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  1. Losing my patience. Mazara has been a black hole so far.
  2. He's had a rough week - beaned and then gutted.
  3. Great start tonight - I saw (most of) it. 6IP 9K 3ER 0BBs 2 HRs 6 baserunners. I was pretty shocked early on with the longballs; he was down 3-1 in the 4th after HRs by Soler (2nd) and artist formerly known as "O'Hearn" (1st AB of 3rd). That was the extent of the damage as he went 3 strong without further incident. Naturally the Yankee offense was mesmerized by "Homer Bailey" and his fellow savants in that stellar Royal Pen. In any event - looking forward to German's start @ LAA - starting without doubt there.
  4. Man I'm glad I took the plunge with Pham. It's kind of scary how much I depend on him for numbers.
  5. Nope. Bright side - no one did particularly well. The 2Ks though are a likely example of why they're not comfortable putting him up there long term.
  6. Marte still in the game. I've never see a guy get straight beaned like that and stay in. Like I said he was earholed, so there is a bit of extra protection in that area of the helmet.
  7. Marte was just earholed by Jiminez - straight beaning. Lives to tell - he's as of now remaining in the game and seem lucid.
  8. I think it's possible his breasts are interfering with his swing.
  9. I'd roll him. Hot pitchers beat hot offenses. Happens all the time. Whenever COL plays PHI next I'd be wary depending on circumstances at that time but I would roll him until further notice.
  10. deGrom needs to be lifted. Whatever happened last start is happening again and this is a better lineup. Stinking the joint up worse than Willy's greatest hits and A-Rod pretending to listen to him.
  11. Teheran is not particularly sharp - sure would be nice to see Cano capitalize.
  12. Big moment for Hicks here - faces heart of the order for the 4-out save.
  13. No news of injury on Twitter. "Just because" is our reason today.
  14. Translated: Time to take him out, immediately.
  15. Not crazy about the idea of running him out tomorrow home v MIL. He's been pretty meh - not someone I'd ordinarily trust v solid offenses. I need the innings so will probably run him out there but this is his toughest matchup so far. Hope he eats Wheaties, stays in Holiday Inn Express (yes away from his house), or something.
  16. I'm not ready to drop Happ yet. The White Sox have been ripping opposing pitching staffs so far this year - it's pretty shocking. They are not the usual "CWS" you look to blindly stream against. Not so far- although I think eventually they regress to what they actually are. He's not this bad. If he's not injured, he is - at worst - at least as good a prospect as the best WW pitcher in 12+ leagues. Obviously in leagues that count W's rather than QS's he's much more valuable I think it's safe to say.
  17. Y! Stat Tracker is non-functional using any of my 3 browsers. Could be a delay in transactions coming tonight.
  18. Chad Green was unhittable last year. Last Year.
  19. Considering how late this start was (thought we were going 7 ET this year) really appreciative the Dodgers can enhance the sleep of many of us. Rockies suck this yr so far wow.
  20. Yep - re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic at this point. Any chance I get he's benched for now. We're better off when he's benched in IRL TBH.