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  1. Some analysts say Darrel Williams is the short term pickup and not darwin
  2. Guess what, all of those pages and pages of concerns that people are now boasting about Has nothing to do with the status quo. Reid signing his second son had nothing to do with Damien being a JAG. Damien getting hurt playing on a dirt baseball crap field has nothing to do with being a JAG.
  3. Ya'll should stop by the Damien Williams and Darwin Thompson threads to get all the analysis and fluff and speculation you need about bone bruises, contusions, JAG arguments and backups.
  4. Was he as productive as an undrafted free agent when compared to the slew of drafted RBS ahead of him? No, and certainly not if he only gets 33 rush attempts per season (on average at Miami). But where may I ask are those drafted running backs that were given more run ahead of him? (Namely Ajayi and Gillislee). They were bounced around, traded and dropped. His years in Miami can be spun however you want. I'd argue that 33 rush attempts per year average is not a substantial sample size. But 30 receptions a year is a legit sample size for a backup running back and he excelled in the passing game. And lastly, however you might hold his Miami years against him, Andy Reid (the only person's opinion that matters) clearly saw enough out of those Miami years to bring him onto the team.
  5. Started 3 regular season games, 2 playoffs games. Damien was a good player stuck on a bad team. The run game was bad in Miami and that was all Damien's fault right? Running success has nothing to do with play calling, game script or even the offensive line right? Hey wasn't Is Laremy Tunsil part of that line? He must be terrible too. His entire career before Houston was at Miami and he couldn't do anything for the run game.
  6. When we drafted, Damien with his "situation" in the KC offense + his "talent" was elite and proven through every single game he started last year including playoffs. Nobody factored in lesean mccoy getting cut and signed in KC. Nobody factored in Damien getting dinged up playing on Oakland's rock hard dirt baseball football field s--- combo. All of "I told you so" trolls fighting among yourselves to claim the credit are full of it.
  7. Watching this game of telephone play out is hilarious. The horse did not say bone bruise. The horse did not say contusion. All these terms are being thrown around by reporters and writers and non-doctors. FACT IS we don't know the exact details of Damien's injury. They have not come out and told us what is is. All we know is he's not practicing today. We don't know how long this will be the case. If you have space, and you're worried go ahead and add Darwin.
  8. Just to be factually correct... a Sore ware hammy AND the starter being kicked off of the team for assault on his gf. Also Darwin has been getting in albeit in limited fashion but hasn't done anything.
  9. <quickly goes to check draft recap....>
  10. Then you must have had your eyes closed whenever KC was passing because Damien is the superior route runner.
  11. During the broadcast, they said that the coaching staff always thought of Breida as their best runner and that they brought in Mckinnon and Coleman to complement him. Take from that what you will. I will also add that Mostert and Wilson looked jaw droppingly good this weekend.