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  1. Isaiah Crowell 2018 Outlook

    57 yards a game and 1.33 tds a game... I'll take those avgs at my flex
  2. Cleveland Browns 2018 Outlook

    Browns D!!!
  3. Agreed he has them backwards but whatever
  4. Buck saying Mayfield star of the game... Hyde probably more so... but think troy wants to get close to Mayfield... anyone catch him earlier saying good looking jim gates or whoever that coach was? Jeez Troy no wonder
  5. Yeah why all the kearse love
  6. I can't figure out why crow gets sweeps and powell runs inside? Bizarro world...
  7. Can we talk about these women in wrangler jeans? I'm buying the wife some online as I watch this...
  8. I don't disagree... and sure if I'm tyrod I'm pissed... all of life is like this...
  9. Not sure I'm uncomfortable unless there are catholic priests in the tent otherwise yes dial up a fake injury
  10. I'll tell you what if the old ladys A is gonna look that good... in some wranglers.... I'm buying her 10 pairs...
  11. Hue evidently a horrible head coach
  12. But but tyrod. Was good with the bills after being a career back up
  13. Isaiah Crowell 2018 Outlook

    Yeah he was a good play... may even get a trifecta.
  14. Yeah same here but I'm at zero rb cause mixon is out... so love the crow TD's Pizza lunchablesall around
  15. Got the browns d so hopefully some sacks and a pick 6
  16. Isaiah Crowell 2018 Outlook

    I'd love it if he just decided to be a good football player every game and they were all revenge
  17. Tyler Boyd 2018 Outlook

    I think we can all agree the redskins suck
  18. Phillip Lindsay 2018 Outlook

  19. Isaiah Crowell 2018 Outlook

    With mixon out I'm on the must start train cause he's getting carries.... trusting he gets a TD to save a possibly dreadful night... so here's to hoping pizza lunchables will be thrown at least once...