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  1. 12 homers hitting. 324? Limited abs? Yes please
  2. Was gillislee any good last season? Seems like yeah he wasn't bad.
  3. Guy has been a beast.
  4. I agree take your guy especially when it's close...if the browns have proved anything in recent years it's don't trust us to draft the best players or know how to use them if we do....maybe that's changed now this season....but really 5 wrs in the draft? At least 3 picks wasted...
  5. Confirmed
  6. I guess your first comment directed at me saying I subscribe to the maybe chronicles. Pointing out posts about taylor and Howard where I left articles for other to form their own opinions. Made me think this was a tad personal for you for someone to throw some other names other then Langford and hyde....I just feel everyone should have all the information.
  7. Hey I may want in on this...do I have a rb worth a 1st round pick and jstew back?
  8. You take it so personal. Most of its just information, not my problem if it hurts your feelings towards a different player. Ever think about expanding your mind past dungeons and dragons and one sided ways of thinking? Don't those weird dice have 12 sides? Try being like that.
  9. http://www.todayspigskin.com/nfc/chicago-bears/jordan-howard-might-edge-jeremy-langford/
  10. Yeah agreed chip is nuts...hard to say what he'll do.
  11. I agree saying anyone is good just because their father is crazy. But sometimes it's true sometimes they are better sometimes they are worse. Ok done with the thread hijack was just posting in here because of the draughn being the back up change of pace back talk so people had other information to base decisions on.
  12. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/49ers-rb-kelvin-taylor-could-195417297.html
  13. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/finding-the-fits-fred-taylors-son-could-emerge-from-crowded-49ers-backfield/
  14. Just got to vacay....5 hour drive with the wife and kids. 6 days on lake michigan....make your adds if you haven't I will be placing everyone on waivers tomorrow morning drafted or not....nice draft best of luck to everyone this year....on a side note no work this week expect plenty of buzzed sun burnt booty a $$ trades...lol
  15. Tyler Higbee TE STL