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  1. Alize Mack for my pick
  2. How did dionte fall so far- smh almost to me - hmm- @mboo want this pick plus wr for that rb?
  3. Devin singletary 2.02
  4. Here - looking now sorry the 4th got me good -
  5. Drafting k’neal Harry
  6. Willing to trade back here if anyone is interested - need rbs or move back a few
  7. Yeah I’m game
  8. Hey guys y’all booted me from the league, I’ve always expressed my intent to stay, I’ve been rebuilding for 3 years now, I didn’t know we were drafting until late july
  9. Commish can’t ou add him for me please.
  10. I can’t add baker mayfield?
  11. So fa starts immediately or is it not until wed
  12. Who’s up? Anyone want to trade back?