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  1. Considering how late this start was (thought we were going 7 ET this year) really appreciative the Dodgers can enhance the sleep of many of us. Rockies suck this yr so far wow.
  2. Yep - re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic at this point. Any chance I get he's benched for now. We're better off when he's benched in IRL TBH.
  3. He is today what he was last year - a waiver bat in 12-team (or less) leagues. He gets benched (2 of 3 this series) in COL - one of the fringe benefits of owning any NL West player is they get a ton of ABs in COL. Not Taylor.
  4. I'm underwhelmed so far. Batting approx .230 through 35 ABs. 3 Runs, 5 RBI (that's pretty decent actually) 1(?) steal and the worst stat of course is 13 Ks (3 BBs) for the cringe-worthy 37%K/4:1 K/BB. He's not moving up the lineup anytime soon. He needs to get rolling before Lowrie comes back because if this continues Mets would not hesitate to sit him I imagine. His detractors appear to be winning the argument for now. Irony (at least at this point): argument above my post here b/n Hampson and Rosario. That's not to say I think both of them suck all year, it just strikes me as amusing a couple weeks in.
  5. How do you get pulled 4.1 when you haven't really done much to deserve it. NY doesn't have a lot of confidence obv.
  6. Why was he lifted after 4.1 v BAL. He wasn't great but not horrible either have to wonder if injury?
  7. You are correct - Wall Street includes a market. There is no market for Bruce, a one-trick-pony for going on 2 decades. Ride the pony.
  8. I'm pretty satisfied w/the results so far. Obviously what he did today was more valuable in a QS but I own him in a traditional too and I'll take the ratios. He's been "quietly productive" so far - certainly worthy of a SP3 in 12-teamers. He has a nice matchup in MIA next Friday.
  9. So what I get out of this is his true "return" is indefinite in time, and highly unlikely to be anytime within the next two weeks considering where we're at now. i.e. I think he's a safe drop in </= 12-teamers. Just keep an eye on him. Bottom line is he'll be better sometime between now and the end of the season. Of course, he couldn't be worse in the SSS to date.
  10. I'm sure Winker's confidence is sky high after that clever maneuver
  11. LMFAO - Reds PH artist known as "Farmer" for Winker who proceeds to get mowed down for final out of game runners 2nd/3rd.
  12. Many commonly referred-to-as-ELITES have shat the bed out the gate early on. I doubt there's a single owner out there that hasn't been nailed already by one of these head-scratching beatings. Sale, Kluber, Snell, Syndegaard - these are just guys on my rosters. It sucks but unless there's an injury it's meaningless apart from the volatility of all of these guys early on.
  13. Yeah that's much more like it. He was handled start 1 by a good offense. start 2 was also against a comparable offense. Rockies are showing their typical "road mediocrity" to start this season, but they are talented nonetheless. This performance strikes me as he was chomping at the bit to erase the HOU start. This may be one of the most dominant starts all season in MLB.
  14. Obviously the Rockies are sold. Let's hope he can live up to this deal - so far so good. Looking forward to tomorrow night.
  15. Wow - Jeckyll/Hyde start: 4/9/HR/2RBI games 1 and 3. 2 sombreros with 6 Ks and no counting stats games 2 and 4. Tough to tell with a juicer how things go - mixed results so far imo.
  16. Arrieta did a good job v a tough lineup. I have to assume (and really hope) he's done w/100+ pitches and a QS. I have him in a W league too - go Phils.
  17. 6 BBs for Arrieta in this game. Realmuto has bailed him out.
  18. He wasn't horrible (didn't blow it) but he was pretty sloppy. Yelich is the common denominator behind both of these guys' failures.
  19. Hicks blows the save w/o recording an out in the 9th.
  20. OK well I've heard a lot about how powerful the M's offense is. Meanwhile ERod - who was destroyed by the M's - pitches in the AL East. From what it sounds like here the M's would WIN the AL East - so it's all good.
  21. Yes - yes he did. I don't think I have anything else to say. He was way overdrafted (including by me) because his own team does not see him as an every day starter.
  22. He is what he is. Every now and then he'll pitch a gem. That puts him in common with every minor league pitcher that ever lived. His 15 minutes are up AFAIC.
  23. imo he's a hold, but you need to find another 1B. Once you find a 1B that can reasonably play the position and is given regular ABs (unlike Jesus) then you drop/trade Aguilar. I have my doubts anyone would trade for a 1-dimensional platoon bat at 1st but may as well try. Obv MIL doesn't think much of him - maybe he gets traded.