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  1. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    I like that when he was asked by a reporter after the game "how familiar are you with the playbook and how comfortable are you" he said he was "pretty familiar with the playbook." The snap count and targets certainly showed the same.
  2. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Ive got him in a few leagues, starting him in a couple, benching in another, trying to spread out my risk. I've got similar guys in each league, so starting Gordon over guys like Allison, Corey Davis, and Mike Williams. In the league he is benched in, I'm starting Allison
  3. Game Day Weather 2018

    Check out the josh Gordon thread, a local keeps posting weather updates. Doesn’t sound too bad in Cleveland. I’m still starting Gordon in all leagues
  4. Last Draft Before Kickoff

    Joined and paid.
  5. Looking for draft tonight: $100/Yahoo/PPR

    Still looking for a Yahoo PPR. Wasn't interested in the settings in SensoriaUtopia's leagues, thanks though.
  6. Im looking to draft tonight 10-12 teams with $50-$100 buy in on Yahoo. Preferred PPR, No IDP. Not interested in ESPN leagues, will consider leagues. Let me know if you have an opening.