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  1. Oh hes been great but really 8 Carries? 1 catch? Hows that supposed to end... for a top 5 rb..
  2. Can this guy just get his coaches respect
  3. How can his targets drop after last game
  4. I need sut and chubb here to eat a little more
  5. Yeah heading in to his bye week easy dump
  6. Diontae johnson.. um Gardner minshew gzus
  7. Houston most fantasy points to receivers... no watt and does nothing... sweet...
  8. Absolutely this is a possibility... because lions... Paul perkins out of no where starts and plays a lot
  9. Yeah no doubt... I am def wishing... anything could happen
  10. If ben is back next year kid will eat more
  11. I am going fearless here.. 18 touches 125 total yards and a td
  12. If ty has a good game tomorrow that may bite Jay's chances
  13. The concern is he wasn't already on a team prior to yesterday
  14. Arians sucks.. this has kenyan drake written all over it... put this guy on a team where he gets Carrie's hes a rb 1
  15. The dudes good... ballage gore walton all better says miami... 🤣
  16. Def rb1 last night... I wish they could trade him again this year
  17. I'm back in spent too much but I believe
  18. Miami proving they wasted this guy
  19. He is night and day above what they have... he looks like he feels real good