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  1. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    Mookie with #3 tonight. It's amazing what happens when elite hitters get a Babip reversal after a year of misfortune. His elite contact rate will always keep him in considerations for top 10 hitters in baseball. Fun to watch
  2. Patrick Corbin 2018 Outlook

    Sucks he lost the no-no on an excuse me check-swing by Belt away from the shift. Oh well, that's baseball for you.
  3. Our 2017 Team MVP's

    For my best squad it was Bellinger, Severino, Greg Holland (Pre-ASB) and Ozuna. Harper gets a mention too in a walks league, but the first 4 are the reason team has a shot in my Big money Roto. I'll throw Hoskins in as a late season savior as well.
  4. Masahiro Tanaka 2017 Outlook

    Didn't have great command at times and it cost him. Had a QS lined up with 5.2 pitched, but then served up a 0-2 hanging slider to Ryan Goins for a grand slam. Could've been a better start, but that pitched sealed the deal. Could've used a good night from him, but that's been his season in a nutshell.
  5. Rhys Hoskins 2017 Outlook

    Just helped turn a triple play. What can't this guy do?
  6. Nolan Arenado 2017 Outlook

    Arenado hit on the hit hand by an 88mph 2-seamer. Immediately taken out of game and heading to clubhouse.
  7. Edwin Encarnacion 2017 Outlook

    Owning EE in a points league has been frustrating, but I have had him for 3 years and there's a reason I keep him every year. He will eventually produce and his hot streaks will carry any team for awhile. EE, Betts, Altuve and Lamb in a points league. Going to be a fun summer!
  8. Freddie Freeman 2017 Outlook

    There's no reason to quit a team losing a top 5 player. Hell, finished in first last season after my first 5 picks being Kershaw/Bautista/Pollock/Archer/Schwarber. You can still compete without a top 5 guy. It's called balance and working the wire. If you aren't active on that, this injury will devastate you, but baseball is a long season and keeping up with team on the wire and trades is how you can win. Just replaced Freeman with Smoak in one league and Joseph in another. Fighting this thing all the way into August. Next man up
  9. Trea Turner 2017 Outlook

    I want to play in the league he's in
  10. Dee Gordon 2017 Outlook

    2 SB tonight and played SS. Oh how I hope that continues for a bit. Idc where he's batting in the lineup. If he's producing SB, who cares. He'll be back at top of the order once he's swinging the bat well again.
  11. Trey Mancini 2017 Season Outlook

    The only way he could hit 30 homers is if he gets consistent playing time. Right now, he's hitting pretty well, but he's likely to lose AB's vs RHP due to Seth Smith/Trumbo/Kim in OF and DH spot. He'll most likely play vs LHP because of Smith and Kim. All that said, he's got the power to hit 30 in our ball park. I've been watching him hit and he's got a smooth, compact swing and the ball launches off his bat. I think he deserves to play almost everyday, but Idk if that will happen unless someone gets injured.
  12. Freddie Freeman 2017 Outlook

    Own him in two leagues and really looking to own him in as many leagues as I can. The guy is a straight stud. You can tell the new park is only going to help his power numbers going forward. He's just now entering his prime too. If you waited him out over the years in a keeper, congratulations, your patience will be rewarded. Keep mashing Freddie, the Dirty South Slugger!!
  13. Fantasy Team Name Thread 2017

    Guy in my league has "Byung screwed Ho in Park"
  14. Fantasy Team Name Thread 2017

    Two Wongs Don't make a Wright Chris Davis with a K Place your Betts Buster Cherry