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  1. Nice job with the draft... got through it.

    Not to be a wet blanket, but wanted to shoot a head's up before waivers.

    aburley accidentally picked up Paul Richardson...

    I shot him a pm on here, but not sure if he'll get it.

    1. hard1


      Looks like he fixed it same with ss wth?


      Anyway yeah draft is done yikes 3 tight ends...not what I wanted but hopefully I don't need one for 10 years with those guys...

  2. Liked the Coates pick...

    I would have grabbed either him or Perkins at 2.1 if I kept the pick. 

    1. hard1


      I thought about taking perkins instead of braxton but I wanted miller and couldn't risk it any longer I was glad to grab coates but if perkins was there I was going him for sure but wr is where I need the stats....hopefully miller can carve out a role hopefully coates takes over for wheaton....lot of wishing and hoping that's for sure this year..