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  1. Goff has been spotted on his way to ATL for this big-time NFL matchup:
  2. It's the Austin Hooper show again - that's when you know Assy Ice has thrown in the towel.
  3. Not an expert - but this would hurt I strongly think.
  4. Any possible way FOX could move the mike away from the screaming chick - asking for a friend.
  5. Even the best D's don't put up these type of video game numbers vs weak offenses. Pats consistently have. Just saying. These guys are making 20 pts look average.
  6. I've never seen such a juggernaut fantasy D - been watching since '80 and fantasy-ing since 2001. WOW
  7. That's too bad. Not sure why - Burkhead's down. This game will be over by the half at the latest. Would have been a good game for him to grind out some clock.
  8. CIN is an utterly inept franchise, so naturally they wouldn't consider trading AJ. AJ should not negotiate at all with them, sit out the season and get himself out of there.
  9. Regardless of coaching change the MIA D = AD rolls according to Redskins MO (hell anyone's MO v MIA). CT is therefore relegated to usual WW-replacement numbers - that's my theory. Hard bench for me here. I'm surprised I still even own him in a standard league. Just can't find anything better on waivers in 12-team.
  10. Veryveryveryvery aware of these facts - hence icepick
  11. I'm seriously considering it. He was a decent TE w/the Trojans back in the day (2010-ish) - obviously nowhere near the athleticism of Engram though. Still - no Barkley, no Gallman, no Engram, no Shepard - rookie QB - what the hell else are they going to try to do. What makes me pause though is the way this NE defense is playing. Other teams with at least close to this level of non-talent have just been steamrolled w/o a trace of their existence afterward by this D. Weird things happen sometimes on Thursday Nights - it could be the Tate/Ellison show for whatever offense the Giants can muster. It's an extremely risky move, but worth considering if desperate (like me).
  12. At this point I have a hard time caring. I'd rather poke my eyes out with an ice pick than watch another Falcons game waiting for this guy to get targeted only to watch Austin Hooper catch 23 passes for 67 yards.
  13. Yeah this is a serious problem. You have to worry he goes mental after a night like this.
  14. OBJ will throw 3 TDs and everyone will forget this ever happened........just watch
  15. Hodges was pretty impressive imo. He looked really poised out there from the first snap - definitely didn't look intimidated. Looked a little cocky to me actually. I think he'll be at least competent - which could be even a bit better than what Rudolph was doing.
  16. T.Y. is a decoy. For whom - not clear. But he's there to run around.
  17. If the thought process was no Adams = bench Rodgers - you were right. This CFL group of alternative options make him unstartable unless/until Adams returns. Mike McCarthy = Air Coryell compared to this outfit.