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  1. Shows how valuable it is to have a top tier TE!
  2. Why is Mike Evans’ situation bad? His numbers historically have not changed with other QBs other than Jameis, and he only has to deal with that for three games. Everything else is pretty much identical to two years ago when he broke out. Maybe more talent around him if anything.
  3. I agree with this ??.. just try to beat the first person to take a backup. In my 14 team draft last week the guy who took Watson in the 5th took Mahomes in the 10th. I then took Mariota. After that Carr went and then the next best QB available was Eli Manning.
  4. Wouldn’t do this. Maybe see if you can get a Kerryon Johnson type of player back? Then I’d consider.
  5. Sanu. Don’t trust Cam coming off the injury.
  6. If you’re a fan of guys like A Jones, R Jones, Mack, Michel and Penny this is going to be a fun draft for you. All those guys’ ADP have been skipping so you can essentially steal them.
  7. If CMC stays healthy he’ll be a top 10 pick in PPR leagues next year
  8. With keepers factored in Gronk in the second round is good. Or if Kelce or Ertz is there in the 4th I’d definitely pull the trigger. Otherwise just focus on RBs and WRs.
  9. For me it’s CMC. With him and Gordon you’d have the RB combo in the league. I’m not high on Cook coming off the injury. I’d go... CMC Allen MT Cook
  10. Swap AJG with Adams and the order you have is right.
  11. There’s more value with Jones and Gordon in the last round than Luck in the 11th imo. QB is so deep.
  12. For the record Laurence Maroney was NOT a very productive back. Never had a 1000 yard season, was never able to reach 10 or more TDs. If you want to sell me on Belicheck’s lineage you have to give me a better example than Maroney.
  13. No you only start 1 TE. You also only start 2 WRs. 1 QB 2 RBs 2 WRs 1TE 1 FLEX