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  1. Need that DL spot to add someone d2d is killing me with no depth. ..
  2. Yeah exactly what I'm wondering drew stubbs .220 avg some pop and speed mixed in?
  3. Don't know much about him. Just called up yesterday to take Margots spot and to play centerfield. Converted short stop who couldn't make a play to save his life. Played exclusively outfield last year and his bat started to come around 6 foot 3 and fast....kinda has some polanco in him from the look of him tall skinny...power on the mid side and a lot of swing and miss from what I've read but makin adjustments and hot as heck when he got the call....thoughts or other opinions on him?
  4. I'm serious Hoskins cozens alfaro kingery williams who wants to face those mashers when he gets there? Imagine if Crawford was good?
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/padres/sd-sp-padres-lamet-debut-win-mets-20170525-story,amp.html
  6. Number 1 waiver claim seems like too much but hes definitely worth a bottom half of the league claim
  7. Nobody does it until they do it, but to guarantee a wall being hit seems ridiculous with how he's playing right now.
  8. Yeah I'm only assuming he'll make it to triple A with the likes of the others...serious lineup...
  9. Most of the scouting reports don't peg him for much power but he's got a compact stroke and stays in the zone...a tweak here a tweak there. Wallah 20 homer pop. Several prospects have changed their game with a tweak so this wouldn't be the first time. I'd love to see a triple a game with kingery alfaro Hoskins and cozens. Or in two years with the phillies...
  10. I call him M.C.A cause he's my Ace so I grabbed the piano player and I punched him in the face
  11. I only have two hard rules I live by....neither have to do with names...
  12. This video from 2015 says unbelievable power? Maybe he's got laser show or kipnis in him.
  13. I get it premium position stellar D there is something to be said for that...especially in real life...obviously we'd all love him to be hitting like AB right now though...but I hear yah
  14. Lord I hope he hits better than russell
  15. https://www.milb.com/milb/news/san-diego-padres-fernando-tatis-jr-highlights-players-of-the-week/c-231726726/t-185364810