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  1. And then, one day, Coleman returns... BTW since I'm here, you did notice that none of the 3 RB TDs went to Breida? He looked great no doubt - but there is actual doubt about a bunch of other stuff.
  2. The only reason Coleman is still relevant is because all these backs will probably hit the rack before he comes back. This is a mess. A nice mess as messes go - but still a mess.
  3. Ugly, pathetic. there - I started a Haiku. Now that's fun.
  4. Just in case anyone wonders why no HOF for Rihanna - games like this.
  5. Now where have I heard that before LMFAO
  6. Here's the in-depth commentary on Julio by Falcons blogger on twitter: Scott Carasik @CarasikS 2m Oh man. I hope Julio is ok. Blogger / Podcaster Reply Retweet Like
  7. Julio being "looked at" on the sidelines with his latest ailment. What said ailment is, is unclear.
  8. TY getting it done. Luck's injury was baked into his low ADP - continues to be at least a solid WR2... Sun, Sep 15 T.Y. Hilton caught 4-of-6 targets for 43 yards and one touchdown in the Colts' Week 2 win over the Titans. Advice: Hilton caught a jump ball touchdown from a few yards out to save his stat line. Otherwise, it was a relatively slow day for Hilton and the entire Colts' offense with the Titans playing slow on the other side of the ball. Through two games, Jacoby Brissett isn't playing bad, but he's not playing great either. Hilton should have more catches and yards next week in the Colts' first home game of the season against the Falcons. Hilton will be a WR2. (
  9. I don't own him but didn't he suck for an entire half last week and still did OK? Too early in the game to make judgments - as last week would be the most recent evidence.
  10. A lot of what happens from here depends on whether Big Ben is seriously injured or not. I'll assume Conner is out 2-3 weeks. How long Ben is out matters. Samuels did just fine last year replacing Conner - Ben was the QB of course.
  11. Damn that sucks Metalhead by trade but The Cars were tolerable and actually good at times...
  12. If anything it reinforces he has some stand-alone value - obviously he got an extended look today due to Carroll's frustration with Carson's fumbles. I imagine if he takes advantage of the snaps he gets he has an opportunity to carve out more of a consistent role in this offense regardless of Carson. He's good to own in a bye-week crunch for instance, since he will at least randomly be useful. Have to depend upon luck that he'll score the week you trot him out there. I didn't see any of his carries but am certainly pleasantly surprised with his numbers today. Again - Carson's mistakes led to his reps today.
  13. Steelers are nearly as bad as the Pats in terms of lack of specifying anything injury-wise. I don't read into the "silence" one way or another - just more BS Spy v Spy Games being played as if it makes one bit of difference.
  14. I'll agree with the pro-Rashaad guys on the basis of Carson's fragility. But all I have to say is SEA's coaching staff empirically is loathe to put him in. Carson was nearly knocked out of the game twice after being looked at by trainers. In Week 1. Yet he continued to be played on ensuing series. Ordinarily in a Week 1 this would be a great excuse to get your young backup in there and give the #1 the series off. I'm not entirely sure if Penny would be a "3-down option" even if Carson went down for real. Coaching staff does not appear to trust him imo.
  15. I saw quite a bit of Minshew last week, as a Fournette owner. He could not have been any better in an emergency situation. Saw him quite a bit at Wazzu during his career there as well - he's legit. I think he's smart enough to understand yards are precious regardless of how they're gained. He's willing to check down and go through his reads, as he did in college. Time will tell but presently JAX could be worse off at QB imo. A lot could change in a week I realize but he looked pretty good to me.