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  1. Zay Jones 2018 outlook

    McCarron worst in the league? I wonder, or is he gonna wanna show he should have been a starter.... And dude can turn water into wine he ain't doing a razors edge with boot assistance. ..
  2. Geronimo Allison 2018 Season Outlook

    After looking at it not sure why geronimo wouldn't be the guy... who was the last rookie the pack let have serious run at wr that they weren't forced to start? Seems like adams was the last but only because of injury the rest have all had to bide time.... geronimo has waited 3 years this may be the one....jordys last healthy year has my pants getting tight but if geronimo gets half that he'll be worth the free price....
  3. Zay Jones 2018 outlook

    Can this guy put together any kind of season? Trying to gauge my interest in replacing him or thinking he could be a number 1.... if his hands don't get the best of him 70 plus targets last year and feel like he barely played...
  4. Guess I'm more confident that Beasley and williams won't stand in the way of progress and jones proving they didn't need dez
  5. Not sure I understand the logic, he may do wr 4 numbers but it's not gonna be because he isn't getting opps... no dez no witten.... so hurns and gallup... and he's got dak cause dak isn't any good? Sophomore slump? I don't know but his rookie year he did alright
  6. Dynasty Bowl

    Actually the waiver order number only moves if it's a tie... so if you bid 5 bucks I bid 5 bucks the guy goes to has the higher priority and then rotates to the end... but you bid 5 I bid 4 you win and the waiver priority is not used... if you bid 0 and I bid 0 higher priority wins... if you bid 0 and no one else bids it still won't use the priority... if someone bids a 100 bucks on baker mayfield and has priority 10 and you have 1 and bid 1 dollar you lose and still no priority will be used.... its just a tie breaker when we have the budgets...and it's only if someone else bids the same amount...
  7. Dynasty Bowl

    Waivers set to clear the 15th tomorrow morning after that say 8 am est I will switch the waivers back to Sunday thru Tuesday starting week 1.... make your bids accordingly if you want... otherwise tomorrow morning they will be fa's till the regular season starts on Sunday at 1 pm....nice draft thanks for the participation best of luck Of note reminder for next year vike apocalypse third Rd pick 2019 to sportsguys
  8. Dynasty Bowl

    Ok setting waivers shortly
  9. Dynasty Bowl

    No.. not a free for all.. I will place on waivers for a couple days to allow thay first chance bidding at adds then make it reg season waivers.... please don't add anyone after mbroo makes last pick until I can do so...after that though have at it...
  10. Dynasty Bowl

    Ok I can fix...and switch cp for cj @mbroo5880i OTC
  11. Dynasty Bowl

    Yes welcome to pick anytime between now and when mbroo finishes the draft after that hitting waivers...
  12. Dynasty Bowl

    @aburley OTC Upon completion of the draft all players will be placed on waivers please make your adds @Jmadtown And anyone else....Tits will be able to cut glass when calvin ridley and dante will be able to be added via the wire... I'd suggest you add them to your team....
  13. Dynasty Bowl

    John Kelly LAR RB @vikingapocalypse pick to @sportsguy21792 OTC
  14. Dynasty Bowl

    Yeah... he's set his team up and he just rejected a trade last night so I know he's been on yahoo
  15. Dynasty Bowl

    Appreciate it thanks
  16. He's got a lot of comps...hopefully he's his own dude and just does his thing on the field... projections? 55 receptions 600 yards 4 TD's
  17. Dynasty Bowl

    @TexanAD On deck just getting you warmed up for your first pick here after jmad..picks tomorrow
  18. Dynasty Bowl

    Exactly but after draft we place on waivers for like 2 days for those to make a grab and use waiver process... you can bid zero and win as long as no one else bids and won't cost waiver spot... but if someone else bids same amount it goes to the priority which should be first round draft order I think..
  19. Dynasty Bowl

    Reminder please make adds prior to completed draft... once draft is complete I will place fa players on waivers for bids you want to make after that they will be fa's again until reg season rules....
  20. Dynasty Bowl

    @Jmadtown OTC it's evening let's do this
  21. Dynasty Bowl

    If we get 3 quick may catch jmad tonight for his pick wrap this thing up in the next day
  22. Buffalo Bills 2018 Season Outlook

    Yeah looking like McCoy is about to get Rice'd... Zay Jones get a bump or sticking with Benjamin being the benefactor?
  23. Dynasty Bowl

    Dwindling down here in the draft.... anyone wants to trade their 3rd round pick hit me up.....
  24. Mike Gesicki 2018 Outlook

    I think this is key as your te2.. don't rely on all those domino's to fall for him being a te1... think te2 and be pleasantly surprised