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  1. That is much too low for a top 20 to 25 player who isn't even 30 yet. His year looked bad because he played injured throughout the second half, which affected his power and speed. He is expected to be fully healthy to start the season and should be a solid bet for 16-20 homers and 20+ steals with a combined 170+ R/RBI and a .300+ average. Shop Altuve around the league, I am sure there are better offers out there.
  2. What everyone else has said. Acuna might be the best bat in that entire group RIGHT NOW. Plus you have to add another pick to him to get the pick? No thank you. I'd rather move that pick and a lesser keeper. Only trade Acuna if you get a haul in return.
  3. Carrasco, Davis, Rendon, Bogaerts are the 4 I would keep. The power is real with Xander and he is in a fantastic lineup. Rendon, obvious keep. Davis, obvious keep. And I'd rather have Carrasco over Corbin, as I think he is the better pitcher and in a better situation overall.
  4. If Dahl is guaranteed everyday at bats, you have to take him, in my opinion. I like Jesus, but not sure he will maintain as a top 10 1B this year. If anything, I would find a team with a weaker crop of keepers and trade both for a very, very good keeper instead.
  5. If I have a top 5 pick in any FYPD this preseason, I'd only focus on the bats. Gorman, Bart, Larnach, Kelenic and Madrigal are the 5 guys, in no particular order, I'd be focusing on. I am probably higher on Bart than most, but I could see him getting some September at bats as soon as this season, so SF can decide if they want to move Posey to 1B 75% of the time and let Bart have most of the appearances behind the plate, then swapping them out for like 2 games a week. His power is real, though his K rate will probably be high as well, but I think he can be a 25-35 homer guy, with a .260ish BA and decent counting stats in that lineup.
  6. Michael, glad to see you are back to writing after a year off. Great overall list, very little I disagree with too vehemently. I know I will be using it as a major resource for the 2 FYPD I have coming up (2 new leagues) and the annual MiLB draft for my long running 30 team league. Thanks again for your hard work.
  7. Hey guys, looking for 23 other owners to join my brand new league. It is a free, 24 team, H2H points, dynasty league. Every team will be named after an MLB team. You will get to select one MLB and one MiLB player from your team to start your team off and then there will be a 49 round draft (24 MLB and 25 MiLB picks). Your 1st mlb pick and 1st milb pick will be the players you select as your dynasty players. We will keep 10 players + 1 dynasty player at the MLB level (dynasty player MUST be on the real life MLB team of your namesake) and up to the full 25 man MiLB roster. MiLB players cannot be drafted during the MLB draft portion of the initial draft. You must have starters at all 20 MLB positions. 4 man bench, 2 man DL. Every offseason there will be a 24 round draft, with your up to 10 + 1 dynasty keepers taking your first 11 picks. You can keep less than the 10 players. After the MLB draft, there will be a 5 round MiLB draft, for the newly drafted MiLB players, the recent J2 signings and any international signings. It will be a slow draft through fantrax, with every pick having 24 hours to be made, with the hopes that picks will be made as soon as humanly possible. The sooner the league is filled, the sooner the draft can start. We will have a league Slack to talk baseball, trades and anything in between, so being active is a must. Respond here, send me a PM or message me on reddit (anicolausk is my name there) if interested.
  8. The Reds are definitely one of the teams I am hoping to have multiple players from on all of my teams. Gennett, Suarez, Peraza, Votto could all be top 10 fantasy producers at their respective positions, Puig could be a top 15 - 20 OF, Kemp/Schebler/Winker can all settle into an OF2 (in deep leagues) or OF3-5 spot on your roster. Barnhart could be a viable starter OR a solid 2nd catcher in 2 catcher leagues. I think Castillo and Wood will both be rosterable arms for the entire season. I see Castillo making a mini leap and giving us more quality starts than not. DeSclefani, Gray and Roark will all be owned in all leagues with I'd say 14 or more teams and will be worthwhile streamers in smaller leagues. The bullpen isn't THAT amazing, but Iglesias should again be a top 15 or so closer. The only good prospect of their's I could see coming up this season is Senzel, but I'd expect to see him in a Scott Kingery role (multi position guy, not starting that often) OR just getting traded to upgrade the rotation/bullpen. All in all, 2nd best offense in the NL Central, 4th or 5th best rotation, probably the worst bullpen.
  9. Don't see him getting a ton of reps now that Asdrubal Cabrera is in town. Could see him getting ample playing time if Odor or Andrus get hurt, though, since Cabrera can move off 3rd to one of those 2 positions.
  10. Thanks guys. Aside from liking Sabonis, I agree with all of your opinions. The guy making the offer acts like I am crazy for not taking this "steal of a deal". I also think Murray is going to have a big 2nd half and look forward to seeing what he will do. I'll try to push for something else.
  11. I'd be interested in it. Been playing fantasy baseball for 18 years now.
  12. Think he has the potential to be a top 100 guy by the end of the 2019 season. He has Adam Eaton written all over him. Maybe top out at 10-15 homers, but I think there is 30+ SB speed and he should hit for a very solid average and get on base at a great rate. He's a guy I see leading off or batting in the 2 hole in AZ in 2020 or 2021.
  13. In my 14 team 9 cat H2H league in my sig, I have been offered the following trade: My Tobias Harris, Jusuf Nurkic and Jamal Murray for His Joel Embiid, Eric Gordon and Domantas Sabonis This is an obvious no, right? If I change Eric Gordon to Jordan Clarkson, Mudiay or Vonleh, does it change it to a yes?