already a fifth of his RBI total from last year. It begins.
  6. Paul DeJong is being drafted waaaaay past his "ADP" in my leagues, always taken in the 200+ range. He even went undrafted in my 14-team keeper league. If he hits early in the Cards' order I think he can easily return top 80 value - maybe 25 bombs, 170 R/RBI with decent average.
  7. Thanks to the three of you for your responses. Tony, I did miss that info and that is indeed a substantial difference when you remove the RHB stats. I guess my response is this: Is he worthy of a Top 5 pick? Top 10 pick? Even if the various situational factors all point to Harper being in a (slightly) better situation than he was in Washington, I still have a hard time justifying a first round (we'll say Top 10) pick on him. He's generally disappointed over his career in Washington compared to the hype surrounding him coming into the league, what's to say it doesn't happen again? Last year he went 34/100 over a 159 games played. If we can guarantee another full season out of Harper in 2019 the high cost is justified, but a guarantee is far from what we have at the moment.
  8. I'm expecting some dissenting opinions here, but does anyone else think Harper's now...overrated? I think the most positive thing about Harper going to Philly is that he's not going to SF. Despite Philly being a hitter's park, Nationals Park was one of the top last year as well and the lineups are vastly similar (if not leaning a bit towards the Nationals). In a vacuum I'm taking Trea, Rendon, Soto, Robles and Eaton over Hoskins, Cutch, Franco, Hernandez and Segura every day of the week. I wouldn't have drafted Harper in the first round last year and I'm not ready to do so now either. In addition to all of the above, he's injury-prone, there may be some adjustments to the new park and dude just got paid! TL;DR: There hasn't really been a bump...more like a lack of a fall.
  9. My season's probably over if Melvin misses time. Picked up Ekeler this week when Melvin was questionable so there's that..
  10. aaand Howard costs me 2 matchups this week. Thanks friend.
  11. If we're gonna discount Snell for being in the AL East even when he was untouchable against Boston, mind as well also consider Snell improving against BAL and NYY next year. That said, he's probably not going to have a sub-2 ERA ever again, especially while he's in the AL East. Would still take him over Buehler in a keeper though. And fair enough to your other post - I misread it.
  12. Snell has no track record. Buehler over Snell. Choose one.
  13. I think Buehler is great but that's crazy man. Buehler's ceiling is basically what Snell did this year (realistically probably a bit lower), so you're basically taking a guy who's just a year younger than Snell and hasn't played a full season in the bigs yet. The one argument you can make is that Buehler plays for a better team than Snell, but as evidenced this year, it didn't really matter as Snell led the league in wins.