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  1. Julio Jones 2017 Season Outlook

    I really don't get this post. RE: 'thought 1': All of his outings this year have been pedestrian - every week without exception*. RE: 'thought 2': Salivate away - he's been pedestrian every week; refer to response to 'thought 1'. He may be cheaper next week if he tanks again but his value is pretty damn low already I reckon. I'm not shopping him but no one has knocked on my door either. *in non-handicap (i.e. PPR) leagues
  2. Jameis Winston 2017 Outlook

    If I don't hear something encouraging about him I'll be starting Goff. It's a better matchup. Besides - Fitz looked better than Winston and Tampa's offense looked better as a whole with Fitz in there. Still holding Winston but his career is starting to go sideways - he'd be well-advised to ball the hell out Sunday. He has looked bad for quite some time now - seriously questioning holding in a Dynasty.
  3. Julio Jones 2017 Season Outlook

    I don't have much more to say about this bust. I'll just quote snippets - this one from Salfino @ Y! No it's not helpful or insightful - just pretty much states what we've been seeing. The situation is so utterly dumbfounding I no longer have anything intelligent to say on the subject. 2. I will continue to emphasize Matt Ryan should have about 10 touchdowns and not his actual six. He’s still a top six quarterback based on the stat that includes the biggest sample of plays — yards per attempt (fifth best 8.0). But he and the Falcons are mystifying when it comes to deploying Julio, as I detailed at FiveThirtyEight. The key takeaway is the closer the Falcons are to the end zone, the less-likely they are to throw it to Jones.
  4. 2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

    It could be argued that the Bills are a better play with Winston in. At home I think they're a safe bet.
  5. Marshawn Lynch 2017 Outlook

    What a punk move. One of the dumbest penalties I've ever seen made. He would have been much better off staying retired than getting this idiotic behavior on tape for all time.
  6. Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook

    The only inherent weakness I've seen with Hunt is the organization he plays for - it's the only thing limiting him. They have now lost 2 games in a row not utilizing him as necessary. I was an enthusiastic drafter of Hunt this preseason because of my preconceived notion of Chiefs RB always produces. But the coaching staffs are dramatically different. Todd Haley - under whom Charles flourished in his rookie year and beyond - did not have an inherent prejudice against rookies. Reid apparently does. It's the "he's a rookie so we can't let him do too much" kind of thing. All I can come up with to explain his lack of usage and their now 2-game losing streak. Spencer Ware had much more deferential treatment under Reid because after all he was a 2013 draftee and had "earned it". Side note I held West this week and will definitely continue to do so per above. Don't know where he is in protocol but they don't play until a week from Monday.
  7. Martavis Bryant 2017 Outlook

    Who cares when he requested a trade. He's an obvious bench this week unless desperate and see what happens. I'm personally flexing my starting RB's cuff/caddy in a good matchup rather than deal with this situation this week.
  8. Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook

    We don't see what's going on behind the scenes. There has to be something going on because Hunt's own team is trying to stamp out his value. Odd.
  9. Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook

    have to agree.
  10. Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook

    For whatever reason the Chiefs are reducing Hunt's involvement. In the course of doing so they have lost 2 straight. I mean that is objective fact, right?
  11. 10/19/17 - Kansas City @ Oakland

    Ironically it could be West's injury works against Hunt. Reed apparently wants involvement from the other Hunt as well as Spiller. Unfortunately this dude is a fraud - Chiefs are going away from him rather than toward him when chips are down. Once West returns Reed will look upon all the wonderful production Spiller and West have done.
  12. 10/19/17 - Kansas City @ Oakland

    Yes his 'fan base' has chimed in.
  13. 10/19/17 - Kansas City @ Oakland

    T Hill in the backfield on that clever non-yards-gaining play. The Chefs are so cute.
  14. 10/19/17 - Kansas City @ Oakland

    OK - KC in control - time to keep getting the ball to this Robinson fellow in the passing game. If Hunt finally doesn't have 100 yards Kool-Aid can stop hearing about it.