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  1. Gardner got a 42 on the wonderlic... and has a shirt that says we've lost 2 games but never lost a party... I'm tempering expectations
  2. https://www.bonanza.com/listings/Gardner-Minshew-Silhouette-Mustache-Washington-St-Football-Fan-T-Shirt/670707241 https://www.gymratapparelshop.com/view/113861/gardner-freakin-minshew-jacksonville-football-sports-fan-t-shirt https://www.footballfantshirts.com/view/101911/gardner-minshew-parental-advisory-jacksonville-football-fan-t-shirt https://images.app.goo.gl/ZLwMoBXnDyz8Y1mJ8 Dudes got shirts for days
  3. Dude walks around with a bottle of crown tucked in his jorts... absolutely Jim McMahon shades of Hollywood Joe...
  4. Again what's he supposed to do with 4 carries... give him 20 he comes out of this game ahead of barber
  5. Why I'm jealous of wine steak and a computer screen with no toys in the way of the view...😂🤣
  6. 41 3 kids all under 9 and yeah hard to get a good read...
  7. Rojo beasting with 2 Carries thanks rapsheet.. jc
  8. GD I'm jealous of this photo... I'm staring at mr inbetween and an automen full of kids stuff they didn't put away after my wife made some sucky instapot chicken with a new recipe... pdog has the life...
  9. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001053741/article/gardner-minshew-is-the-leagues-most-interesting-qb You will love this guy after this read
  10. Burn tons of money on other adds that recieved less targets... and a 9 target guy for nothing is worth a look...
  11. He's worth an add... but when aj comes back what happens? Starts over him?
  12. Added for free today... absolutely no clamor for him.. he's always been high talent low executioner...maybe he's getting an opportunity here... the cost has me checking it out...