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  1. I’d go Juju and Williams as well. I have Montgomery and still don’t trust Nagy, plus the matchup. Williams still gets a lot of work and I could see that being a high scoring game. thanks for the help on mine.
  2. Yea. I like the Adams side even though he’s hurt. Not sure what the LAC situation will be. help here please
  3. Id go I have Montgomery and don’t trust Nagy yet and Walton is still in Miami.
  4. It’s tough to trust NE, but Michel seems to be the goal line guy and gets a lot of opportunities. help here please
  5. You have the WR depth to make that trade. You’d be getting the best player in the deal as well.
  6. Ekeler for sure. Hyde isn’t flashy but will get some volume which is good in a depth RB. With Montgomery, you may be able to get an owner to bite thinking they are selling high. Samuel did miss practice with an injury today. He seems to be getting a lot of targets and would be more reliable. So I’d trade Hollywood.
  7. Was just offered this trade. There are a lot of moving parts but I feel it’s pretty even. My worry is Conner’s injury at the moment and Kelce is an advantage at TE if he bounces back. Get: Conner, Kirk Cousins, Hardman, Garrett Everett Give: James White, Jameis, Curtis Samuel, Kelce It’s a Full PPR. In addition at RB I have Leveon, David Johnson, Montgomery. We start 2 plus a flex. Samuel or White are typically a flex for me.
  8. Went up against Philly defense last week and now the Pats defense.
  9. I am a Montgomery believer. He seems to perform best for the Bears out of the backfield. I think his role will only increase. Please help here
  10. Definitely give it a try if you are good at QB. He may value OBJ highly too.
  11. Agreed with the above. I am a Diggs owner and still like his upside. I Lindsay looked good against GB, but I feel Conner and PIT will be a better offense for the run moving forward. please help below
  12. I don’t think it’s vetoable. I like Team A’s side. If Team B is in need of a WR, Evans is good.
  13. Hello, Was offered the following in a 12 team PPR league. Get: Curtis Samuel/Rashaad Penny Give: Carlos Hyde/Michael Gallup I love Gallup’s potential, but feel the upside is higher at RB with what I’d get. Happy to help others.