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  1. Thinking about hating this guy...yep pretty sure I do
  2. Absolutely seems like a 5 point minimum in ppr more likely 8 to 10...definitely flex worthy when needed
  3. College highlights mean nothing but 6 foot 2 226 4.4 speed seem like something. Granted preseason but no one in Detroit has been better than this guy in limited time, including their only preseason rushing TD and a 96 yard kick off return for a TD. Probably nothing to see here but incase you need a flier. File under interesting.
  4. I think I've talked myself into the "why not jones?" Camp....none of these clowns behind him has done anything either...so if jones is grudens guy....why not him?
  5. Ankle or some crud...acted like wasn't serious..
  6. Hurt already...shocked..
  7. Lol... Just saying when kaep came out hot late in the season everyone was all t*****s. Then petered out the next...dude was calling dak cam? Just saying wow!
  8. More colin kaepernick than cam
  9. First guy that acted like he knew how to run the football more than 2 yards at a time would have the position locked up...
  10. Really no one's had the chance to ask him till now?
  11. Dj foster needs to tape his hamstring back on and get his a on the field...he's missing a golden opportunity.
  12. I think jones eats shorts...so do most of the guys behind him...I mean crap I own him in one league added fat rob thompson owned marshall owned damn that's crazy one of these schlubs is worth anything then you have seattle with probably 4 people that could be starters elsewhere...point is redskins gruden the gm horrible at drafting....fantasy owners stuck adding tom dick and Harry hoping for 10 points a game.
  13. This^ something happened...
  14. If last night was any indication no wr is worth owning on this team...the qb blows goats.