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  1. Good. He's been more proficient at injuring teammates (Conforto)/opposing players (Alfaro) than the game of baseball.
  2. I was really expecting this thread to be bumped recently, what with DeGrom's allowing 6ER in 5 IP to THE MARLINS. Bottom dropped out value-wise. Dude has serious issues.
  3. Correct. The Dodgers don’t need a fifth starter until May 28 thanks to Thursday’s off day and two more scheduled off days during their three-city, eight-game, 10-day trip. Rich Hill, Walker Buehler, and Hyun-Jin Ryu are slated to start against the Reds this weekend. That leaves Clayton Kershaw as the likely starter Tuesday against the Tampa Bay Rays.
  4. He did get some action tonight (1IP/1H/0ER). He's looking like a must-drop pretty soon - he has no role on this team. He was scheduled to bat top 9th - I was surprised they took him out since it had been ages plus they were up by 6. If they wanted to keep him "ready/able" they'd have ran him out bottom of the 9th imo.
  5. Masterful outing in the Great American Bandbox: 6IP/10K/0ER/QS/W/2 baserunners (0 BB). Waited on this dude - he brought it home today.
  6. He was so perfect to start the year it was down right robotic. And then...
  7. There was a lot of angst about Robles' spot in the order to start the season. Then stuff happened and he was batting in the 2 spot and producing. Stuff can happen again or maybe it won't - if he produces he'll be productive (a la Yogi). That was my attitude when I drafted him, remains my attitude now.
  8. Wow - I'm still holding but I don't see that lasting forever. I'm fully aware he's a roider - maybe there was a reason.
  9. Out of the game after collision with Tapia (friendly fire) in the OF. Walked off under own power - impossible to tell what the injury is at present.
  10. The melodrama around this dude is wearing thin.
  11. I had Boyd, Peacock and Nola tonight - two of them (9IP combined) are already done. Got home from work expecting good news. Opened stattracker...
  12. Yep - I swear when I watch my own pitchers their combined lifetime ratios are somewhere around 14.86ERA/12.2 WHIP. That's why my own personal superstition tells me I am not allowed to view my pitchers play.
  13. I stopped watching when he loaded the bases w/no outs in the 1st inning - you're all welcome.
  14. Agreed. It took me a while but I agree with the purpose of this. Really cleans up the player threads.
  15. Broken clocks - twice/day. If he plays the Marlins tomorrow he gives up 9 runs in 2 innings.
  16. Arrieta the latest starter who can't handle the juggernaut Royals. Getting tired of rolling pitchers against them - I thought they sucked and stuff?
  17. Chavis Choo Choo has rolled off the tracks. There's no pitch at which he will not swing, and the book is out.
  18. Ugly slump the last 2 weeks (8-47, 18Ks). It's tough to rely on Mariner bats.
  19. This dude is really not very reliable. But - as the argument goes - he's elite when he plays. That has not been the case. His next start is v Padres. One would think this is a good start - but he was actually torched by the Padres just 5 days ago. this is not "what I was waiting for." Let me guess - a blister has formed or some such BS.
  20. I think I likely said this before and then went back on it obviously today, but A-FREAKING-Men.
  21. Every time I've ever streamed this dude - regardless of opponent - he's shat himself.
  22. His positional versatility (he's 3B/LF/CF/RF-eligible on Y!) will require you bring a legit offer to the table, but his price will never be lower obviously.
  23. He's a bench guy now AFAIC in 12-team leagues. May just cut bait soon if this is what we're going to get. He's been worthless.