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  1. JJ was traded in 2015, but not in 2016.
  2. You can't be serious ? If you only had a brain.
  3. I agree, but what are 12 team dynasty leaguers thinking here ? Must hold ?
  4. Was asking the same question in my mind, I'm going to hold, if he returns Tuesday, and is healthy, then yes, if not, moving on.
  5. Tomlin has been booted to the BP before, he knows the deal, pitch well, your in the rotation, pitch bad and your in the BP.
  6. if he pitches well on Wednesday, I'd say no.
  7. one week wonder, don't waste your time.
  8. Yepper, if he gives up another run, he gone.
  9. Couple weeks, but if he pitches well, maybe he will replace Tomlin in the rotation.
  10. Why? What's compelling you to do that ?
  11. Good idea
  12. same question, why, why, why ?
  13. OK, I get it, having Freeman makes it easier to win, but now he is gone for awhile, put your GM hat on and find another option.
  14. What we are suppose to do, next man up, and continue to dominate .