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  1. Siakam...Can you trade Rose while his value is high? I don't trust his health whatsoever.
  2. Kemba for me also. No trust in Hayward at this point. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/733111-mitchell-robinson-vs-jaren-jackson-jr/
  3. Assuming position eligibility is significant, I give a VERY slight nod to Doncic. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/733111-mitchell-robinson-vs-jaren-jackson-jr/
  4. 9 category league...Head to head... Who produces better the rest of the season?
  5. I do agree that the average is likely to regress. However, I think that 20 SB very possible/likely. He runs anytime/anywhere. The fact that he had 2 SB and 6 CS isn't a major deterrent to my thoughts. It simply says that Javy is going to be Javy and keep running no matter what. Madden encourages him to be aggressive. That's who he is, and I don't think his approach is going to be any different next season.
  6. This will not impact my keeper decision whatsoever. I'm loaded at middle infield with Bregman, G. Torres, and Corey Seager (hoping he comes back OK)
  7. Keep a player forever...No consequences. I give Javier Baez, David Peralta, and Austin Riley for Andrew Benintendi, Adalberto Mondesi, and Royce Lewis. OBP is a category...This is an issue for both Baez and Mondesi. Can Mondesi continue to develop or did he overperform at the end of this year? Thoughts? Take it? WHIR
  8. I would tend to agree. However, CBS said that they anticipate a "normal workload" for him. Has anyone heard anything definitive?
  9. Buttrey...Did Scioscia finally make a decision? This guy's numbers are phenomenal!
  10. Any additional thoughts on the Angles closer situation? I thought Parker had a decent grasp on the job.
  11. My apologies for not mentioning...You can only start one SP per day. That was a pretty significant omission on my part.
  12. No one has mentioned that he has Albies behind Altuve which makes Altuve slightly more expendable. That being said, I think you've got to stick with Altuve...maybe ask for another young player/prospect.
  13. It's the playoffs...Who would you go with? Scherzer at Philly or Carrasco at home vs. Minnesota. Points league... +10 for a win, +10 for a QS, -10 for a loss. Washington is a slight underdog vs. Philly (Nola pitching) while Cleveland is a heavy favorite at home. I can't believe I'm considering NOT using Scherzer, but the W/L points are so big. Thoughts?
  14. I'm with you on. Any word on Blake Parker?