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  1. Tricked me matt...you sir are garbage
  2. Twice hoyer twice you tricked me
  3. Hilarious....dwayne washington is don jackson....2 carries and down he goes....I need a tight end anyway...
  4. Starting running back for the Green Bay Packers 10/20/2016 Even if it is for only one night wow!
  5. Long way from dead or in jail by the time he is 17....GD there is hope in the world I hope this kid sets it on fire!!!
  6. http://m.packers.com/news/article/don-jackson-brings-energy-juice-to-backfield-de6f4d25-3bad-4f8d-9272-69c456c4d86e
  7. I am aware....but that's what the pack needs that type back....so the question is can he be that style? Nevada runs the pistol that's a start.
  8. The pack needs more of a dion lewis rb than they do a battering ram....question is how much lewis does don jackson have in him?
  9. The Davis trade was conditional right? Like the more playing time the better the pick? No incentive to play him just depth..
  10. Why would someone still have a josh gordon avatar? Some stuff we just don't know.
  11. If he can pass protect break or run or two...no reason he can't keep it...he is nervous as eff right now that is the one thing I will bank on...I'm nervous...
  12. The comments hilarious