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  1. I looked at upcoming sched and saw TX - forget it. Not a rage drop - just common sense. This experiment is over. This is rock bottom for his "career" as a starter. He doesn't have it. You give up 8R in 3 IP to this KC squad you suck - not opinion.
  2. McHugh starting to really agitate me. Looking like a glorified reliever the last month+.
  3. Here's the footage from his return trip
  4. Nice to see Snell come out of his slump post-injury. He was elite today. 6IP/9K/0ER/3 Baserunners (via 1 base hit, 1 BB, 1HBP). He was perfect through 5 with 7 Ks.
  5. Wow Perez nice game. He gets DET next - juicy. 7IP/9K/0ER/4 Baserunners (2BB/2hits)
  6. It's a good reminder of how elite MLB actually is. Now he has tape - move him down to 3A to shore up deficits, see him again in late July. He is not a viable option in redrafts imo.
  7. He is the 'R' part of the 'WAR' stat.
  8. Pure trash. He has decent numbers v SD thought it was reasonable to expect him to not get destroyed.
  9. This PHI/WAS game tonight is one hell of a game. Best game I've seen so far 2019 just as a fan of baseball.
  10. This dude called the late start hours ago - still thinks the game gets in: YELLOW / ORANGE OAK @ PIT - Really a pretty nasty batch of rain moving towards PIT now, but models have it mostly clear after this batch moves out. I think the game plays, likely after a late start.
  11. Studly 4 out save for Dr Doolittle
  12. Not much excuse here for beeeler. SF is a team that makes aces of the most avg pitchers.
  13. Yep - this will be the reason for a short stay if this persists.
  14. Jackson just closed a game, and then today Blevins came in. There is no correct answer here yet.
  15. And then he gets pulled so no saves for anyone.
  16. I've posted about this "approach" many times RE: Strasberg's rookie year and how the Nats kind of scuttled his career with the micromanagement. In short I can obv pick up what you're laying down here.
  17. If you're asking in terms of your signature league settings you should add immediately. I only play in a standard 12-teamer and have a tinge of regret dropping him (this AM before he even played) for the next streamer. It's a total coin flip if he continues to perform this way - I think a long-term projection is pure crystal-ballism. He has a mediocre matchup next in about a week @PIT. His doing well @TOR is not a surprise - the PIT matchup will be more instructive imo.
  18. If only there was a way to get footage of the game apart from ESPN - then the cleaving would be complete.
  19. He was so bad he had to do the football thing again to make money.
  20. His start couldn't have been better, but I'm still skeptical as to his 2019 value. First - opposing pitchers will adjust and he will have a slump. Next - he's under constant pressure to produce because there are vets who want his spot in the lineup. I have to hold for now in a redraft but if push comes to shove I may have to kick him loose.
  21. The crew used by ESPN SNB was what originally inspired me to turn sound down and listen to other stuff while the game is on. I credit ESPN for that, as I've expanded this strategy to other mundane/run-of-the-mill sporting events. Thanks ESPN! 😃
  22. STL was up 2-0 when they brought in Hicks to face Suarez for the last out in the 8th. Then the Cards scored 3 more runs top 9th. Hicks was just used last night so my guess is Shildt thought he could get away with resting Hicks who theoretically would have gotten the save if the other guys in the pen could hold that lead.