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  1. He should try a fantasy team... that'll wear him out
  2. I'm buying... was thinking about a pedroia resurgence but why bother when I can have this guy....
  3. Sounds like cashman has 25 pounds of bs he's pedaling
  4. Used to be one of the top 1B prospects... came in last year without a ton of fanfair.... Hit 16 homers 58 rbi in 330 something abs... classic springtraining news he's tweaked his swing got in better shape more prepared for the season... ST numbers aren't gaudy but .300 avg few hrs throws in a couple steals!?!?! And he's looking decent for basically free... full year abs he may get to 90 rbi 20 plus homers... maybe he chips in 5 steals and hits .250... may be useful https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/rangers-ronald-guzman-continues-solid-approach/
  5. If he was good he would have cleared a spot for himself..
  6. Yeah I agree with all of that... he's a heck of a player... I'd like to see him go out on a high note and not the injured note... hate hearing him talk about being careful out in the field cause he may get hurt again... doesn't seem like a good sign for getting after it...and playing hard nosed... so hopefully that's just springtraining talk and once the season hits... it's damn the torpedoes
  7. Meaning both likely on the team...one dh one 1b... and some nasty rotation mixed in...
  8. Done or does he still have some Laser Shows to put on?
  9. Yeah no way he finishes under 3
  10. Def staying down this year... but star still on the rise?
  11. Finished with 21 homers last season... seems like someone to notice at catcher
  12. Sent an invite appreciate it gonna get started as soon as you accept
  13. I saw the hangover... pretty sure the balls are smaller