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  1. Completely understood and I don't criticize droppers at this point. It is understandable. I'm just going to cling to the hope that 'this is a blister' a little bit longer considering what he's capable of ratio-wise. There is no one on waivers who can match the K/9 or ratios. I can see dropping push to shove but as of now not ready to. It all comes down to injury luck whether he's keepable.
  2. I think this is pretty cut/dried: if you spent a pick on him you need to hold him. There has to be more than a few vultures in your league with an empty DL it would be no problem for them to swoop in and certify your pick as a bust.
  3. Ah yes - duh. I don't even pay attn to interleague anymore. Thanks.
  4. And not again today. And not a word about this anywhere - did he actually retire?
  5. Familia was put into a tough situation - likely purposefully. He failed. I think this is an open question who the closer actually is for the Mets.
  6. Mine too - I had him benched originally because of poor history vs Davies but I thought F-it. Well - F-ME.
  7. Cespedes limping off the field out of the game
  8. Maybe the new strategy with Liriano is 'quit while you're ahead' - should have been tried before. Count your blessings.
  9. Wow Ichiro homers at Safeco one last time...
  10. Is Upton even replacement level - think it's a fair question. If he misses time not sure what difference it makes. Don't need much more incentive to drop.
  11. Becoming more irrelevant by the day. Getting close to cut bait time imo. Other 2B exist in </=12 team leagues.
  12. Total disaster so far. BTW so is the rest of the team. Are the Jays going to go 60-102 or whatever they're pacing for - probably not. All of this seems like a fluke - as Martin finally hits his first homer.
  13. I can satisfy a lot of inquiring minds - I have some hard info here so listen up: 1. He will be back within the next 100 years. 2. If he comes back and aggravates the calf again he is candidate for injury bust of the year because his season will be in jeopardy.
  14. Let it be, let it be.
  15. Dove Man. Not a Lava Man. Lilly-soft-handed wuss.