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  1. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Why wouldn't they count? 40 man roster is Maximum, not a requirement. So I see no reason why there would be such a rule that cuts off arbitration in September. Acuna, Byrant, Springer and other famous cases of guys who's years got controlled. NEVER made an appearance in September. Mocanda's September counted against his arbitration clock. Its why the White Sox had to wait until July 19th to call him up and not June last year.
  2. Max Muncy 2018 Outlook

    First 236 PAs .280/.419/.640 20 HRs 182 RC+ 19.1 BB 22.5K .282 BABIP Last 133 PAs .214/.301/.470 7 HRs 105 RC+ 9.8 BB 35.5k .281 BABIP The problem is in recent weeks Dozier, Bellinger, Puig, Joc and Turner have all been better than him. On most teams, he would still be an everyday guy. Its just a problem because of the roster. Not to mention his K% Rate has spiked. Given he doesn't exactly have a long track record of doing this. We don't know if this just pitchers exploiting holes in his new power swing or not. Granted Kemp has been much worse. So its really him that should be benched. Guess it depends on how comfortable they are with bellinger in CF everyday.
  3. Nick Pivetta 2018 Outlook

    That is a mis-leading graph. Since a 24 game rolling data set can't stabilize until it actually reaches 24 games. So you are seeing more volatility has weather related bias in the first part of the graph. I'll give you an example 2017: June 5th to August 16th 1.70 HR/9 (14 games) 2018: May 27th to August 14th 1.61 HR/9 (14 games) Minimal improvements mostly thanks to K% increase. From August 27th until May 4th next year. He would have a 14 game stretch where is HR/9 was only 1.0 Thus far his HR tendencies seem more victim to the season than anything he did differently. The K% Spike has helped (as less players to make contact means less chances HRs can be hit) His overall contact management is mostly the same.
  4. Nick Pivetta 2018 Outlook

    His BABIP has been the same for over 258 innings and 1110 batters faced. His BBE (Barrels per batted ball event) is 8.7 or 35th worst out of 207 pitchers. He probably isn't that unlucky. If at all. With refinement of locating and sequencing he probably could get better down the road. They are similar to the problems a younger Corey Kiubler had. As Kluber would often have elevated sinkers routinely crushed despite excellent command of the strike zone.
  5. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    He has elite peripherals.. Saying they don't scream a call up is just factually wrong and shows a complete lack of understanding of how those numbers work. Elite contact rates, where he puts the ball in the air 60% of the time. Drawing walks and illustrating exceptional in game power. Literally everything you could ever ask of a hitter to do. Its considered a bad sign for a prospect to not have higher BABIP in the minors. They are facing inferior pitching and inferior defenders, it suggests a flaw in the quality of the contact they are making.
  6. Carlos Santana 2018 Outlook

    Santana has a very long history of turning it into an extra gear in the ladder half of the year.(Yes i'm aware he's never slumped this late) Nothing suggest he has regressed in a hitter in any way from previous seasons. He is sitting at a .218 BABIP which is start contrast from his career .265 BABIP. The HR/FB rate is also a shade down from career norms Hard 2018:43.3 2017 :39.3 BBE 2018: 7.9 2017: 7.5 BB/PA 2018: 5.4 2017: 5.4 Exit velocity 2018: 88.3 2017: 88.8 FB/LD Exit velocity 2018: 93.5 2017: 93.5 All the metrics for him are at or near the exact same as last year when he held 123 RC+ and .844 OPS vs RHP. Was Bour also better than Santana last year vs RHP? Yeah, but when you consider its YEAR 1 of contract and Santana's history of turning the corner late. Giving Bour the lions share vs RHP is not in the cards unless Bour gets red hot when he spot starts at 1B and Santana doesn't turn the corner. (Because i'm sure Santana will get days of rest) Bour was also ice cold when the Marlins dumped him off (.175 post ASB in around 60-70 PAs)
  7. Willy Adames 2018 Outlook

    6 have been throwing errors. For now i'd just chalk it up as a young player being over-eager to throw guys out and not having the composer to focus his throws. No one in the majors has more than 9 throwing errors this year. So this is a highly unusual pace for throwing errors.
  8. Jalen Beeks 2018 Outlook

    First 3 games 9.2 IP 15.35 ERA, 3.00 WHIP, 7 BB to 6K Last 3 games 15 IP 3.00 ERA, 0.73 WHIP, 5 BB to 15K
  9. Tampa Bay Rays 2018 Outlook

    Rays have a winning record this year despite going into with a lineup of no-bodys going into the year. With the lineup becoming respectable and the pitching talent. They can for sure make noise on the AL east crown by 2020. While the Red Sox will still have near a top offense in 2020, the pitching could completely collapse. We don't know if they will re-sign Sale or not. Porcello will be gone too likely. Price will be 2 years older.
  10. Notable Shut-Down Candidates

    I've seen plenty of pitchers go from 80-90 innings one year and go 150+ the next year in a vacuum...but not many guys who literately did not throw at all for 2 years straight before it. Those 90 innings last year was the 90 innings he has pitched in the last 3 years. On the flip side. 18.13 pitches per inning in 2017. While only 16.26 pitches per inning this year. 2 Pitches per innings does really add up in the long run for a pitchers health. This why only looking at innings alone is deceiving. Still with the Mets way out. It seems like an unnecessary risk.
  11. Brandon Nimmo 2018 Outlook

    I don't buy him being much more than 10 SB a year. Too many of his outcomes end in K or BB. So cumulative HR total isn't going to get much above 20s. He doesn't have the lighttower power needed. Its just above average when healthy. The super patient types end up with higher K% rates then their contact ability would normally indicate because how much more often they get deep in a count. Unless they have a great 2 strike approach. .240-270 BA, 18-26 HR, 70-100 R, 8-14 SB,
  12. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

    They are not being held down for super 2. The Super 2 date passed already this summer. Its just years of control..
  13. Ian Happ 2018 Outlook

    Per 200+ PAs: OBP (46th) Runs(131st) HRs (T-130th). So he is not a 1 category guy. He has been a zero category guy for regular 5x5, but still has potential 3 category player in OBP leagues with a handful of SBs.
  14. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    Wherever you plan on taking Freedie Freeman next year is the area that Soto should go in re-draft 5x5 next year. (Yes, Soto's HR pace is better than Freemans, but Freeman's Hard% and FB% are better/same as Soto, so going forward they may not be much different power). Soto representing the higher upside youth pick vs established vet with track record pick. Whatever flavor you prefer next year of exceptionally talented pure hitter. Point is he can't really be going much earlier than Freeman, nor should he be going much later than him.
  15. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    He legitimately cannot hit Sliders.(he's seen over 200 of them, 37% K rate and 72% GB rate with a .457 OPS) However he has a 16% O-Swing against them. So any pitcher that can throw Sliders for strikes will give him problems. Using his own patience and eye by getting quickly ahead in the count. Throwing Sliders for in the zone that he wont swing at before he gets to 2 strikes because he can read spin. Not every pitcher throws Sliders, and not everyone that can throw an effectively Slider. Can spot the location good enough to consistently hit the Strike zone w/o giving cement mixers. Which means its a specific problem he faces against a certain group of pitchers. Its a completely different thing than Byron Buxton's notorious Slider problem.. because Buxton swings at a ton of sliders outside the zone probably because he cannot actually read spin good enough. So any junkballer can get him since they don't have to worry about locating. TDLR: Yes he does have a weakness, no I am not worried because its a game plan not all pitchers can successfully pull off.