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  1. I dropped a quarter on howard last week in a league where no one else bid...eh it's only fake money...this week I dropped another quarter on Smallwood in that league...dudes are asleep in that league...last year guys were throwing half at rbs....another league I doubled with 40 ish% what anyone else put on Smallwood and I almost went all in could have saved more cash but it's a dynasty league and you never know..
  2. I'm in two faab leagues...thing I've found out is sometimes guys just have to have guys...I've seen guys go for too much and not enough....I put it up there with trading some guys have ridiculous values on handcuffs when they aren't worth anything.... some don't value a player at all....too each his own, just matters what they think or I think they are worth...example I need a wr so I'm hoarding rbs and over biding on all I can....hoping for a trade or a wr to pop up I can add....either way can never have enough starting rbs especially the last couple years..
  3. Love it when people argue against and can't get the names right...Howard will have a 10 point floor in ppr
  4. I'm in...one house call and a day is made..
  5. I threw him in over matt jones in two leagues...it was an easy call considering match ups...
  6. Just made a trade I think I'm going to regret...but allowed me to add this guy hopefully he eases my pain...
  7. 43% 7 targets....yeah a te that gets 7 looks don't care what % he plays
  8. Plethora? Maybe with 4 man benches...8 man benches I'm scraping the barrel for teams 3rd wrs to play...
  9. I think he's adjusting...
  10. 10 teamer I own langford I've stashed howard but also lost Abdullah in that league
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/www.chicagotribune.com/sports/rosenblog/ct-jordan-howard-bears-rosenbloom-20160923-column,amp.html
  12. I'm in on burton...wish he could keep the job.
  13. Except howard just awaits in these wings to full blown take it...
  14. So you get the hype or don't get the hype?