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  1. He's only running routes around 2% less then last year per snap. That isn't a big deal by itself. We have a 2 game sample of him being targeted 7% less. They have run less plays per game so far in comparison to last. The only real big concern is coming the Arias hates TE narrative. Which may be true, but it's also been only 2 games with OJ.
  2. This guy could be a garbage time king this year. 3/73 off 7 targets. Seeing the most WR snaps. Not sure how it jives with Rosen but there is solid fantasy upside. This awful defense is going demand the offense take chances down the field.
  3. His trade value would be for the fantasy playoffs. Only 1 week in. So people have little idea if they are desperate for right now production or they are in good position. Say you are open to trade and see what comes in. Nothing tempting?. Hold unless your team is falling behind and you need that right now production to get back in the playoff picture.
  4. 1.) It's probably not wise to give McCoy a full workload at his age. At least if you want to keep legs fresh/effective 2.) McCoy is still learning the playbook. You can't draw conclusions that D.Will will be getting all the goaline/pass catches going forward off one game. The usage might alter as McCoy get more acclimated. D.Will is still getting touches regardless. Even if McCoy runs hot.
  5. Sure. Allison won't be putting up zero's every week. What do you think is a realistic projection ROS for Allison?
  6. Yeah. Bears were 6th in rushing attempts last year. Part thanks to Turdbisket running 68/421. Yet, they were also 27th in YPC. It dropped from 4.2 to 3.8. Despite having similar personal. Which gets back to the argument that Nagy is terrible at putting his RBs in a situation to succeed. Was it the talent or was it Nagy? Does Nagy getting "his guy" mean he will have a running game that actually works? Or does Nagy simply not know set up/call a good running game? There is still time to leave this question open. Most people who owned Jo Ho last year saw the drop in effectiveness.
  7. Nagy has been very pass centric despite better wisdom. They were never down by more than 1 score the entire game. That is not (usually) an abandon the run situation for most teams outside the 2 minute drill. Nagy will probably add some wrinkles(well maybe), less rust as the season goes along, etc etc. This also unlikely to be the last game we see this type of ineptness from the Bears offense though. Monty is talented, but this situation. Ugh. This was touched on last year with Howard. The blocking schemes and run play calls has been very un-creative under Nagy. He does not really fool a defense when it comes to runs. Can be too telegraphed. All his creative energy and effort is in the passing game. With a QB who has a 1 read or run tendency.
  8. I dis-agree about the upside aspect. People bought into a chance he rose to be the No 2. MVS is more talented and is only going to get better as he turns is raw gifts into translatable skills as a 2nd year WR. I'd wager people were hoping that MVS was further behind developmentally then Allison. So he'd be more in Rogers circle of trust. Allison will have some solid games, sure. Hard to see the upside now that it's highly unlikely he becomes a primary no 2. It will be more feast/famine. Graham is also going to be one of Rodgers Red Zone targets. So his TD upside is also muddled competing with Jimmy, Davante, MVS. (Despite having size for it) Opportunity cost wise. Holding him a week might hurt more then help. Even if he as a decent week 2. Just by function of it being a new season with surprise players not on the off-season radar.
  9. Ahem. I believe we call these Professional money league's.
  10. Its good business, but is really good in terms of winning championships to be in a stalemate with a player? The Patriots are very pragmatic and cut-throat on a business level. Yet they don't hang onto loose ends like this, often. Do they? They usually are happy to part ways when it comes to players wanting to get paid more. Either by little interest in re-signing or trading them away. Maybe i'm missing some famous cases..but usually when it comes to this type of stuff. They are no longer wearing a Patriots Uni rather quickly. They don't bring them back into the locker room and give these things enough time to create a year long drama.
  11. Franchise tag is not a contract if you don't sign it. He didn't sign it. He was never under contract. That simple. The Steelers could not trade bell last year. Why? Because he was not under contract. You can't trade a player you do not own. Yet the Chargers can very easy trade Gordon. Because he's under contract. The Tag rules are just a BS system that prevents players with expired contacts to not sign with other NFL teams when evoked. It's a system of rules. Not a contract until the player signs the tender.
  12. Re Franchising Bell the next year would have costed the Steelers a lot more $$$ then 5M. Connor's rise helped incentive the Steelers to not even consider forking over a Franchise Tender too i suppose Bell was FA when tagged. He had no contractual obligation. He was not getting fined weekly for not showing up. It's just a completely different thing here.
  13. You dedicated an entire post to point out one flaw. You made that the focus. Instead of address his whole argument at first. You waited until after he admitted that mistake and still dedicated 2 sentences to it. Before getting into actually making the counter argument. While in this post? You added a bunch of dressing to your posts that does nothing but provoke and belittle. Simply saying. "No, he was talking about slots. Which are whole numbers". That would have probably shut me up good. Or a simple. Mea Cupla. Do you actually want a serious discussion? Since you implied to have a forte with statistics. There could be valuable discussion since it is my wheelhouse. Otherwise, We will keep the status quo of not really caring enough to engage on an intellectual level. Due to nature of your posting style being focused more on provocation.
  14. He had a 3.2 YPC in the 3 games he started with 40 carries in the same year Gordon had a 5.1 YPC. Gordon has averaged over 18 Carries a game for the last 3 years with a 4.2 YPC. Ekeler as not been asked to carry the ball 18 times even once yet. Ekeler has some skills. Could very well improve with more time to flourish as the lead back. Highlighting the YPC of a guy used as a COP to a bellcow is still very mis-leading.
  15. Logically. If you are only going to weigh 200 LBs. You'd rather be 5'9 then 6'0 Also McCaffrey has added bulk since that measurement. Jackson is getting carries because Ekeler is probably too small for a bell cow role. Yet I don't think Jackson does anything notably better than Ekeler. IMO. So he's not like going to vulture most of the TDs/short yardage or anything.