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  1. QB help

    Lost Watson, have Cousins right now, Goff is available and NYG defense is terrible...
  2. QB HELP

    Anyone? Have cousins in now, but second guessing myself...
  3. Wilson or Cousins for Week 8? WHIR

    I’d go with Wilson here help with mine
  4. QB HELP

    Cousins with half his line injured or Watson in probably his first real test in Seattle’s D
  5. Need RB2 and a Flex....WHIR

    Anyone else?
  6. Pick 2 RBs and a Flex

    Kamara, Henry, and Ajayi as well
  7. I’d go Ivory too
  8. Who to start in my FLEX? WHIR

    Amendola is probably the best option here....thanks for help on mine
  9. Ty Montgomery or Duke Johnson? WHIR

    I’d go Duke for sure
  10. Need a RB from this scrap heap Crowell Rawls Gillislee Then Flex, any of the above or Graham Kupp Agholor