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  1. Joe Musgrove 2019 Outlook

    Guy outside the top 200 ADP that ends up top 50-60 makes more sense. Blake Snell mention is overselling the upside.
  2. 2019 Spring Training Updates

    + Lauerano. Who is capable of being a lead-off hitter. Grossman could be the lead off man vs LHP. Yet, isn't this guy considered an awful defender? So his reps vs RHP might be spotty.
  3. Ian Happ 2019 Outlook

    He's a 3 true outcome player without 3 true outcome power. The high K, high BB guys without legit opposite field power/light-tower mega power? They will always disappoint more in 5X5 then their real offensive value lies. (Its my soft critque of Nimmo in 5X5 also, but Nimmo doesn't have near Happ's whiff issues and is a stud MLBer. So he's a useful 5X5 player) Felt this way going into last year and he only went backwards. Just getting worse against fastballs. Yeah, he could bounce back..but i still feel is upside in 5X5 is over-estminated. Even if he gets his contact rate back to 2017 levels. Purely a OBP league gamble IMO.
  4. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    Closer isn't dis-appearing because guys like to be in defined roles. Now the best RP is your closer on the other hand...
  5. Miles Mikolas 2019 Outlook

    He reminds me of Hiorki Kuroda. Kuroda had the stuff to get more strikeouts if he wanted to(SwStr consistently around 10%). Never did and he was remarkably consistent no matter what environment he pitched in. Miles throws harder and he is a slider/curve, not a splitter/slider guy Kuroda was. Yet the approach to pitching is the same. So id expect the ERA to be lower due to more velo/not having to pitch in yankee stadium.
  6. Manny Machado 2019 Outlook

    Guessing lineups tends to be a crapshoot unless you are dealing with extreme ends. Eg Marlins or Red Sox. You wont know if everyone besides myers will in fact suck. Margot, Urias, Reyes, Hosmer, Renfore all have degrees of realistic upside towards quality hitting. Yes they could all suck too. Then there is always sometimes the out of nowhere guys. There is just way way too many varibles. I tend to focus on the varibles of the player himself and his ball park. Those are more stable. Easier to project. The Padres are no Red Sox, but they are no Marlins either.
  7. Manny Machado 2019 Outlook

    I thought SD was a team that promoted SBs? Jup's and Wil Myers SB's spiked when they came here
  8. San Diego Padres 2019 Outlook

    We've been trying to figure out the Padres Corner OF battle for a while. Myers is the established vet. Its between Franmil/Renfore. Renfore has a stronger arm and less slow on his feet(not exactly fast) So he projects as less awful, but still not good defender. Where Franmil doesn't have much hope defensively. Yet Franmil in his small sample illustrated signs of being a better hitter. At least in capacity to getting on base with solid power. This is something that probably wont be clear until one proves to be much better than the other. Or Myers keeps getting hurt. (Or Traded, which could happen at the deadline if they suck. Otherwise next year) None of these guys have the skills for CF. So Margot really is only battling guys like Cordero for the position. They could maybe try Myers in CF and Reyes/Renfore..but that would be a defensive disaster and Myers would probably be on the DL by June.]
  9. Mike Trout 2019 Outlook

    OFF Value (Yes, this isn't direct to the WAR forumula, just an illustration that his value in rough draft sense) Trout 444 174 RC+ Harper 199.7 140 RC+ Machado 90.7 120 RC+ His Defense grades are little more than frosting. They never were the reason for this huge gap. His base-running value is No2 in his career. Behind only Billy Hamilton. There is more to total base running then raw SB totals.
  10. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    ^^^^ Exactly. I was pretty surprised they threw that contract at Eovaldi. I think they wanted to secure some of their pitching LT if both Sale and Porcello don't have any interest in re-signing. Then there is Xander and Mookie to consider soon. Who is going to take a mega deal to keep.
  11. Wil Myers 2019 Outlook

    BTW. I'm now 95% sure Wil Myers will be traded to a big market team by this time next year. He is set to make over 20M after this year. Yet his luxury tax hit will only be around 13M. Perfectly fits into the wheelhouse of a team like the Red Sox or the Yankees who care more about the tax then the actual payroll. (Who don't really have LT 1B solution's either) Can't see the Padres holding Myers, Machado and Hosmer's contracts next year. I mean they could, but of the 3. Myers is the most trade-able. Just a lil thing to consider those in keeper/dynasty.
  12. Amed Rosario 2019 Outlook

    Don't 7/8 hitters tend to run wild because the cost of CS is much lower? In the AL there were more SBs from the 7-9 hitters than the 3-6 hitters. Despite 3 thru 6 guys getting on base twice nearly twice as much.(Cumulative, not in actual OBP%) NL numbers get skewed by pitchers, pinch hitters, etc etc.
  13. Maikel Franco 2019 Outlook

    Yet Kingrey was way worse. I feel like if they didn't sign him to that long term deal. Its not really an open competetion. Yes, he's a better defender but he's been a bleh at best hitter since leaving AA Reading over 770 PAs ago. So its not a small sample of him being a 20+ K aggressive hitter with fringy power.
  14. 2019 Position Battle : Colorado 2B

    Why? The Rockies have no one that is illustrated they are the CF of the future.
  15. Josh James 2019 Outlook

    No offense, but why can't he have an ace upside? Is it because he came out of no where? He wasn't on our prospect radars and hyped up for years like other pitching prospects? His fastball was nasty in velocity and movement, having 3 plus pitches. Someone with his stuff usually SHOULD be hyped to moon when he has the starter traits. Ok he's no Whitley, but no one is Whitley. IDC about degroom comp. Think he was going more for the guy who popped out of no where in his mid-20's angle then best season in the last decade angle anyways. It was ceiling comp, Not the mean expectation anywho.