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  1. Even more than finding his way back into the endzone, the best thing about today's game was that Rivers threw a deep ball to MWill on 4th down against one of the best defenses in the league. If that doesn't signal River's confidence going forward, then I don't know what would. He's also clearly a target in the redzone
  2. For those of you worried about MWill, you should know that Rivers takes a lot of time to develop trust with wide receivers. In Keenan Allen's rookie year, it took both Danario Alexander and Floyd getting hurt for Allen to start getting reps with the first team. And even then after Allen losted a cpuple 100 yard games Rivers was still talking about how Allen its important for Allen to keep proving he can play at a high level. My guess is that he is taking a similar approach towarss Mike Williams, which means two things: 1) Barring injury, MWill be put into a starting role for one good game (or equivalently for one bad game by other playwrs) 2) If MWill can continue to prove himself in the snaps that he DOES get, then those will increase on a weekly basis. I really think that MWill is the second best receiver on the offense, plus he seems to be an important piece in the redzone. If you believe that, then I think he worth holding on to at this point because that would mean we're through the worst of it in terms of usage. And while Allen/Gordon/Ekeler are the golden children of this offense, there's still room for a guy like MWill to shine. Remeber all those years when Rivers was posting MVP-caliber stats and the Chargers had a top 5 offense? That was done throwing to big-bodied, jump ball receivers like Floyd and VJax. MWill fills that void
  3. Prediction is relative phrase. Unless they have at least a solid RB that has a strong reputation of being a good pass blocker and secure ball holder, it's difficult to predict who will be getting snaps at RB in November. But knowing who's going to play week to week is less difficult. The problem arises that when you draft, you don't pick a player for week 1 or week 2. Given that every RB they have is either a rookie who's missed a lot of camp due to injury or niche player at best, this is easily a situation that could blow up in your face if you overdraft. I like Michel as a late round guy for the upside, but everyone seems to have high probability of being a wasted pick by season's end.
  4. This is actually one of the scenarios that I feel most confident in this year. It'sa classic Bears team with solid defense with a solid running back. They're probably not good enough to be a playoff team, but Trubisky and the defense will only be better from last year, which are only good things for Howard. The guy's put up over 1,200 all purpose yards in each of his first two seasons, despite being in one of the worst situations in the league. Howard also avoided a sophomore slump showing that he's not just a 1 year wonder. Certainty is valuable in fantasy and this guy offers it with upside.
  5. I think that this offense thinks they're more talented than they are. Shanahan didn't get enough credit last year. Julio, Freeman, and Coleman are obviously talented and the oline is good, but the rest of the receiving options are average to poor. Shanahan was able to elevate all of their game, but they're still trying to do it and its not working. They need to do the obvious and start working through Julio. Similar to the Bengals and Green.
  6. This guy is the heart and soul of the Charger's offense right now. Definitely they're best playmaker and a huge threat in the redzone. The ypc aren't great, but that's largely because the oline is awful. He's tough to bring down and that means that coaches and Rivers are going to try and keep finding ways to get him into space. Right now that seems to mean getting him involved in the passing game.
  7. Realistic outlook for this guy is DeVante Parker rookie season. The o-line isn't good enough to let him progress through his routes, which is what he needs to be successful as he's more of a jump ball type receiver and Rivers feels way more comfortable targeting Gates, Henry, Tyrell, Allen, or Benjamin. If you roster him you have to be aware he's a lottery ticket. There's a small change you get OBJ/Michael Thomas/Mike Evans, but its not likely. If you have players who are producing you really shouldn't drop them for this guy unless you're desperate.