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  1. Went with RoJo and looks like I might have hit the jackpot.
  2. I have an open roster spot and am debating between adding Malcolm Brown or Ronald Jones as a lotto ticket stash. Which is the better choice?
  3. Team in signature below, half PPR redraft. GIVE: James Conner, O.J. Howard GET: Chris Carson, Darren Waller What say you?
  4. Thanks fellas, I'm feeling much better about simply standing pat!
  5. Just got offered the following: GIVE: James Connor, Jameis Winston GET: Chris Carson, Drew Brees In the interest in upgrading my 2 QB slots, any advice on this one?
  6. Team in signature below, and note the specialized league settings (2QB, 2 Flex). I was pretty pleased with my draft but my team crashed in flames in week one and I sit in last place in my 10-team league. I know not to panic with such a small sample size, but any suggestions for anything I should do to shore up my squad?
  7. Team in signature below. Dion Lewis is a bit of a tweener for me, good enough that he should be owned but probably not enough touches to start unless Henry gets injured. Would you drop him for Damien Harris, which would at the same time give me a high-upside lotto stash and also Sony Michel insurance?
  8. It's a 2QB league, so QBs have significantly elevated value, and the team I traded with autodrafted and was stuck with two crappy QBs.
  9. Just traded Russell Wilson for Davante Adams, so mission accomplished. Signature updated below.
  10. I'm looking to do exactly that, trade one of my QBs for a WR or RB.
  11. O.J. Howard, who I like quite a lot going into this season.