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  1. Yeah he's healthy "now". He's had over 500 ABs in a season once 2016 - when he was healthy all year w/151 GP, and that's as a "regular" the last 5 years. That is certainly baked somewhat into his reasonable current ADP I realize. I am definitely a Turner fan - he is an extremely productive asset when he's right. And I will definitely draft him if he falls even further, but he is not a targeted player of mine going into this year's draft. I'll take him as a plan B or C in other words.
  2. It's too bad but this dude just fell off a cliff once it looked like he was going to be a dependable, underrated source of stats for at least 5 more years. I "splurged" on him with a 14th round pick last year and got burned because of his injury issues- this could be the end of the road unfortunately.
  3. Hell yeah. He's capable of it. I love how hated he is.
  4. He could be the "enforcer with 6 fouls to-give guy". I'm calling Pistons - Laimbeer 2.0. Might give me a reason to watch that pathetic league.
  5. Rockies sign Black to an extension - they like this stuff.
  6. He's dirt cheap in Y! 12-team standard mocks - anywhere from 18-23rd round. He's not in my draft plans but he's worth that price as a bench bat. Aside from Hosmer's season his 2018 was a non-stop parade of suck.
  7. If I was his agent I'd refuse to continue representing him until he agrees in writing to allow himself to be "babysat" by an individual of my choice - at his expense. If he doesn't agree it's an easy walk for me.
  8. It all comes down to the enlarged excerpt there. It's hard to imagine how he could have been worse last year. If he fancies himself a power hitter that's bonehead. It's hard to correct bonehead. If he doesn't adjust his approach he won't be "starting CF" for long - I'm extremely skeptical and would not draft if I drafted tonight. His skills are sick though so I could be swayed - will be tracking him this spring for sure.
  9. If the season had ended at end of July/early August he would have had a thread by now. He predictably lost some steam the last couple months (he'd never pitched more than 105 innings in a season) although he did have a couple solid outings the last couple months on his way to 180 IP. In a 12-team league his K-upside (0.9 K/IP career) makes him a legit SP4-5. He's not going to get a lot of wins (only 9 last year in 30 starts) but he showed well in his first legit shot last year with decent (non-damaging) ratios to go w/those Ks. Considering his age, it's an open question whether we've seen the best of him. He could be a late-bloomer - in which case he's a massive value - he's going 15th-16th round in 12-team mocks.
  10. He's a buy for sure imo if he drops far enough - I do agree with Cmilne above that lack of wins docks him (I play QS). For what it's worth on that point, Y! projects him for 14 wins, which is admittedly modest but it also won't kill you particularly in H2H. In 12-team (NON-auction) mocks where I simply can't pass up hitting in the top 3 rounds I will take Greinke as my #1 in the 4th-5th (37-60 overall) range. He's been impressive since 2016 when I thought we might be seeing the end coming. He's a worthy #1 if you're content to wait on pitching imo.
  11. In 12-team Y! mocks he is off the board by the middle of the 5th round consistently. I think that's pretty reasonable if you've waited at 2B/SS to that point. I'll certainly take him there depending on how my draft's gone to that point. Y! projections: 73 R, 24 HR, 88 RBI, 12 SB, 139 K .817 OPS in 526 AB. Those are modest improvements over last year's numbers in 431 ABs (e.g. he hit 24 homers last yr, he had 77 RBI in nearly 100 fewer ABs), and pretty doggone handy at either 2B or SS.
  12. No one has said it so I will: He was a** last year. Unforgivably bad. Is he better than he showed last year? Yes Did he reveal himself to be capable of a worthless season, considering mixed results in KC? Yes
  13. Apparently no structural damage but the season hasn't even started and Lowrie is no stranger to injury. I think your post has a lot of merit. Still a lot of unanswered questions but Rosario is interesting for what he brings to the table.
  14. You obviously cede the point here but Hosmer was warmed over feces last year - ALL year. No hot streaks, no cold streaks - just SUCK. Pretty good chance that answers some of your question to the positive.
  15. I can get used to the RW main site but wish they'd put the auto-refresh option back on.
  16. I have to think the RW Android App is also affected by this - it's stuck on Feb 11 for me. I uninstalled it, re-installed it to no effect and then uninstalled for good. Also - I regularly have the RW main site ( up as a tab on my laptop using Chrome - it's not auto-refreshing at all, when it used to (for at least the past 10 years) every 5 minutes or so. Not only do the forums suck, the level of relevant info provided has suddenly diminished. This is looking kind of like it's on purpose.
  17. I completely ignore Y! default rankings. I've only played Y! for many years. TBH maybe not 'completely' ignore in the first few rounds, just to make sure a good value isn't going unnoticed. But by the time you get to the middle of the 5th or so it's a hell of a lot more helpful to look at a) "Rank" sort and then b)"ADP" sort in the draft app (FYI the default is called "X-Rank"). "Somebody else" is compling those rankings and they are quite a bit different than Y! default and more in tune with what I think would be correct imo. Obviously otherwise you're drafting based upon team structure/need thereof. @TheGreatest42 is correct in how ridiculous it is, but my feeling is the more you know what you're doing the more the skewed rankings of the platform you're using benefit you.
  18. Precisely why I no longer give feedback on these changes anymore. It's a complete waste of time.
  19. He's a decent buy in 12-team Y! mocks in mid-Feb. Going mid-6th to mid-7th. Compared to his ceiling that is good value. I predict his age/injury history will keep him about where he is, which is a decent gamble particularly at 2B.
  20. Not sure if serious but that approach definitely wouldn't hurt to get the serious power hitters up with multiple baserunners on. Isn't that how Coors produces 22-18 games more than any other stadium?
  21. Rock solid roto player - I'd value him higher there than H2H. He's still young but early returns = long periods of power outage, followed by short power surges. Numbers will be there at the end assuming health. Dude is pure quality.