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  1. ESPN = insufferable. And they're only getting more so.
  2. "Leake" living up to name yuk yuk Magic pixie dust that carried him through May = expiration.
  3. If ESPN keeps it up with this cut-in action on irrelevant topics and/or commercials during live action will simply stop watching - wow.
  4. Careful what you hope for. But don't listen to me - I'm Heresy around here.
  5. The whole thing keeping this dude's stock up was "Donaldson" - wait until "Donaldson" gets back, "Donaldson" has been back and since that happened Bautista became the leadoff hitter? Not exactly the scenario anyone was hoping for,
  6. Brutal outing - was foreshadowed by his equally brutal outing v MIA last time. This is the pattern with Garcia - have owned/dropped for yrs..
  7. un freaking real - RE: LAA/Yanks
  8. Looks like the Magic Carpet Ride is over. Next thing that happens is the DL - this is Jaime Garcia.
  9. Big pile o'Nothing. Hard to believe but that's what we have. Very tough to drop him in >/=12 team leagues. You have to talk yourself into some wire scrub being better. He's making it easier though.
  10. None whatsoever - maybe this will all work out just fine.
  11. Yep. Close - not there yet - but close.
  12. LMAO dude I was not seriously getting wood over Jose stealing an extra base or two. And he isn't half the lead-off hitter as either of these other, much younger mis-cast leadoff hitters. None of us drafted Bautista to hack away at the leadoff spot. I'm pretty sure at least - what with his 29% K rate and all. More opportunities to pile up Ks, less opps to drive in runs. Again - something tells me this is already understood.
  13. He's been awful no doubt. There is nothing redeeming to his stats if anything he's regressed.
  14. Rizzo has been excellent. He's 27, Jose is 37. Rizzo has less than half the amount of K's Bautista does in more ABs. Not sure if serious.
  15. Wow, cool! So how many steals from here on out for Jose? 20-25? Will he get another at least 40 runs? Inquiring minds want to know. Gibbons looks about to lose his...