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  1. Luis Castillo 2018 Outlook

    Yes and no, Castillo seems a better raw talent.. but Given the Astro's are about Cole throwing more of his breaking pitches this year. I see Cole contributions may end up being across the board better than Castillo. Not like Cole is some soft tosser he throws 96 and his command is little more polished. His K% is a good bet to be hitting a career high this year. While I think the Reds will probably not mess with Castillo pitch selection and keep it more FB healthy.
  2. David Dahl 2018 Outlook

    10 players started 150 games in the OF last year 20 Started 140 29 Started 130 41 Started 120 49 Started 110 59 Started 100 90 OF slots for 162 games. This is just averages, the Rockies have higher injury risk players (but also more established vets so it probably evens out) These days I just tend to not worry about a talented OF not getting the opening day starting gig, if you believe in the bat. He will start finding more and more time. i'd only worry about a starting gig if i was investing high draft capital. Which you are not here, you are going for upside plays.
  3. Jorge Polanco 2018 Outlook

    I present 3 counter points good sir 1. Hit .415 in august before his series with the White Sox, all be it no HRs and 2 SB 2. Hit .285 with 6 HR, 5SB, after that first series for the rest of the season. (yes they had a 3 gamer with 2 HRs the next week) and most importantly 3. Plays White Sox 19 more times this year.
  4. Trevor Story 2018 Outlook

    Despite all the disappointment last year he still managed about .240/24HRs with his 8% BB rate + his defense at SS improved. No is expecting him to hit .280. Still potential to have a .260/30 HR upside season. Its for sure in cards especially if his SS defense is respectable to keep him the lineup. All the projections are between .240-250 and 24-31 HRs
  5. Willie Calhoun 2018 Outlook

    Willy is the free swinging elite talent of a hitter with zero defensive profile. Robinson is the very patient guy with contact issues, but also has above average power and played pretty much every position in the minors beside catcher.. Might not be much of a difference between OBPs of the 2 despite Robinson striking out twice as much. Both have power. Willy is the starter because he's just simply significantly more talented than Robinson as a hitter. While Robinson takes on his UT role...but it hurts them very little to get an extra year of control out of Willy. While giving Robinson a token chance at a everyday gig for a month to see if his 3 true outcome hitter ways can work and if he should be the priority UT(aka Marwin Gonzalez) guy that deserves more PAs the rest of the season.
  6. Willie Calhoun 2018 Outlook

    He was up 3 weeks last year. So that plus the extra 2 weeks. We are looking at sometime in May while he works on his defense and Drew Robinson gets a token chance to prove himself if its simply about years of control Super 2 would be like the Trea Turner situation in 2016. Turner got the call for good on July 10. So we are either seeing around 2nd week in May or 1st-2nd week in July. It could simply just be years of control here and not super 2.
  7. Tampa Bay Rays 2018 Outlook

    Rays have a lot of guys on their 40 man that go multiple innings ever after Honeywell/DeLeon out of a equation. The current 40 Man is 17 Hitters/21 Pitchers (60 Day DL eligible for DeLeon/Honeywell?). Slight problem that 5 of 8 RP are non opt-able though.
  8. Detroit Tigers 2018 Outlook

    My understanding it more the push from the Owner to win now. You think the Owner was gonna be okay letting Miggy/VMart/Verlander walk? Pretty sure Boras went over his head to get Fielder to sign and he correctly swapped Fielder for Kinsler before Price fell off for good. The one time Dave was allowed to trade away vets for future he got you Michael Fulmer before his swan song. Wasn't perfect, but I think the future was doomed no matter who the GM was under last years of Ilitch Dave started in 2002. The team that made the playoffs 4 straight years was built off his de-sign and trades from his assets. Dave did a lot more good than people want to admit.
  9. Aaron Hicks 2018 Outlook

    It is a weird situation. As both Gardner and Ellsbury really have no business starting against LHP anymore at this stage in their careers. So Hicks original role at the beginning of last year was suppose to be the depth started against LHP, defensive replacement, day off. Now he earned his keep and Ellsbury has become redundant(Bad fit to be Gardner's Platoon partner), but unmovable at his contract. So I can see a worry about Ellsubry pushing a bit more vs RHP again if Hicks regresses himself vs his weaker hand. Still think his Defense should keep him out there though. Once Torres/Andujur are up, I do think Gardner's days vs LHP will be 100% done regardless though. Either by pushing both Stanton/Judge both in OF, or Drury in OF
  10. Aaron Hicks 2018 Outlook

    Hicks is by far the best defender out of all them and had an .818 OPS vs RHP. Frazier will likely be in AAA and Ellsbury lost his starting gig , he's the expensive depth OF now. Stanton-Hicks-Gardner-Judge are the main 4 OF/DH Rotation.
  11. Mike Moustakas 2018 Outlook

    That's the best practical solution...but in terms of negotiation a new CBA. The MLBPA would have to parlay something significant back to get the owners to agree to shortening service time.
  12. 2018 Bold Predictions

    Welp.. that is no longer true Also no reason why they couldn't have given Villenuva a chance to man 3B. He is out of option flashed some promise last year, he was going to be the MLB roster no matter what.
  13. Mike Moustakas 2018 Outlook

    Luxury tax is basically a Salary cap The easy solution is to instill a salary floor in the next CBA I'm sure both owners and MLBPA can agree. Given of how much revenue sharing there is now. The owners from the bigger teams will for want to see the cheap teams actually spend the money they were forced to give instead of pocketing it.
  14. I think Z-Contact and Hard% would be a good combo to decipher raw skills. Since a lot of guys swing harder on purpose which can likely lower Z-Swing. Its not surprising at all the very bottom of the Z-swing scores are all power hitters. (Though that is also because power is the only way to survive that poorly of contact skills?) Edit: Looking at the leaderboard. Holy crap how much of an outlier is Joey Gallo? Vast majority of hitters flow in-between 80-90 and Gallo all the way down to 71%
  15. Mike Moustakas 2018 Outlook

    The career 2B Schoop? 2B Schoop SS Machado 3B Moose Tacos UT Beckham Would be pretty solid and make sense in my eyes. Beckham was good down the stretch last year, but I could see them using him as swiss army knife type role that will find ABs all over.