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  1. Any chance Austin Pruitt will pitch today ? Really thought he was going to pitch yesterday, didn't happen, championship Sunday, I need to be sure, every point counts.
  2. Hit his 30th HR lastnight, Viewed him as just a injury replacement for Trout, he's kept me close in the finals, I think he has earned a roster spot for 2020.
  3. Very true, he has gotten away from wins, seems like he only cares about the K's. Can't challenge every hitter like he does. Needs to develop some guile. Got out pitched by Adam Wainwright, he could learn a lot from A.W.
  4. Love the 11 K's today, but 5 ER's, no win, no QS, disappointing.
  5. Is it confirmed that Pruitt will follow Snell ? Is it known who will follow Caleb Ferguson ?
  6. Blake Snell is only expected to pitch 3 innings today, any idea who might relieve him ?
  7. I don't understand( "But yeah I'm totally going to grab Caneldario AND Candelario ahead of him". )?
  8. What platform are you planning on using ?
  9. He's been on a amazing run in the last 4 games he has played, mostly against lefties, started vs a righty today, but it was a opener, then Beeks came in, a lefty Today he could face Morton, a RHP, not sure they will start him, I hope they do, I mean, why not? If they do start him, I will too.For the record, one of the home runs Monday was off of a RHP.
  10. So no chance he'll become the #1 C in Seattle in 2020 ? In your opinion, can he be a #1 type C ? In your opinion, could he be traded ? I know I am asking a lot, I picked him up in 2 Dynasty leagues hoping, some way, some how he could be a #1 C for some team, am I barking up the wrong tree ?
  11. Is Murphy a free agent after this season?