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  1. Still getting love 2 days later....
  2. I hear what you are saying... just disappointed that he's back to pt status and not a beast starter
  3. Sucks cause hate to drop him... but if he's only getting 10 to 15 min a game again can't keep him around...
  4. How is this guy relegated back to a bench role? He's been a beast
  5. Kristaps Porzingis 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    How much longer till I need to add
  6. hoping for great things rest of season
  7. Yeah don't see it either... that's why I was curious plus still have a while till playoffs
  8. Who would you target for this guy... he's doing so well hate to give him away just for someone that may have 4 or 5 games when play offs start
  9. Actually my league scoring he's now got 20 in 21 minutes... and yes fantasy points...
  10. I'm thrilled too agree he is taking it easy on the boards but he's putting up some points...
  11. Yeah 18 points 19 minutes... I'd like more please
  12. Guys been lights out the last 7
  13. Legend got me 11 points last night
  14. Yeah he's pulled it together here