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  1. In my 12 team dynasty league I have the following pitchers going into spring training next year...yeah...my team is out of it this year thank you Kershaw and Strasburg...I just want something to think positively about moving forward Michael Kopech Tyler Glasnow (kept them going into this year) Carlos Rodon Forest Whitely Jesus Luzardo Fernando Romero I appreciate any comments or condolences.
  2. Call me crazy but I have really high hopes for Peralta. If he can get the ball over the plate (big if) he has really high upside. He is only 22 years old and is in the big leagues holding his own. When he finally has control under wraps I think he will be top 20 maybe even to 10. I am not nearly as smart as a vast majority of the people who post on this board but I have been playing fantasy baseball since the late 80's....so hopefully something is sticking in my head
  3. I have Contreras, Rizzo, and Bryant and all 3 of them are not even close to their career numbers...has something changed in the organization from prior years that might have affected their batting? I chalked up the early season to the horrific weather at Wrigley but it just keeps going.
  4. The "upside" to me playing Hicks over Contreras was that Contreras only had 9 points to Hicks' 1 in my leagues scoring. At least Contreras didn't have a career week leaving me gnashing my teeth. I am starting Hicks over Contreras again this week. Hicks is facing a lot of lefties and he hits lefties well and Contreras has some pretty tough match-ups. Fingers are crossed!
  5. It's pretty funny you mention starting him over Contreras because I was contemplating that today in my weekly league. I made the switch then moved Contreras back because I didn't want to be kicking myself for taking him out.