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  1. 0.5 ppr. Dede and Hollywood are my only 2 choices to drop...for a K. WR 6 and 7 if you include Tyreek and Green. Other option is T.J. Hockenson...but not letting him go yet. Which WR do I drop for my stupid K? I lean Dede based on QB and WR ceiling.
  2. So...Cam TD, missed extra pt. OT for a long 70yd TD to DJ Moore...?
  3. Lots of 3 and outs or quick plays so still hope to get 1 TD out of Cam.
  4. If I cant nake a trade this weekend, Dalton will be who I grab
  5. I think I prefer reading this forum than watching the game
  6. Yall know we gonna drop Cam and Jameis then they are going to go on a 6 game rip thru the NFL...then one will get hurt.
  7. Come on. I'll take 1 TD then slink off to a dark corner and Plot my Cam trade....or drop
  8. I knew I should have push for my Brady trade to bench Cam...
  9. So...I think Cam will be dropped or traded this week. Panic buttons firing