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  1. You just need to have more money than whoever you're screwing over when you lie, cheat, or steal. That makes you smart
  2. We're all passionate people. Was odd seeing this because I randomly logged on because I wanted to check out discussion in Pats gameday thread today. Thanks to these forums and the members, good and bad, I don't even play fantasy football anymore. I kept winning all my leagues and everyone I used to play with got sick of it. LMAO!
  3. Too much clam chowder. All that mercury from our poisoned oceans make it difficult to think straight.
  4. Check out this replay of the "horrible interception" as people are calling it. If you follow that Twitter thread, it's like the third post. The part where the ball comes closest to the ground is what the refs would've focused on. I see nothing in that replay indicating the ball was actually contacted by the ground. If it were contacted by the ground and he didn't have control, the ball would've moved in his grip slightly. There was no movement by the ball at this point in time. It isn't until after this that he re-secures the catch. There is not enough evidence to overturn the ruling on the field that the ball actually contacted the ground. It just came really really close.
  5. Who cares, it was 3rd down. Ball was getting punted and Packers still had plenty of time. This is assuming they review it and actually find enough evidence to reverse the call (which I don't think there was, when the ball "touched the ground", which was a close call, the ball didn't move).
  6. And my previous comment doesn't even take in the fact that 49ers had a chance to put the game away plenty of times throughout the 3rd and 4th quarters.
  7. Just a reminder for those blaming the refs, the 49ers were penalized twice for 10 yards and the Packers were penalized six times for 54 yards. I understand the frustration of an iffy call coming in such a crucial part of the game, but no football team commits less than three penalties in a game. It just doesn't happen, even at the highest level. Giving up 30 points and then enough chunk plays to an offense with no timeouts isn't going to get it done, and you can't really blame the refs for that when you benefited from two penalty calls and losing 10 yards on them. You have to find a way to close it out, even in Lambeau against Rodgers.
  8. I'm not playing Fantasy this year, but if I were, I know Crosby would be on my team and I'd be rocking -7 or -8 points right now and super ******** pissed.
  9. Apparently, no contact for these ******** snowflakes either. National Flag Football.
  10. He knows the rules and it was a bad call. That shouldn't have been roughing the passer. Clay made contact 1/4 a second after Cousins release the ball. This was nothing like that boneheaded play of his from last week.
  11. In honor of watching the final Pats game of the season, I am eating a box of Kraft Mac N Cheese and adding extra "cheese" with Kraft singles and also adding in some Oscar Mayer (also Kraft) hot dogs all sliced up.
  12. So far, the only game I haven't correctly called is that KC/Titans game. With that said, this game I've got my money on Jags and next game I've got my money on Vikings.
  13. Logic and Halsey are coming to one of the local music festivals. Should I go? Halsey is hot. Way hotter than Tom Brady.
  14. Tony Romos re-enactment of that lineman getting his ankle rolled up on was the win.
  15. By that logic, MVP should go to Aaron Rodgers as we saw what happens to the Packers when he can't play. Meanwhile, we've seen what happens when Patriots go without Brady.
  16. Larry Fitzgerald. Falls every year. Look forward to him falling next year.
  17. My big money league, worth almost a grand by itself, is over. I won. I suspect my opponent lost because he "got cute". At the eve of the games beginning, he swapped out Eric Ebron for Jack Doyle. Ebron had been riding a "hot streak" compared to Doyle up to game time. Why the switch? I have no idea. They were pretty close in many rankings, so why put in the guy who has been putting up duds? Second, some QB controversy. I drafted Aaron Rodgers and dropped him during the season and was able to re-acquire him for his 1 game return. I dropped my backup, Kirk Cousins, who I was unimpressed with and using up until that point. With no ARod this week, I was deciding between Foles and Bortles. As I had no FAAB left, my opponent grabbed Foles and then stashed Cousins. If he had grabbed Bortles and stashed Cousins, I would've gone Foles. Swap in Eric Ebron and Black Bortles onto his team and add Nick Foles to my team, gives the games a 36 point swing and I lose. Looking forward to ribbing him for getting cute at next years draft!
  18. Last game going on right now for one of my teams and my biggest money league. Won a few, lost a few, didn't even make playoffs in two. Either way, this is probably one of my best seasons as far as wins are concerned and I owe a lot of it to two common players among most of my rosters, Larry Fitzgerald and Alvin Kamara.
  19. Yeah, they exist, take my opponent in this league for example.
  20. Are you telling me that TJ Yates isn't a HOF bound QB?!? I beg to god that we don't see another amazing WR career go to absolute waste with JAG QBs like Larry Fitzgerald has dealt with.
  21. I think Brown greatly benefits from a better team than Brown. I also think Hopkins is more mature than Brown. AB - 13.5 YPC Hopkins - 14.1 YPC AB - 0.080 TD / Catch Hopkins - 0.085 TD / Catch AB does beat out Hopkins on a / game basis in many stats, but as I said, AB has benefited from a superior team for most of his career (8 years) compared to Hopkins (5 Years) who has had no less than 2 QBs throwing to him each year: 2013 (2), 2014 (3), 2015 (3), 2016 (2), 2017 (3). Overall, these guys are pretty equal in terms of production, but Hopkins is doing it with a ****tier team.