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  1. I'd much rather he go to GB where he's actually needed than NE. I said on this board back in the day NE didn't need Antonio when they signed him - they don't need AJ either. I want AJ where he's needed.
  2. That would be wonderful but it's the type of bold move the Bengals are known to NOT make. They'd rather see him walk in 2020 for no compensation than actually try to do something about the situation. I truly believe that. PS - just to clarify the post you responded to - I was referring to conditions to his playing, as I believe he's likely ready to go. If he gets no contract and he's not traded - I think he remains sidelined. A "quiet holdout". In this case the team he has considerable leverage over is winless through 6 weeks.
  3. No contract, no trade, no play. Book it.
  4. I'm inclined to agree. If you have a spare roster spot it would be worth a try I think though. I do not.
  5. Packers have been bailed out repeatedly by zebras - still getting dominated at home.
  6. To the winners desperate go the spoils. Looking forward to HH staying healthy.
  7. Breida is a glorified WW back. Maybe he scores, maybe not, as in the case of all of them. Most RBs in a committee have the same theoretical upside. Breida is among the better ones because of his speed. His production will be completely unpredictable. You need to start him every week even when he does nothing like today to get the big games. Not an ideal back to own.
  8. Why did the Jets take him out when it was time to salt the game away. They're the ones that signed him. Evidently it was to pair him with Bilal Powell to combine their strengths. Or something like that.
  9. He's a RB2/Flex. Way overdrafted. Took long periods of time off toward the end of the game. Kept looking for injury reports - saw none. He should have been handed the ball 15 times more considering the game script. I'm puzzled.
  10. Goff has been spotted on his way to ATL for this big-time NFL matchup:
  11. It's the Austin Hooper show again - that's when you know Assy Ice has thrown in the towel.
  12. Not an expert - but this would hurt I strongly think.
  13. Any possible way FOX could move the mike away from the screaming chick - asking for a friend.
  14. Even the best D's don't put up these type of video game numbers vs weak offenses. Pats consistently have. Just saying. These guys are making 20 pts look average.