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  1. If there is lightning in the area, yes.
  2. Spencer Ware was just cut by the Colts. Watch him end up on the Chiefs again.
  3. With Sean Payton not naming a starting QB - Is Taysom Hill better for Kamara's fantasy outlook vs Bridgewater? I only see his gadget plays so I'm not too familiar with him.
  4. Welp. I guess we hold onto him til we see which team wants to sign him and deal with this nonsense. or he retires. I feel like that is the more likely scenario.
  5. I read it the same way. He could have easily been cut yesterday if they actually suspended him and he forfeited his guaranteed money.
  6. Their practice was indoors, on carpet at the convention center due to rain. There’s a video of it on her Twitter. Kinda funny.
  7. GM/Owners > coach in hot seat. Fact is, we don't know what is going to happen Sunday, but we do know that Ron Rivera has nothing to do with whether or not CMC plays or how much he plays.
  8. With that logic, why even risk him in perfect weather if your season is all but over?
  9. According to this, they have a 1.2% chance to make it. *Insert Dumb and Dumber gif*
  10. Isn't speculation a two-way street? Some are speculating he'll get less work and some are speculating he'll get the same/more. It is anyone's guess at this point. Both sides have valid arguments. One side, he is relied on more with Cam out. Another side, if they're not going to risk Cam, then they might also limit CMC.
  11. Currently like a 5% chance to make it. If the Redskins win on Saturday, then they're eliminated before their game even starts.
  12. Exactly. If you're already mailing it in, why risk injury to your franchise RB? Say they go down big at the half, what reason would they have to keep trotting him out there? Obvious start, but there is a lot more risk this week.