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  1. Oh yeah.
  2. I think the correct play has been to just start all along. I have in H2H and Rotos where I've owned him. He is kind of known for this sort of thing.
  3. I'm quietly maneuvering to replace. Picked up a couple 1B-eligible players to possibly slide him to the bench in the short term. Before much longer will dump one way or another. He has been a liability and we're going on 2 months now. Owned him several years. Hopefully he can get it going but there is no sign through nearly 2 full months of play.
  4. His issues have been matchup-independent as far as I can tell. He's not safe to start v anyone right now imo.
  5. Have to just chalk it up to rust and move on. Holding for the time being although really disappointed. It was a hammy not an arm injury so absent more this awful outing can't be blamed on anything other than rust. His season number to date have been fine.
  6. Fantastic start today. He has really bailed me out this year from some horrible draft busts i selected.
  7. Yelich is a middle-class-man's 2010-era Hunter Pence. I did own him last year and was encouraged that he'd be something special this year but that has not materialized. There seems to be a Governor on his potential - picking up on that.
  8. Yeah I think this could be right. I didn't start watching until a few baserunners-allowed in.
  9. So is Dex just a set/forget option for the Cards - they're just going to ignore what he's not done so far. Utterly brutal. Such a disappointment because this Card team is a good one offensively.
  10. Haha yeah earlier he was credited with a save which was equally invalid. Once the scoring settles itself out he'll have 1IP 0.00 ERA/3.00 WHIP. That's it. Yahoo tripping again.
  11. Sure but you have season-to-season variability with every player. This could simply be a down year. I was under the impression that he was something more than a "non-elite reliever" having owned and been a fan for a couple years now. The way he has responded to finally getting the closer role disturbs me. So it may be true he is simply not elite.
  12. It's weird - he used to be good. But the moment he becomes "closer" he's been rotten. Not mediocre - awful.
  13. Addison Reed looks overwhelmed. Not sure he's long for the "closer" role. He really hasn't been very good since he tripped into the role.
  14. He is just downright naughty right now. Shame on you Jose.