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  1. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    What exactly makes you think Hosmer isn't going to continue to be up and down? He's done it his entire 7 year career. Why does it change now? What did he do in 2017 that he didn't do in 2015 other than a possible benift of a juiced ball this year to then to raise the HR/FB rate? Also high schoolers peak before college bats. Simply because 3 years in a MLB system prepares them better for the MLB than 3 years of college. Don't get wrong, Santana is going to decline first of the 2 due to age/body type...but that is already accounted for in the length of a deal for both. They both have pitfalls. Early decline risk vs continued year to year inconstancy.
  2. Giancarlo Stanton 2018 Season Outlook

    Collusion only makes sense when all parties are profiting. For taking a lesser deal, jeter has to get something different in return for motive to make sense. Its a theory that assumes Yankee favoritism is worth more than his ownership investment. Its a selleable narrative to the casual..but falls once you consider these MLB clubs are big business first and foremost. If all 3 deals were comparable in value..then I could see it..but that is not the case. Cots has them projected to have a 169 Mil payroll which included around 40Mil in arbitration cases and Stanton's contract. That very article had them at 165 before Stanton. So its anywhere between 169 and 180 where they land for 2018. Headley/Robertson are 26M that is taken off after 2018. So they have room to go big on Manny for sure too.
  3. Giancarlo Stanton 2018 Season Outlook

    huh? It seems like the idea of landing Stanton equates to dumping off Ellsbury for the Yankees from what I heard. That hardly affects the payroll in the short term. They can still go big on Manny. In-fact this probably cements that Manny would be the priority and not Harper.
  4. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    Splitter is one the most common out pitches for Japaness pitchers. Its something that is used far less over here despite a good splitter being one the most effective out-pitches there is. A is splitter has the same release point and arm speed as a fastball. While america out pitches curves and sliders do not always mask well as a fastball terms. They of course end up having more a-typical movement...but it is a different type of swing and miss issue. Basically we would need to know WHY he's swinging and missing before we know for sure he won't be able to handle it. We have not seen a power hitting Jap since Matsui. Matsui had a 16% K his final year in Japan. His career K% in the USA was 13.6. We have no example of this in recent history(aka last decade) though so its a mystery. We know K rates rose over here the last 10 years..but we know little about the evolution in Japan baseball. Don't assume because its an inferior league. Means the K rate will climb for hitters or decrease for pitchers. Its been the opposite for pitchers and the literately 1 legit power hitting Jap that ever came over. Had the Inverse happen. Also he's only 23 right now. Both Ichiro and Matsui came over in the middle of their prime. He's coming in with potential to improve. Aoki is the most recent example(Coming over in 2012).. and his K rate in Japan the last 2 years was around 8-9%. His career USA K% is 8.5
  5. The MLB leader in runners on base last year was from an offense that was 14th in runs scored Adam Duval- Reds- 490 Base Runners. Its tricky to make RBI/R adjustment to total lineups. Because RBI/R potential is CLEARLY curved the the players in closer proximity to them. With the effects diminishing the farther away. Right now its a fair assessment that they don't have anyone remotely viable OBP guy that can be in front of him. Though Smoak should still be around him (most likely behind) It only really takes 1 player on Toronto to surprise and if he's hitting 40 bombs. He's still got a high RBI floor as tao alluded too.
  6. Best teamin the NFC - debate

    Marshon Lattimore is arguable one the best Corner-backs in the NFL. He didn't play last week vs the rams(and neither did the other starting corner back). The Vikings game was week 1 his very first game. Saints didn't start scheming the defense in a way that exploited having a true lock-down corner until a few weeks later. (i.e. more double converges elsewhere and trusting lattemore to not need safety help) So yes, its absolutely debatable still. A rematch between either team would be completely different now.
  7. rotoworld mock draft pick discussion thread

    only had 5 starts last year. He wasn't as impressvie but that is SSS pitching. His hype is from the 2016 season when he had 20 HRs(in under 400 PAs mind you), 1.000 OPS and 1.86 ERA at age 21 His pitching numbers at age 21 are better than Darvish and Tanaka's were at that age. The concern is with any Japan pitcher is how many more HR's he will give up stateside that will inflate his ERA. Though the other side is, while MLB pitchers are better. Does the Juiced ball over here going increase his power output or not?
  8. rotoworld mock draft pick discussion thread

    Japan Pitchers actually increase their K rates when they go stateside. FYI. Its reasonable to expect he's going to be one the leaders in K's over here. Which is fantasy gold if he can keep the ERA at a respectable level.
  9. Giancarlo Stanton 2018 Season Outlook

    That trade had zero to do with being able to afford to sign those players. It freed money to sign Victorino, Napoli and Dempster in 2013. Which did help them win the championship that year. So it was still a winnng trade
  10. rotoworld mock draft pick discussion thread

    1 Cat? You mean 3 cat? The more HRs the less dependent a hitter is for lineup support with R/RBI. He got 165 R/RBI last year despite hitting a the bottom half the order with a .200 average.
  11. Kevin Maitan - SS ATL

    I don't get this it all. Each team has 4 different levels of full season minor league ball. Then at least 2-3 rookie ball/short season teams too. Maitan was in rookie ball last year. He's going to get years to build up his trade value in the prospect world before he would be blocked by anything.
  12. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    Most positions are judged by range(catching by range) and throwing. 1B is range and catching in a stationary position. You could only get half the story if you judge them the same way other positions are judged. I'm not sure how you accurately tackle the question of how well a 1B can receive less than ideal thrown balls.
  13. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    No it doesn't. Hosmer is like one of the more neutral ball park hitters out there. The guy never hits the ball in the air. if people really expect a big HR increase in a smaller ball park. They are going to be disappointed. Also Fenway is one of the harder ball parks for LHH to hit it out anyway. He'll only see an increase in doubles .290/.350/.500 , 23-26 HR. Solid for sure
  14. Adam Thielen 2017 Season Outlook

    2017 Keenam 330 TOTAL ATTEMPTS (10 G/9 GS) 31 attempts of over 20 yards - 9.3% of total attempts 7 over 40 yards 204 Attempts 10 Yards or less -62% of total attempts 2017 Bradford 43 TOTAL ATTEMPTS (2 G) 6 attempts over 20 yards - 7% of total attempts ZERO over 40 yards this year 29 Attempts to Yards or less --67% of total attempts 2016 Bradford- 552 TOTAL ATTEMPTS (15 G) 38 attempts over 20 yards 6.9% of total attempts ZERO over 40 yards 395 Attempts 10 Yards or less ---71% of total attempts Bradford is not an aggressive QB. Never has been. Keenam pushing the over 40 Yard threshold 7 more times than Bradford EVER did
  15. rotoworld mock draft pick discussion thread

    As the draft progress. You are looking more towards pure upside and production on a per game basis. Pretty much everyone left has some warts. Cespedes is a solid gamble at that stage. Its a 12 team, so the WW pool/replacement level is healthy. You already set the foundation of the team with the first 5 picks. Also searching the phone is not always as easy. That being said, i'd probably favor Domingo Santana over Cespedes. Cespedes is a no steals guy, Domingo with a team that preaches aggressive base running could get you 10 Bags again. With the same Power and not huge difference in BA.