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  1. It is a VERY deep league (I'm starting Dom Smith at U and Johan Camargo at MI), so all three guys would be starters for me to be fair. Alfaro would be a HUGE upgrade at C2.
  2. Does your league have an inseason cap? If so, if it's like mine, and it's $340 or so, I'd say mid $40s is probably the top bid, even though that's less than 50% of budget. People are right that he's above the general level of player coming available, but if you overpay and screw up your cap and have to drop a useful piece it's a net loss...
  3. Generally getting the 1 in a 2 for 1 is the better move, but since this was an offer, I might poke at a counter offer, see if you can get him to toss in an upside lotto ticket or something and make it a 2 for 2. Play up the Velo loss, his contract and the Sox possible desire to protect him ect. Worth playing the game a bit to see if you can coax out more for free. If not, then yeah I'd just take hte offer...
  4. NL Only 12 Team Dynasty (Keep 12), team in Sig. I've got Bellinger for Hamels, Myers and Mikolas on the table now. I might be able to push for Hosmer or Alfaro in addition to the other three. The team on the other side of the trade is punting the league (this happens every year) and trading TY for Future. None of the above except Alfaro has a keepable contract other than Bellinger. I won the league last year, and am off to a great start this year, leading 104 - 92. Do I move Bellinger for an obvious overpay, knowing that it's TY only value, possibly wrapping the league in May, or do I pursue a smaller deal, retain Belli and let some of my competition get some of the aforementioned bounty? WHIR, leave a link...
  5. Given your missing midround picks, I think you should take the higher slot here, grab Trout and some best available pitchers and try to weather the drought from pick 4-7
  6. NL Only, Contracts and minors keep 12 MLB level players. Should I trade my D-Rod (SP SF) $1 and Daniel Descalso (INF CHC) $1 for Mike Sorotka (SP ATL) in Minors, Johan Carmargo (3B ATL) $6 and his 1st round Minors pick (11th overall)? I would be keeping D-Rod but not Descalso. Sorotka is a free keep in the Minors, and the 1st rounder will likely be an ok but not great prospect. Carmargo would be a maybe as a keeper, NL Only, so 400 AB is still useful...
  7. Wade Davis - R - Rockies Wade Davis tossed a perfect ninth inning to notch the save Tuesday in St. Louis. It was as easy as saves get, as Davis was protecting a three-run lead and needed just six pitches -- throwing them all for strikes -- to dispose of the Cardinals. Davis has bounced back nicely from a blowup outing a week ago versus the Rockies, as he's allowed just one baserunner and no runs over his last four appearances. I know he torpedoed his teams chances, but Davis plays FOR The Rockies... Jul 31 - 11:39 PM
  8. I'm starting. NL Only, so my bars a tad lower, but STL's been a good start for SP lately....
  9. Doesn't look like this is your sig team, so it's tough to tell how much losing the offense would hurt you, but needing the Closer and given I don't think you keep Brantley anyway (I'd be looking at Nola or DeGrom depending on ROS, Mikolas and Peraza right now I think), I think I'd do it. Depending on the offseason, Viz at $11 could be a decent keeper choice too.
  10. 12 Team 5x5 NL Only, currently in 2nd overall. 4th in BA, 4th in HR, 1st in R, 5th in RBI and 3rd in SB for Hitting Cats, 6th in ERA, 5th in K, 5th in SV, 3rd in W and 5th in WHIP for Pitching. Traded Tatis (MiLB $15), Jay $6 and Melancon $32 (Salary issue) for Thor $10 (Extendable for $5 per yr), Aguilar $1 and Duvall $1 (unkeepable) and his 3rd. Traded Nimmo for $2 (keepable) and my 1st (minors) pick for DeGrom $16 (unkeepable) and his 3rd. Is it enough to push me over the top? Full team in sig...
  11. "Hold my beer" - Mets Managment RE: Syndergaard, Conforto, Harvey, Gooden, Strawberry, Kazmir, Kent, Ryan, Wilson, Pulsipher, Isringhausen ect...
  12. He's older (31) and generally has been a career 4th Infielder. his .882 F% in the OF last year and .833 this year are pretty bad, he's ok at 2nd (.960) and 3rd (.982) though but I think it's really more the former. He's not viewed as a "long term" part of the team's plans and they're trying to maximize AB & experience for their younger guys in hopes that they can get better and carry the team in the future.
  13. Deal has been offered to me, my Jr for his Thor. NL Only contract dynasty. Thor's contract can be extended from his current $10 salary at $5 per year. Tatis Jr is in the Minors, so his contract has not yet started.... If Thor were to get traded though, I'd be Screwed with a capital S
  14. Also, the AZ manager has made an effort to find him a lot of opportunities. He was useful in NL Only last year as well. He's eligible at every position except Catcher in my league. I'm very pleased having kept him.