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  1. With Shady and Ivory out, scooped up Murphy more to block others, but now thinking he maybe a better play than Dede Westbrook @ flex in my full ppr league....who to start?
  2. Geronimo Josh Gordon Brieda half point ppr
  3. If he plays obvious win, if not, not so sure I’d be upset losing what you gave up considering the rest of your roster.
  4. Also, only need to start two receivers....running backs are Kamara, Collins, Clement, Michel and have Ertz at TE
  5. 16 team league...waited on QB and was hoping for a Mariota Run Flaco and Bortles our the last two weeks Just got an offer of of Watson for my Golladay. I have Evans and Fuller, but after that my bench is John Ross, Dede Westbrook, and Tyrell Williams...WW is slim too with it being a 16 team league. I really like Golladay, but my QBs are terrible and think Watson is the overall week to week better bet...anyone think different? WHIR
  6. Full PPR if that makes a difference to anyone
  7. I like the Johnson side player involved and Allison and Michel both wildcards, although I do like Michel better...just not chugging the koolaid like some people around here
  8. WR - Full PPR Golladay or Fuller Flex - 2 of the follow: either from above, Ertz, Clement, Michel Right now rolling with Golladay, Ertz and Clement