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  1. Last I checked, there's 7 days left to the trade dead-line, and it takes 2 to tango.
  2. That info is per CBS, but I watched the game lastnight, there broadcasters said he was starting Sunday.
  3. Starting tomorrow.
  4. Will never know.
  5. Surely you can't be serious ?
  6. You think Juan Soto would work ?
  7. Hamels, but it's close.
  8. Do you prefer Gerardo Parra or Carlos Gonzalez ROS?
  9. 4 straight saves, almost sat him yesterday, but he has pitched 4 days in a row before, I believe he will not pitch 5 days in a row, correct ?
  10. Maybe so, but Colome is, and will be the closer unless he is traded, don't see that happening at this point. Not a Colome owner.
  11. Better be ? lol
  12. Good point, but I could care less about that, he can't be trusted.
  13. rehabbing I would think.
  14. OK, but why ?