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  1. Mahomes & Kelce are going to be fine source: i'm playing against them.
  2. Robby Anderson with the TD. 5/84/1 after just a little over one quarter. @LuckBox1 still laughin bud
  3. Robby Anderson doing some work whew. As an emergency fill in PPR guy, this pleases me.
  4. Robby looked like a stud last week. Dude was making hella plays and he kept getting looks. Trying to decide between him or Baldwin in my PPR league.
  5. this redditor/zeke thing is only hilarious because it doesn't impact me. craziness that one committed dude just flipped countless games. also heads up for Colts D/ST players, you'll be losing a fumble.
  6. Kind of both. Brees was under pressure alll day. But he was also making terrible throws left and right. I don't love starting Ryan next week but I think he does a damn sight better than Brees.
  7. Next week my scrappy team plays the 12 - 1 dude with this roster: PPR QB - Mahomes/Roethlisberger RB - Gurley/Mixon/Coleman WR - Amari/JuJu/Edelman/Golladay TE - Kelce/Brate I'm worried.
  8. Any potential chance of Rodgers resting next week due to GB being eliminated?
  9. For those of us lucky to get through by more than the difference of a 100/yard bonus, you guys think he feasts next week? I love Chubb's floor but I'm an underdog facing off against a pretty good team led by Mahomes. Is it crazy to consider benching Chubbs for the starter out of Williams/Ware (both on my bench). I'd be starting Zeke in my other spot.
  10. man, if you lose points for fumbles...oof. Moore let one go today, cost 2 points in my league's settings. i'd be throwing s--- out of a window.
  11. You're probably right. Gonna be a long damn week of deciding though.
  12. Playing Brees/Kamara/Keuchley in one league where I only needed 30 points. Playing against Brees & Ingram in another league where I only had 20 or so point margin. That game played out *perfectly*. Unbelievable. Let's get some bread in the 'chip gentlemen.
  13. this dude continues to save my a**. clutch TD run. buying a kamara jersey.
  14. Made it through, thank God for Kamara. Never starting Brees again. @oliminator123