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  1. You try to field a team as best you can, especially in high stakes leagues, so you watch all game time decisions, questionable tags, etc. Of course you need to play your top players(DJ), if he plays, due to bye weeks, thin benches. I feel your pain. I have him in 2 leagues and watched the first carry of game , as he made one cut and fell forward for 2 yds, gets up and exit to the sidelines. I KNEW he was done!! I'm still disgusted. You try to read between the lines, do your analysis,and all this is is horse****! COACHES cant tell he's not good to go in warmups? As he's standing around laughing it up with a giant player in pregame. I GIVE UP ! Too old for this s---.
  2. I am 1-2 and had Barkley , so I reluctantly made a trade , after an offer was presented, from a 3-0 team. He offered Fournette, Hardman, and Robby Anderson for Barkley , Pettis , Agholor I countered and was accepted: Barkley , Pettis, Moncrief for his DJ , Hardman, Gordon I needed to stay competitive and with Bell, Mostert on bye , I did the deal. Barkley is worth more IMO , but everybody's situation is different. I'm not playing for ***** and giggles.
  3. FAML $500 12 Team PPR Auction Monday 8/19 , 8pm Eastern. Leaguesafe, 100% PAYOUTS Need 3 owners. Must Sign up and pay . NO laggards. Draft in 5 days. http://www62.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/22147#0 Contact either sttbear@yahoo.com or spell90@aol.com Auction Draft on ESPN , MFL League
  4. Let's get this filled up, and pay up immediately. Draft at 7pm eastern One spot remains
  5. change leaguesafe to pay with e check only . I don't pay any fees. I'll make pymt, then you can change back if needed Thanks!
  6. m.diantonio11@gmail.com Send me invite and leaguesafe invite, if this will start at 7pm eastern tomorrow. Thanks!
  7. As this Scam artist and fraud, Daniel Kayal, aka, lakersfan00@gmail.com, Hi7M4N@gmail.com, fiscalyearly@gmail.com, would say, BUMP!
  8. This thief tells me to take down my post . What a POS! Do not let him harm anyone else.
  9. I'm interested . m.diantonio11@gmail.com Thanks for the earlier start time of 8:30 EST (maybe change in the title to avoid confusion)