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  1. Dont get how he could go from unstoppable to getting 4 targets a game.
  2. Who would have thought that after losing sanders,Connor, obj and Olsen at the start of the playoffs I would win the ship with Robbie Anderson, jordy Nelson, Jared “useless” cook and Damien “mvp” Williams. In my keeper league I’m 0-1 with obj in my ship lineup and 2-0 without him.
  3. 1 point ppr down 8.3 with cook and Nelson.
  4. OBJ has been kept since rookie year. MY Roster week 12: QB-Mahomes RB-Zeek RB-Mixon WR-Edlemen WR-OBJ WR-Manny Sanders TE-Olsen Flex-J. Connor Def-Chi K-Butker MY Roster for the Ship: QB-Mahomes RB-Zeek RB-Mixon WR-Edlemen WR-Jordy Nelson WR-Robbie Anderson TE-Cooks Flex-D. Williams Def-Chi K-Butker
  5. Average 170 a week, put up 195 on your bye, only to score 100 in the semis!
  6. Going with River this week over an Injured Ben.... Don't let me down Phil.
  7. Just figured I'd rant about how in the first 13 weeks I had no injuries and managed to get 2 first place finishes and most points by 400 in both leagues only to lose: Connor, OBJ, Manny Sanders, Olsen, now have a Hobbled Hill and Ware on Thursday night, and Big Ben with broken Ribs all in the past week. Man fantasy football sucks.
  8. a few carries a game for hill now?
  9. Dropped Burton for this guy, contemplating if i should strut him out there instead of cook.
  10. Look at the 5 second mark you can hear the contact from #25.
  11. on his TD run looked like he took a pop to the head, that's my only guess.
  12. It’s a short week and Connor has has over 100 touches last 4 games. No one should be surprised he’s not in every down.
  13. Brady is 7-1 (including playoffs) against the Titans with 16 pass TD and 1 INT in those games. That is his best TD-INT ratio against any opponent in his career.
  14. Starting Boyd and Chubb, benching JUJU.. am i crazy?
  15. Bell or Connor will get 95% of the snaps. Tomlin never has and never will use a RBBC. From Parker to Mendy to Bell to Connor.