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  1. Shane Bieber 2019 Outlook

    Hard to say, but I would guess he learned a lot last year, and will work hard to refine his pitch selections and locations.
  2. Will you be using league safe ?
  3. If you are interested contact me here or send email to What platform ?
  4. If they can get Harper at 7 for 210, and Manny at 8 for 200, I'd do that, not sure they can though?
  5. 3 for 56 sounds like way to much in my opinion, sounds like fake news.
  6. Could he be bluffing ? Boris is his agent ? Would that be $15 million for 5 years, or just a increase in his signing bonus?
  7. Los Angeles Angels 2019 Outlook

    Wasn't a dominate RP last year is his 16 appearances, 1 loss, 4 saves, small sample size, 16.1 IP, 15 hits, 5 BB, 20 K's, whip 1.22, and his ERA was 3.31. I like him, I own him, hope he can nail down the job in spring training , and get off to a good start in April and May, if he does, he could be a solid contributor save and K wise. Needs to lower his whip and ERA.
  8. I'm a business owner(seriously) My background is economics, maybe, just maybe, we see things a little differently.
  9. Your point is noted, I disagree, but respect your opinion,
  10. Then sign for 3 years.
  11. Not that I am a where of, but if a player wants a opt out, then teams should get one as well, with-out a buy out. in my opinion.
  12. You want a 10 year contract, the team gives it to you, but you want the option to change your mind, what if the team changes there mind? Players holding teams hostage, can't be good for baseball. Greed bothers me. Are owners greedy, maybe, but they take all the risk. MLB contracts are guaranteed for the most part, there is no risk. No player is bigger than the game. I know I'm off topic here, I'm done and moving on.
  13. Nothing wrong with asking I guess, it's a player option, if the team wants to opt out, that will never happen,with out a huge buy out.I just think opt outs, no trades are bad for baseball in general, great for players though. Just my opinion. Top 2% of players want there cake, and want to eat it to, and get it.
  14. Why would he need opt outs if he is the highest paid player, 300 + million isn't enough? Got to squeeze the team for even more? wow