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  1. Isn't there a thread called "What Channel is the Game On?" If not - there obviously should be with the ridiculous amount of posts on the irrelevant subject.
  2. To summarize the last few posts (which have been on-point imo) - CT has a hell of a lot more appeal with Alex Smith @ QB than what the Skins have now.
  3. ? Really? It's Wednesday. As an NFL team if you don't have a player practice you have to have an excuse. Gallman is the man on Sunday so he gets the "stud privilege" of skipping Wed practice and the NYG must provide an excuse. My neck was a little sore this AM, know what I mean?
  4. It's Wednesday, Saquon has no chance of starting this week and Gallman will be a fine RB2 v MN because he has the versatility to be fine.
  5. IDK I could be underestimating the vaunted Giants D so take it in that context: If AD was going to fail (which he should not have) against this Giants D, someone (say for instance CT) would benefit big time. No one benefited. This offense is now playing the rookie they said wouldn't play this year - literally said that. CT had a very pedestrian game last week against what I consider to be one of the worst defenses in the league.
  6. so what. he said that last time, and then a time-share ensured. He's coming up lame every week. At some point he's riding pine.
  7. 70 attempts/500 yards = diminishing returns. Throw in the Winston-esque 4 TOs (one for a TD) and you've got yourself a nightmare. At home. 6 picks in 4 games. Something is seriously wrong here. Now he's on the road with basically 3 days to correct himself from that debacle? On basic logic alone he is not a good start Thurs night.
  8. I hope the Rams realize Goff was a mistake and get someone in there that can actually benefit from Cooks, Kupp, Woods, Everett, Gurley etc. Goff is toast imo. He doesn't understand the game, doesn't understand NFL coverage. He thinks he's still playing in he Pac 12 I guess. He's clueless - he sucks.
  9. Zeke has been fed - and no longer therefore hungry.
  10. Horrible game. Who knew the best game of the week would be Thursday.
  11. Wow - uninspiring game plans by both teams tonight. Unimpressed.
  12. Ah - OK - he's a moron. BONA-(mf'in)FIDE.
  13. The only reason this idiot came back is because he's worried about Ekeler taking his job. Ekeler destroyed his leverage - forcing Gordon to return - and ironically it may be Ekeler who remains on the Chargers in the future. Gordon gained absolutely nothing by holding out and I hope he fires his "agent" pretty soon. Shheeeet show performance by Gordon's reps.
  14. Zeke has been underwhelming to this point. I've watched closely since his rookie year - don't see any burst on his runs. I hope it's just rust, but the Cowboys seem pretty lackadaisical about getting him reps.
  15. It is alarming the regression by Goff, blessed with arguably the best receiving corps in the league. 4 games into this year safe to say he's taken a step back for some unknown reason seeing as how he's playing on the same team, same coach.
  16. It's nice that Goff has shown a pulse in this game but man they need to be sharper in the first half. You can do this vs the Bucs not many other teams out there.
  17. Forearm shiver to face = OK in PI situation. Write that down.
  18. Thuglidelphia worked a lot on forearm shiver to face maneuver in Game Prep