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  1. 10 steals in spring doesn't mean much but if he's gonna steal bases at a ridiculous clip when the season starts to go along with 20 homer pop....left handed drew stubbs? Or more?
  2. Ms are going for it...they aren't worried about a year if they thought he could help right now...but slumping now and then what he starts in the pros hot? Not likely and don't want to kill his confidence with that...send him to the PCL get hot then come up hope he stays on the bender
  3. Guys been around for it feels like ions.
  4. Liking this guy a lot more...hopefully he keeps up the progression
  5. Doug doesn't strike me as the getting paid then quit type...but maybe he is...
  6. Probably be a raider next year in a home coming....beast season....
  7. Anyone know what the actual deal was?
  8. I thought some pages back that someone posted something where pff was boasting about ty's blocking stats....so one missed tackler benched....
  9. Such an effed up year
  10. Wtf? Complete shocker here...
  11. I'm in but it should be noted I'm out of it in every league
  12. Love this question but I think you see who has the situation in their favor...if I have the number 1 pick I'm taking the one with the shortest path to playing time the one that makes the most impact....Derrick henry is a hell of a player but behind murray he's hardly been worth a first round pick....too many players come out of no where....fournette more than likely has a zeke role in his future....cook could split same with mccaffrey....it'd be real debate though if all were insured to start and lead touches...
  13. Thing is he won't replace green. Never be a number 1 but those guys have value depending on league....if he is destined for the slot what's his upside on a team that uses its outside receivers more frequently....core should take lafells spot next year. He looks the part of a number 1 but will always be a two with green there....
  14. Added to the active roster finally with QP going to the IR with a broken foot. Team sucks pretty bad but none of the wr's have stepped up and the niners are averaging a league worst in passing yards a game. They should at least throw him against the wall now that he's healthy.