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  1. I don't see why we can't expect that same DD TD upside on a per-game basis once he's back to full health. Who else in Rivers offense is he realistically competing with for receiving TDs? And obviously each injury is unique, but my dad had a tibea plateau fracture on his knee, and it came with ligament damage too. That had him laid up for months. 4-6 weeks seems entirely too optimistic from my experience. I'd say they'd be lucky to have him (Hunter Henry) back for the last few weeks of the season.
  2. Someone in my friends-and-family league dropped him last week after the injury news and I scooped him right up. I actually threw him out there this past weekend over Josh Gordon solely because of his TD upside potential. I mean, he scored double-digit TDs last season, and now they've lost Hunter Henry? Rivers has a history of throwing TDs to large outside receivers (Vincent Jackson / Malcom Floyd), so this is a very very ideal situation for Mike Williams. Even if it were an MCL sprain requiring holding onto him for 4-6 weeks, I would, and I rarely do that for most players.
  3. Dicey? 2 6'3" / 6'4" bookends that can run 4.3 40's plus Fournette. And some guy named Dede?
  4. As someone who held onto the SF DEF instead of rotating in another one like I normally do on a weekly basis, I want the red rifle to be throwing as much as possible. No AJ Green or Eifert (I think?), so I'm expecting multiple interceptions.
  5. People underestimate Conley's size/speed combination to add alongside Chark.
  6. I know the severity probably does have a part to play in the recovery timetable, but I can't really remember m/any players coming back from that surgery and immediately looking or feeling 100% themselves, especially on the shorter end of that timetable.
  7. Why would you undergo stem cell whatever to avoid a surgery with a 2-3 week recovery timeframe?
  8. Accurate if that's his phone in the video.
  9. I see Yeldon as just a reserve. Gore is the dark horse to have a renaissance year. WTF has Yeldon ever truly done to threaten any significant share of the workload except wash out of the Jaguars? People act like Gore can't catch or pass protect or play on 3rd downs or something so Yeldon automatically takes those snaps, but Gore had 5 straight seasons of 40-60 receptions. His hands are solid for a RB by any measure. Probably won't be feature back, but if he's getting the workload at the goal-line, I'm all-in for rostering him as my reserve/FLEX RB.
  10. That was indeed a hard landing.