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  1. Uh Melvin Gordon has been one of the best RBs on the planet this year. He isn't losing his role on the team.
  2. Imagine seeing the Rice/AP/Hunt/etc. situations and getting this pissy about fantasy football seasons being altered. No, sorry everyone, we didn’t discover video of Ray Rice knocking a woman out and dragging her unconscious body until Week 3, and god forbid we interrupt windham9’s fantasy football season, so we can’t do anything about it until February.
  3. The difference is that Ray Rice was bad. If Rice was still as effective as Hunt he'd have caught on like the numerous other domestic abusers did and do. Reuben Foster was just claimed this week. The NFL and its teams don't care.
  4. Geronimo Allison may need core muscle surgery. Source: Tom Silverstein on Twitter Nov 5 - 4:38 PM It's MVS season. WR3 right now with WR2 upside if McCarthy uses him like he should.
  5. Just dropping in to say that Sean Payton doesn't care who scores the TD. He cares that it gets scored. Acting like he should feel ashamed about who or who doesn't score it is absurd and hilarious.
  6. Given this...if Flacco and the Ravens are getting their doors blown off by Pittsburgh today, is there a chance Harbaugh turns to Jackson in a desperation move?
  7. According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the Ravens haven't ruled out a midseason coaching change. The Ravens are acutely aware that they haven't made the postseason since 2014 and could be prompted to shuffle the deck if things don't improve quickly. While it's still unlikely Baltimore would make an in-season coaching change, John Harbaugh's seat has never been hotter. That may seem like hyperbole, especially given the success Harbaugh has had throughout his Baltimore tenure, though Rapoport cautions that the coach is indeed entering a "win-or-else situation." A loss to Pittsburgh on Sunday would give Ravens brass a lot to think about during the bye week.
  8. To me he's conservatively a top-24 WR with the upside to crack WR1 status. I would not be at all surprised to see him eclipse (or re-eclipse) Woods and Cooks as the Rams #1 option.
  9. Technically he wasn't limited if he DNP.
  10. Left practice today...
  11. He was also excellent as a pass-catcher. A lot of those 12-50's were buoyed by 5-30's through the air.
  12. In games he was healthy last year he averaged 17.6 fantasy PPG. We saw what the upside of this offense is in weeks 1-3. He's a back-end QB1 with upside for more, especially with how dreadful the defense and running game are.
  13. Of course it's not a 100% guarantee. It's football, anything can happen. But if Rotoworld's forecast is that Ingram is "potentially a top 24 RB" then I think that's a weak forecast. RB is a minefield this year, and Ingram doesn't need to be anywhere near as efficient as last year to lap that projection.
  14. Saying someone is potentially a top 24 RB implies that it's an open question. I disagree that it is. Kerryon Johnson is potentially a top 24 RB. Matt Breida. Aaron Jones. Mark Ingram was the RB6 a year ago and I don't see any reason to believe Sean Payton doesn't want to immediately use him and Kamara the way he did last year. No one, not even Kamara, has been consistently good between the tackles this year, and there's no way Payton wants to run Kamara into the ground with 20 touches a game. (I own Kamara as well, so I'm not fading him...I think the whole New Orleans pie gets bigger bc of Ingram). I don't believe that he's "potentially a top 24RB." I say he IS a top 15 RB, and maybe top 10-12.