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  1. Can anyone tell me how to ADD custom categories for non-9 cat leagues on this page??? Last year we were able to do it; did they switch it to subscription only or something?
  2. Man this dude straight up NEVER gets QS at all, that's the only thing that worries me. But if there was ever a week to stream him, it's here...
  3. What are the keeper settings? I can't imagine any scenario where I'd say no, but it depends slightly on the situation.
  4. I like it a lot for you, honestly. I would take the Acuna side in pretty much every scenario I can imagine.
  5. I agree with txrngr34 on his analysis. I would go with Paxton by a nose, but I do think Bauer is for real. I couldn't blame you in the least for taking the more durable guy, though he is slightly less effective and far more prone to blowups.
  6. Roll with Gattis here. Worst case scenario he sucks, you lose out on very little imo... strong case can be made that those other guys aren't worthy of a roster spot (in some circumstances, especially since you don't benefit from Grandal's strong OBP).
  7. I like Martinez tbh. I mean the dude is a DISASTER in the field, so he's not the kind of guy who's gonna play through massive slumps IMO. But as an end-of-bench guy? Gimme the upside. Or you could take the Bader flier. Thanks for the help on mine.
  8. I'm taking Stripling and Flaherty over both Richards and Mengden.
  9. T Turner Scherzer Sale Cole In certain packages, I can turn Turner into any of these 3 pitchers. Are there any you think are not worth giving up Trea for?
  10. That right there is what I like to call an accept-and-ask-questions-later type of deal. I think you win that handily.
  11. Great start. Low pitch count, 7 IP 5 H 7 K no walks.
  12. I agree with this... front-office wise I'd have done the same. I'm not sure how guys like Steph feel about it deep down since his reputation seems to have taken somewhat of a hit (IMO unfairly) as a result. You're totally right though. I just think the acquisition of Durant is the reason why I'm so convinced they'll roll off 3-4 more titles. Without it, they had a chance but it would seem much less a lock and they'd have a few teams battling with them. Still, the team's run itself shouldn't be dinged because of what KD did.
  13. Their legacy to me so far is as one of the best teams (IMO the best team) ever assembled in league history. No team can ever match the Celtics in the 50s in terms of championship dominance, but all things considered, relative to their era this is the best team ever. And it's on pace to be the most impressive run ever. The think that muddies the waters is Durant's move to me, because it was SO atypically cowardly. No matter what anyone says, NOTHING had ever set a precedent for that kind of parity-crippling move in all of sports. He's free to make any decision he's comfortable with as it's his life, just as I'm free to say that it was mind-numbingly pathetic. They were already on pace to be on that all-time GOAT level, even before he jumped on their coattails. Curry became one of the the greatest players ever by 2015-2016, yet his supporting cast was winning 2nd round playoff series easily without him. In the tougher conference. It was one of the greatest and most well-built teams in HISTORY even pre-KD. 73 wins, 1 ring, and another near ring in the first two Kerr years. I don't want to over-hate on Durant as he seems like a nice guy for the most part, but I can't help feeling like his choice made it more difficult to judge this Warriors run. Prior to him it was so refreshingly old-school, the way they'd built the team. I get it from the Warriors' perspective, since to that point they'd assembled their core entirely through the draft. I don't know. But credit to them for creating a culture so desirable that he was willing to overlook how weak it was to come running there. You wouldn't see that happen on many teams throughout history, since one of the reasons he cited was he wanted to enjoy playing the game more. Their elite pace-and-space system is tailor-made for that. I expect them to ROLL to the next few championships if healthy. That said... I agree with Gohawks. If they lose this series, or ANY playoff series with the weapons they have, that will be absolutely enormous. This is not the kind of team that can get away with being less than an historic dynasty without taking a massive legacy blow. They carry themselves (rightfully so) as if they're so much better than everyone else and above it all. They BETTER back it up.