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  1. Yeah ebron...
  2. This is kinda how I saw it...funchess as the better overall wr but he must not be? They gotta give him some run here I'd think...ted ginn corey brown are for sure not better...
  3. I agree...how do you get a guy like this and not use him...it's comical...
  4. Bust? Or still a hold?
  5. Starting to be useful?
  6. Hope this isn't a trap
  7. Total knee jerk reaction...no question but I question now if this guy's a stud? What kind of coach takes his stud out of the game plan? Hey guys I kniw this is gonna sound crazy but let's throw it to everyone except aj green odell beckham and let's not give david johnson the ball...we'll totally show that other team and not use our best player.....coaches don't think this is a good strategy so cooks must not be that good if they think they can win using it....did they win yes I get it they did but they didn't win by not going to him they won because they are deep and the better team....studs don't get game planned reduced...
  8. Honestly having a hard time figuring out what's different in this guy then let's say bryce treggs besides opportunity..otherwise seem like the same player to me...both will get me zeros...
  9. Studs don't throw duds.... Totally coining that....
  10. Definitely a hold but I will admit to being confused deandre was actually looking better than Richard for a couple weeks...then two weeks ago took a back seat and this week inactive something happened....I would almost say this isn't settled going in to 2017...but Richard has looked good
  11. Meredith was actually looking pretty good so his lack of looks with Jeffrey out beyond confusing
  12. Brutal this year and I manage to pick up all the wrong beneficiaries.
  13. Yep hating the cooks ebron combo in a must win....two guys taking nothing very frustrating