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  1. That was indeed a hard landing.
  2. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Aaron Rodgers' knee injury could take "a couple of months" to heal. Rodgers' knee injury has been described as "unusual." While tests cleared him of any ligament damage, he's still feeling the effects of a "compression injury from blunt force while bent." None of it sounds promising, though the hard-nosed Rodgers plans on gutting it out. Schefter was told by a source that Rodgers "shouldn't have played last week and shouldn't play now, but he likely will." That same source cautions that the star quarterback could be on a relatively "short leash," though after seeing what Rodgers accomplished last week against the Bears, it's hard to doubt him, even at much less than 100 percent. That vaguely reminds me of a PCL injury, but it's been awhile since I looked up that stuff.
  4. Him pal'ing around with Jerry Jones is mighty interesting. Salaries no longer guaranteed.
  5. Golden Tate: 5'10" / 197 lbs Jarvis Landry: 5'11" / 196 lbs Quincy Enunwa: 6'2" / 225 lbs He's more comparable to Brandon Marshall, imo. Which is why I had a hard time choosing between them on Waivers last night. But it's true, people be sleeping on Enunwa. Got him with the 8th / 12th waiver claim in my friends and family league, then got B Marsh too (people think Marshall is washed up).
  6. Could his release be about not guaranteeing his contract for the season?
  7. Not sure what to think, but don't want to make any snap judgements without considering.
  8. My friends and family league roster has these players on it: RBs: LeSean McCoy Derrick Henry Adrian Peterson John Conner Rex Burkhead Alfred Morris Peyton Barber Carlos Hyde Tarik Cohen Tavon Austin (I still don't have a kicker or a defense on my roster yet but that's normal for me at this point) My league is TD heavy - 1 TD = 6 points, it would take either 120 rushing yards or 120 receiving yards to equal 6 points (20 yards per point).
  9. Sounds like someone whose walked in Bell's shoes before.
  11. No, if two teams are offering the same amount I'm saying let him choose which team gets his services. It's not always one company outbidding the other, sometimes the offers are similar enough that it comes down to other factors.