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  1. Any opinions here on how consistent he gets ABs? TOR in general seems like a very unsettled situation IF-wise.
  2. Ultimately this entire debacle is Murphy's fault - he's simply not physically capable of playing a full season without endless melodrama. If you're not a consistent contributor you put yourself and your fantasy owners at the disadvantage of your manager not trusting you. I cringed when I took Murphy in 2 leagues. None of what's happened surprises me. If he was actually able to withstand the immense physical strain of the game of baseball (imagine this dude in football or hockey) he'd be simply doing his job and providing the numbers you thought you were drafting. He's simply not physically able to handle the job - DND rest of my life. I got him at a "discount" - because everyone else in my leagues realized how worthless this dude is.
  3. In all fairness - this thread is an acquired taste. I imagine most people who like CM or other similar sites like seeing a simple list, rather than wading through multiple pages of opinion. It's not uncommon for me to be 6-10 pages behind and I come here every day. I want to make it clear I believe this thread to be the superior choice. I find what's most beneficial in addition to this thread is conduct your own research and then only look back through the last couple pages of this thread if you're doing your diligence. that's a good balance.
  4. Rich Hill may have lilly-soft hands but he's got a quick glove. Had a line drive shot back straight at his face - gloved it down - threw the batter out. Very next pitch - goes right back at him - hits him in the foot. Back to back assaults and he lives to tell.
  5. His own team wasn't playing him - not sure what the fuss is about. Easy drop in 12-teamers, maybe even 14-teamers (redraft of course).
  6. 2019 Pitching - Year of the Random.
  7. Bauer on verge on another meltdown
  8. I was raging against him in Game Day. To back up my big talk I looked at the available SPs in my 12-team. Guess I'll be raging more - he needs to do his job if not I'm effed.
  9. Going into Happ's start tonight I was already on my last nerve with this dude. The suckage has resumed.
  10. Wait wait so did I so blame me too.
  11. It's up to him. If he continues his current trajectory and flames out/gets run out of town by the Mets and then continues to suck wherever he gets dealt/signs I think his own play this year docks him the credibility remaining to get him to the Coop. I agree with you about PEDs but right now it appears he was taking them for a reason, which per se DQ's you from the Hall.
  12. Good News: He's actually playing Bad News: He's actually playing I have no words - other than "disaster"; "excrement" might also fit. I don't understand what artist formerly known as "Bud Black" does most of the time, and absent any physical explanation (and none has been forthcoming) sitting this guy on the bench for over a week platoon or not is not going to "help" a seasoned, proven, professional hitter.
  13. I possibly could buy this, but the obvious counter-argument is he wasn't doing much before the HBPs anyway. He was hot in ST, had a good opening day and then disappeared essentially. That's my recollection anyway.
  14. Good. He's been more proficient at injuring teammates (Conforto)/opposing players (Alfaro) than the game of baseball.
  15. I was really expecting this thread to be bumped recently, what with DeGrom's allowing 6ER in 5 IP to THE MARLINS. Bottom dropped out value-wise. Dude has serious issues.
  16. Correct. The Dodgers don’t need a fifth starter until May 28 thanks to Thursday’s off day and two more scheduled off days during their three-city, eight-game, 10-day trip. Rich Hill, Walker Buehler, and Hyun-Jin Ryu are slated to start against the Reds this weekend. That leaves Clayton Kershaw as the likely starter Tuesday against the Tampa Bay Rays.
  17. He did get some action tonight (1IP/1H/0ER). He's looking like a must-drop pretty soon - he has no role on this team. He was scheduled to bat top 9th - I was surprised they took him out since it had been ages plus they were up by 6. If they wanted to keep him "ready/able" they'd have ran him out bottom of the 9th imo.
  18. Masterful outing in the Great American Bandbox: 6IP/10K/0ER/QS/W/2 baserunners (0 BB). Waited on this dude - he brought it home today.
  19. He was so perfect to start the year it was down right robotic. And then...
  20. There was a lot of angst about Robles' spot in the order to start the season. Then stuff happened and he was batting in the 2 spot and producing. Stuff can happen again or maybe it won't - if he produces he'll be productive (a la Yogi). That was my attitude when I drafted him, remains my attitude now.