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  1. This guy was supposed to beast today grr..
  2. So over owning this guy in my yearly league... brutal...non ppr... especially horrible
  3. Barber has gotten 8... plus honestly they need to take the ball out of Winston's hands
  4. 4 Carrie's going into the 4th... hilarious ariana is an idiot
  5. Can't be trusted... but as his season has went every other week he does something good... if that pattern continues this week he'll do something good... but that's a huge if... if you have safer options use them... if you are balls to the wall rojos pattern could continue...
  6. I think there is opportunity there in miami for someone to emerge.. but so far they haven't been able to get any back double digit touches on the reg.... they could get 10 plus this weekend in a complete crap show of whose team is worse... but I think if they wanna trade drake they give him Carries and if he gets 15 to 20 hes gonna have the job till traded...
  7. Started him over Jacob's in one league... mistake nagy sucks
  8. I think he has some slower chubb in him..
  9. I dont see the point trading a wr1 and jones to upgrade at rb... really what kind of upgrade are we expecting? Just someone whose leading the league in tds at rb?
  10. The truth... why they will trade for hunt back
  11. Lafleur "um yeah aaron had a great game today, but yeah we need to even these touches up... get carson Vitale and a healthy Jamaal back in there... can't keep having these beast games out of one guy, so look for us to get back on track next week with the split..." 🤣😂 no way this can come out of his mouth right???
  12. This is a slow play... hopefully little more clarity after this week..
  13. I agree... with you smeeze... regardless he's leading the league...
  14. Anything with Kirk shelved this week?
  15. Taking back over in time for the bye week
  16. I will bet on the Bengals sucking and needing to throw it... Mixon has to stay home to help block eifert plays 4 snaps and should be blocking ross just got hurt.... so boyd tate are your boys... this week... roll with it
  17. This guys been disappointing own him in a small yearly and hard to trust...