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  1. I think what we've seen out of Schoop is what we're going to get for a while. He had a more efficient year last year than 2016, but his stats last year were not that huge a leap from his 2016 season with 600+ABs each year. The K's are nearly equal. Last year was his age 25 season and it is quite possible something clicked. All he has shown so far is he is a quality MLB hitter. I prefer more speed from my MI's so I don't target him generally but he's an excellent backup/fallback option in the mid-rounds if all hell has broken loose with my draft plan - I'm a fan.
  2. A lot of times after pick one-ish. It is terribly frustrating to do mocks each year filled with draft rooms of god-knows-why people are there. You'll definitely know by the 10th round who actually showed up to draft, and the 3 of you will definitely enjoy each other's company until you also realize it's time to bail.
  3. Just one important thing to add there's a limit to the # of times a commish can use it. I think it's only like 5 times or so. I've fortunately never gotten close to that - had to pause a draft 3X once because of connection issues.
  4. That's one way to pack a stadium. TB may just be that desperate. If they're showing up to Rays games they damn well better have the right to vote.
  5. Hanley's agent is a hack - he should have re-negotiated this to 497 over 2-3 years.
  6. Assuming he actually has PT he's a worthy late-round pick for decent early-season production. There is no way you can bank on production after June or so. He's worth taking when you're compromising because your targeted gems went way higher than you thought - that's it. Just be ready to cut bait quickly first injury.
  7. I'm a broken record on this (say it every year) but where a player bats Game 1 has nothing to do with where he eventually winds up in the order. Assuming health Frazier is definitely in my draft plans depending on where he's available. He's a productive player when he plays, so if the discount is acceptable I'd be happy to take him.
  8. One idea what could be good for Kareem: Stop partying with 19 year-olds. Pretty dumb.
  9. I think it's pretty easy to see the logical fallacy in this explanation: 1. He was reluctant to move his family. 2. He really doesn't want to succeed Belichick because that would be a tough act to follow. These = 3. Once Belichick is either fired or retired, McDaniel will retire from the game of football entirely because of his reluctance to move his family or follow a tough act. He will remain in NE and become involved in day trading. I think reality is equally easy to see. This is an either/or: 1. This is all a lie () and he's assured the job when Belichick leaves. or: 2. Luck's damaged beyond all repair and is a shell of his former self and the Colts made him sign an NDA regarding that fact.
  10. I keep wanting to compare him to Kiffin yes. That's pretty damn good. The only little issue I have is that Kiffin looks better than McD overall. Kiffin rebelled against Al Davis - who doesn't. He screwed over TEN - only to be fired on a tarmac @ USC. At least Kiffin has somewhat paid for his sins. McD has nestled himself nicely into the protective bosom of "The Patriot Way". Dunno - if either of these guys can coach (and there is some evidence to support that each can) they can overcome their poor reputations; Another thing they have in common is their relative youth, which is why I give either of them a chance. Kiffin has a head start on rehabilitating his reputation with a great season @ FAU. McD's agent dumped him. Kiffin's stock is higher for the moment but stay tuned for more news of the entitled and spoiled.
  11. So 2018 is a lost season. 8-8 or worse is what Caldwell gets you.
  12. No one ever says something like this seriously.
  13. yeah I think this has edged out the Malcom Butler benching as the most burning question in the league fair to say.
  14. In all honesty - I think BB and Brady will go at the same time. And that's going to be at least 1 maybe 2 years.
  15. It sure sounds like it. bTW - so is the next coach of IND, because he (or she of course) is going to have to deal with these assistants that have been there doing their jobs this entire time.
  16. The situation looks like panic. I'm not sure exactly who's panicking - but someone is.
  17. Wow - sorry man. For the sake of the sport I hope Luck is back 100%. In all honesty - he's had a lot of MFing rest/rehab. You could be right on this giving McD cold feet. The melodrama of the Pats' SB loss could have nothing to do with this.
  18. John Fox has got to be absolutely perked up by his phone about now.
  19. Well you guys got jobbed here - I hope for your sake Luck is 100% because he can make everything right just being Luck imo.
  20. I only read the headline because I'm frankly not that interested in this but - he made a commitment. Who cares why he pulled out - "deflategate" of all reasons does not justify it.
  21. No question - he'll have to take the Lane Kiffin route back to the NFL. Outcome of that strategy - dubious.
  22. Ha yeah: According to NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, Josh McDaniels' assistants, including DC Matt Eberflus, signed contracts with the Colts and are expected to remain with Indianapolis. Talk about awkward. So, basically what's happening here, is McDaniels recruited these coaches to Indianapolis to be apart of his Colts staff, and then McDaniels backed out of the job, leaving Eberflus and others in limbo. According to Garafolo, Eberflus and others have already been in the building in Indy, breaking down film and whatever else, while they waited for McDaniels to officially be introduced. Now, the new Colts coach will be stuck with assistants he didn't hire. This whole situation is a complete mess with no real end game in sight. Source: Mike Garafolo on Twitter Feb 6 - 8:22 PM