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  1. Not sure I’ve ever seen Brady chuck one up for grabs like that.
  2. Why is Reich going conservative? Such a limp D call on 3rd down when you have Andy Luck as your QB
  3. Offense breezes down the field when Gase is forced to play Drake. Gase is such a fraud.
  4. Weren’t there offsetting penalties on that play, though?
  5. Waited on TE this year. Got Kittle for a buck. Unbelievable ROI. Dude has been the ultimate “wait on (insert position here)” player. Blowing out my playoff opponent who got Kittle’d. Feels good.
  6. Drake could pull Gase from a burning car, and pay for Gase’s kids’ college, and he’d still only get 8 touches per game.
  7. Only downside is Antonio Brown is certainly butthurt to the max about Juju’s stat line. Brown will bitch and whine all week and get 25 targets next game.
  8. Playoff schedule, lol. Like that matters for Cook owners. Vikings and Cousins are pathetic. Can't believe they gave him that contract. What a horrible, franchise-crippling decision.
  9. Thanks to all the analysts who had Allison ranked as a wr3/flex. What a worthless player,
  10. What’s the deal with Godwin? 2 catches? Is he playing?
  11. The Dolphins gave their best RB a carry on first down?? What what???
  12. Where did I say they would stop happening “just because?” They’ll stop happening because they are statistical anomalies. I’ll bet you a self-ban from this message board that the Chargers don’t score a 50+ yard TD next week. Wanna take that bet?