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  1. Honestly it might be smart to add Harris before the game if you have the roster space. I don’t expect anything drastic to happen, but just in case Sony struggles/fumbles and Harris gets a chance and shines. If nothing comes of it, drop Harris and make an add for the late games.
  2. Damn. Was on the verge of completing a trade to ship him off... Tempted to pull it back now.
  3. Bump. Getting close to finalizing my FAAB bids.
  4. I like the upside of Monty for sure over the other options you listed. Help me out? Thanks.
  5. Jones and Kupp for sure. Still too many questions on Gurley for me to trust full season, and I think Kupp is an absolute monster. Thanks for the help on mine.
  6. gotta love responding to 10+ posts that say "WHIR" and get 1 valid response in return... bump, anyone? Thanks for the help.
  7. I would actually go with Jacobs if I had to pick one of the two. I personally think that value at TE is too high to give up for that caliber of RB, but obviously you know your situation better. Help me out? Thanks.
  8. I wouldn't drop Jackson. Do you own Zeke, if so, I'd keep Pollard. If not, I'd drop Pollard for Demarcus Robinson, I'm really impressed by him. Help me out? Thanks.
  9. With news of Cam being out possibly, I'd hold off. Not sure what that offense will look like moving forward, and I wouldn't burn the #1 waiver on a TE with a murky QB situation. Help me out? Thanks.
  10. 10 teamer, I'd hold pat. I like Allen and Mclaurin a lot, but they're great targets for deeper leagues, I don't think you need or want to burn your waiver yet for them. Help me out? Thanks.
  11. I actually have to play it safe here and stick with Hooper. He's boring, but he's safe. Godwin is looking like a stud, and Evans will only get better as he gets healthy. OJ scares me. Help me out?
  12. Thanks man. Yeah I'm leaning that way, because of the weapons you mentioned, and a little better track record. But a lot of prognosticators out there seem to love what Rudolph showed in the 2H last week. Thanks for the input...I'll be mulling this over all day.
  13. I agree with your thoughts, bench Mixon for Breida. I'm really liking that SF offense, and Breida looked like a stud last week. Help me out?
  14. No. 12 team, 2 QB league. Every single starter is owned. Someone spent $15 on Minshew last week. Teddy or Rudolph...