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  1. James Conner 2019 Outlook

    I will be in this thread for a while - acquired at a good price. Situation in PIT is in flux and Conner did not finish on a high note. He proved 2 things this year: Capable of being elite Can't finish/potentially injury prone Time will tell but he will be the back to draft in PIT next yr.
  2. Unimaginative offense by SD. They need to get Ekeler more involved and they need to get Allen the ball more underneath. This offense is either runs up the middle or 20 yard desperation heaves down the field.
  3. Dal Cowboys @ LAR Gameday

    Something is obviously up with Gurley. Goff has been a** for a month. Assuming no/limited Gurley this thing is up for grabs imo.
  4. Indy Colts @ KC Chiefs Gameday

    Watkins - fumbling is bad don't do it.
  5. O.J. Howard 2019 Outlook

    He's worth keeping next year at the right price. I'm def not targeting early because he can't stay healthy but he's a high-reward pick esp w/Arians in the fold.
  6. Wow - so the music stopped and he's out of the game. I predict McCarthy grabs an analyst job somewhere and sits this year out completely. He's had more years with no downtime than most.
  7. Chicago Bears 2019 Outlook

    I'm not entirely sold on Nagy - he needs to change some things up. Burton - who knows - maybe he isn't that good but without some sort of explanation he was criminally underutilized. The Bears' game plan in the game that ended their season was pretty much the epitome of what holds the Bears back - lack of simple common sense when you have one of the league's best RBs in Howard and you don't use him and lean instead on the 2nd yr QB. AROB is a sometimes-WR1. Just to sort of hammer the nail a bit harder he had probably his best game in a loss - it's the same crap he did in obscurity w/JAX. Bears need an upgrade there. Miller, Gabriel are smurfs, the entity formerly known as "Kevin White" cannot seriously relied upon at this point. Cohen is a game-changer in his own right. Like Howard - underutilized. I'm only focusing on the offensive problems because this defense has the window wide open. Fangio was great but the Bears will likely upgrade if they can get a Bowles, Joseph. Worst case they get Greg Williams which would probably be a lateral move. If Nagy can become focused somehow, call a coherent game plan on a consistent basis there's no way the Bears miss the playoffs next year regardless of schedule.
  8. 2019 Coaching Carousel

    Dude - that is just a bridge too far for me. Of course Caldwell cuts down on INTs. He calls games like a robot with a governor. Caldwell gets eaten alive in today's NFL in ever-so-humble-opinion.
  9. 2019 Coaching Carousel

    McCarthy developed Aaron Rodgers. Gase "developed" Ryan Tannehill. Bad choice imo.
  10. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    Yep - The Dream of a severely depressed asking price in 2019 tragically died today - only a couple weeks old too.
  11. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    I think the Kingsbury hiring will prevent that from occurring though - everyone's interest will be rekindled by that move.
  12. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

  13. Cody Parkey 2019 Outlook

    Parkey should have been cut way before this game. This is settled AFAIC. He should never have been involved in this game.
  14. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Obviously by draft time we'll know who his coach is - this is a rare case where that will weigh heavily in his draft value. We need to see who is eventually hired but DJ could be extremely undervalued in the draft. I don't see him being overvalued.
  15. Phila @ Chi Wild Card Game

    Yeah there's some good points here. Nagy needs to "actually learn" from what happened here. His "genius" needs to take a back seat to what works for this team, which is running the ball and playing lockdown defense. That is how playoff games are won. The bears would have won if they had simply followed this formula yesterday. I understand the Bears' defense choked but they got no help from this offense. I also understand wanting to make Trubisky some sort of standout part of the offense considering the investment in him but losing a playoff game with a lousy game plan is not the way to go about it. Run the ball and let Trubisky do what he does off of that rather than trying to force pass-first, which is the route they went. I'd expected Trubisky to have a nice fantasy day playing off the run game and possibly running in a couple TDs. The Bears could actually have dominated this game imo.
  16. Russell Wilson 2019 Outlook

    Russ can still win a SB - possible even 2. SEA will keep him stranded the rest of his career - so its up to SEA to make it possible.
  17. Cody Parkey 2019 Outlook

    Parkey is a top-10 draft pick among Century-21 agents going into 2019.
  18. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    That would be very very funny. It all depends upon what a moron "Mark" Davis is. OAK can probably have both of these players if they completely sell off any interest in the future, which I would never put past the Raiders.
  19. Cody Parkey 2019 Outlook

    Howard - why is he on this team. He was running well. Now - Nagy coached this team to a 12-4 record, so he's not going anywhere. That aside - I don't think Howard and Cohen can continue to co-exist - set one or the other free PLEASE.
  20. Phila @ Chi Wild Card Game

    I do understand the drunken Bear fan after so many years of frustration. As a long time Bear fan myself I was quite confident the Bears would advance today - this outcome is shocking to me frankly. However - I also knew the Bears were facing the reigning NFL Champ - with the same QB who claimed such championship. PHI showed early on they were not going to lay down for anyone. The youth of the Bears cost them today - it's that simple. Trubisky and most of his teammates were looking at a situation for the first time while PHI just did this last year. CHI is on the upswing - they are on the right track, and calling for a coaching change is really dumb under the circumstances.
  21. Phila @ Chi Wild Card Game

    Yep have to agree. I'm not sure PHI is the best place for him but his conduct since the trade has been admirable. He had the biggest catch of the game too so I'm happy for him.
  22. Phila @ Chi Wild Card Game

    So going 12-4 is an accident.
  23. Phila @ Chi Wild Card Game

    Yes true
  24. Phila @ Chi Wild Card Game

    No doubt - this dude had red flags all over the f'in place but they kept kicking him. I'd like to kick him.