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  1. Week 12 injury thread

    My season's probably over if Melvin misses time. Picked up Ekeler this week when Melvin was questionable so there's that..
  2. 9/30/2018 Bucs vs Bears Game Day Thread

    aaand Howard costs me 2 matchups this week. Thanks friend.
  3. Blake Snell 2018 Outlook

    If we're gonna discount Snell for being in the AL East even when he was untouchable against Boston, mind as well also consider Snell improving against BAL and NYY next year. That said, he's probably not going to have a sub-2 ERA ever again, especially while he's in the AL East. Would still take him over Buehler in a keeper though. And fair enough to your other post - I misread it.
  4. Blake Snell 2018 Outlook

    Snell has no track record. Buehler over Snell. Choose one.
  5. Blake Snell 2018 Outlook

    I think Buehler is great but that's crazy man. Buehler's ceiling is basically what Snell did this year (realistically probably a bit lower), so you're basically taking a guy who's just a year younger than Snell and hasn't played a full season in the bigs yet. The one argument you can make is that Buehler plays for a better team than Snell, but as evidenced this year, it didn't really matter as Snell led the league in wins.
  6. Starling Marte 2018 Outlook

    Really need this guy i the final week. Is he gonna miss time?
  7. Trevor Story 2018 Outlook

    Oh and @JenksDodger, I apologize for our massive arguments about this guy over the years. You were right, I was wrong.
  8. Trevor Story 2018 Outlook

    I've been Story's biggest hater since day one. Many arguments were had in his rookie and sophomore years; some of you will even recall me trading him for Brantley. I created this thread just to spite him. And after all that, he proved me wrong. Dude was legit this year and should be a fantasy force for year to come. Should I eat crow out of a bowl or off a plate?
  9. Blake Snell 2018 Outlook

    No, but he's definitely in top 5 conversation at this point. Sale, Scherzer and then a mix of Kershaw, Snell, Kluber, Degrom and Verlander round out the other elites. In keeper leagues Snell is probably the top though.
  10. Keep forever 14 teams, H2H W, K, ERA, WHIP Want to add that though Snell doesn't have the brand that the other three have, he has been incredible this year and is probably the AL Cy Young favourite.
  11. Greatest Season by a Starting Pitcher

    No Sandy Koufax in this thread?
  12. Blake Snell 2018 Outlook

    So...when does this guy start getting the love he deserves? Top 10 SP, maybe even in the 7-9 range.
  13. Willy Adames 2018 Outlook

    Slowly moving up the order. Targeting this dude as a late round flier in all leagues next year.
  14. Altuve, Bryant, Machado, Kluber, Cole, Kershaw Lots of trading and savvy drafting.
  15. August Closer Thread 2018

    Any chance Vizcaino regains closer role upon return? Minter's been good.