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  1. Close but I like Ty this week. Can’t trust Tannehill after one week.
  2. Take Chubb. Although DJ has put up decent numbers I don’t see the same player and Edmonds has proven to be good enough to eat into his workload a bit. Take it and run.
  3. Because of the Thursday game I have to wait until the 30th. The suspense is killing me. I bumped up my claim to $26 from $12. I am also trying to convince the Zeke owner that if he goes hard for him we can trade Mattison for Pollard and we both protect ourselves.
  4. Edmonds, Sutton, Cooks, Brown, OBJ would be my picks
  5. I would drop Crowder out of those options. Is this a PPR league? Would be the only reason I would contemplate keeping him if the 3.
  6. I have 71/100 FAAB left. My team is pretty solid for a 12 team league. Made some trades to secure CMC and Bell. QB- Murray RB- CMC RB- Cook WR- Julio WR- Fitz TE- Henry Flex- L. Bell K- Myers DEF- SF Bench- Damien Williams, Mike Williams, Herndon, Pollard, Walton, Josh Gordon
  7. Getting that stud WR in Thomas is great but seems like you are giving up a little more than I would. But the trade makes sense for this year and next. Don’t blame you for doing it.
  8. So, I am a very happy Dalvin Cook owner. Mattison was just dropped in my league. I know I need to get this guy on my roster (no brainer) but what FAAB bid do I make for him? I currently have a $12 bid in. Too much, too little?
  9. Personally I would not do the RoJo for DeDe deal. But if you can get Singletary in a deal I would make it happen. I think he will be an impact player as the year goes on. Buy low now. At the very least you have a good keeper. Most valuable player of the people involved.
  10. I have Singletary and he could be very valuable next year if they don’t bring back Gore. I don’t know about Harris, I don’t trust Belichek when it comes to RB’s. I will take a look at the other guys mentioned. Thanks for your response
  11. My team is tanking so I am looking to stockpile some players with high upside value for next year that I can get via trade fairly cheap now. Ekelar would cost a 6th round pick for next year. Could he be the feature back next year if Gordon leaves? Put up great numbers in PPR as the lead guy to start the season. Kareem Hunt would cost a 9th round pick for next year. Who knows where he ends up. Riskier but could pay off if he ends up in the right spot. Houston or Tampa would be ideal. Thoughts? Any others you would suggest? thanks
  12. You own all 3?! Oh man, bitter sweet when one scores.... but he’s the guy you benched 😫
  13. Nope, but he was pretty successful. This offense has shown that it does not need a workhorse RB or supreme talent aka Zeke or Barkley. Reid likes his RBBC. Guess I prefer to have the predictable volume. But I can see how people are high on his potential value.