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  1. I need 25 combined points from Diggs and Lockett in PPR. Will stop by church tomorrow to pray for them.
  2. He was lauded on NFL Network a few weeks ago for making 5 tackles on special teams in one game. Probably caused some of his injuries.
  3. Coach Lynn also said that Ekeler is a little worn down. He has been playing a lot of special teams too where he is a beast. He's not looking as explosive rushing the ball as he did earlier in the season.
  4. Lol. My opponent actually benched Aaron Jones. Because he also has Kamara, McCaffrey and Conner. That's a sobering feeling.
  5. Whenever a kicker is fired (Caleb Sturgis today), it seems like other kickers in the league get jittery and start missing kicks too.
  6. I saw on NFL Network tonight that Kelce was limited in practice today with a shoulder injury, but I can't find any other news. Anyone have more info? Kelce is practically carrying my team right now....
  7. The blurb above said he suffered the injury late in the game. Does anyone know if he played after that?
  8. Actually, Cam's completion percentage this year is at a career high, not that Norv Turner has anything to do with it.
  9. Norv did wonders with Darren Sproles too in the screen game. I think Norv is a great OC.
  10. Norv Turner did wonders for Vincent Jackson when he was a Charger. V-Jax led the league in yards per catch and was ranked #1 by football outsiders. D.J. Moore is even more talented, so I have high hopes for him in my dynasty league.
  11. Gordon may be feeling insecure because of all the benching talk today. When you criticize people, they tend not to perform well.
  12. Coach Lynn thinks it’s dehydration, didn’t drink enough water on 8-hr plane trip. Kept him out of practice to be safe.
  13. The “Top 10 DST Experts” on fantasypros had cards ranked higher than broncos. I wish they’d all retire.