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  1. I would go with McGuire for a safer floor, but Samuel for more upside
  2. With Beckham out I need some WR help, as my only other decent receiver was Tyreek. Choices are Hamilton vs Cleveland Sutton vs Cleveland Dede vs Washington Roby Anderson vs Houston Currently thinking Hamilton and a good matchup against the Browns.
  3. I have Brate at TE, but thinking on dropping someone for Thomas at TE. I'm likely still starting Brate due to match up this week, but his lack of targets is concerning if I make the finals. Currently thinking Sutton or Jameis. A couple of the other teams are really hurting for RB, so I'd hate to drop someone they could use. Options: Shady Gus Edwards Sutton (currently my only backup WR if Tyreek/OBJ sits, but i'm sure there's waiver scrap just as bad) Jameis Winston. My team is in sig, but for those on mobile: 12 Team 1-PPR ESPN Std, 1/25 return yards. QB: Rivers, Winston RB: CMC, J.Samuels, J.Jackson, A.Jones, Ware, Gus, Shady, Conner (IR) WR: OBJ, Tyreek, Sutton TE: Brate D: Seahawks, Broncos K: Legatron
  4. PPR league. WHIR I'm debating on sitting Aaron Jones against CHI, especially after seeing what they did against Gurley. Assuming Gordon/Ekeler sits, do I start Jackson vs KC over Aaron Jones at FLEX? I could also use Spencer Ware, but he might not play, or be limited by his hamstring. My other 2 RBs are currently CMC and Jaylen Samuels.
  5. I trust the RBs to have a better floor. Pettis could blow up again, however Goodwin is back so hard to say. Are any of these late games? If so, is slot in the RBs and if you need to make up ground chance it and switch to a WR.
  6. PPR, need to pick one at flex. Currently have Samuels in, but thinking about switching out for Shady. Samuels vs OAK Shady vs NYJ Ware vs BAL Gus vs KC J.Jackson vs CIN Ridley vs OAK
  7. Yes, I'd do that since you don't need to win this week. Fournette will be much better than Sony. Sony is dealing with White/Rex/Everybody else on the patriots. Fournette has been great, and nobody to compete with on the team.
  8. Conner for sure. I'd also start Adams vs. Depleted WSH team. Other 3 are tougher. I'd probably lean White, with Gus in a close 2nd. White - On a decline recently, vs a tough MIN secondary. Has to compete with Michele & Rex now. Does provide upside since MIN defense may lead to more quick passes/check downs. Yeldon - Losing touches to Hyde. Will probably have value in PPR. Gus - Best Matchup. However Atlanta is weak against pass catching backs. Hard to know what the gameplan will be, or if TY or someone else would be used more here.
  9. I might stay where you are. You have Ekeler to fill in for Gordon when he's out. Ben also isn't an upgrade over Ryan at QB. Gronk is a toss up or slight win over Njoku at TE, depends on Gronk's health. Gordon will be a good keeper, and can help win in the finals.
  10. Team in sig below: Receive: Tyreek Hill Give: Josh Gordon, Dalvin Cook, Marlon Mack I would still have CMC, Conner, Aaron Jones, Shady, and Gus at RB. This would upgrade my WRs to be OBJ/Tyreek. I know it seems like an over pay, but I wouldn't have started Mack again, and only possibly started Dalvin week 15. I'm already a playoff lock. Team with Tyreek needs a win to make playoffs, and has Duke Johnson & Howard at RB after the Melvin injury.
  11. Greg Z on bye, who to drop for a kicker? PPR league, team in Sig. Gus also cleared waivers so debating swapping out him for Collins
  12. Out of who you listed, I would do Baldwin for sure. Then probably Mostert, it look like his use is trending up. Hard to say what Hyde's usage will look like this week. I could easily see just having a few runs while getting used to the new offense is more likely than a big game.