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  1. Well it’s always easy in reflection. Cheerrrrssss
  2. Only one spot left and i honestly like them all this week. Who gets the nod? JuJu @ LAC McLaurin @MIA Gallup @NYG
  3. Currently leaning towards starting F1 over both Ju Ju and Gallup. Methinks you run worried benchers are bonkers. I see a monster game ahead.
  4. Was a reception and actually wasn’t even his only good play that game.
  5. Hes a tremendous option. Guy still looks great with his cuts out there and has no problems in the redzone
  6. Had to grab him he’s just too much upside in this matchup if Kamara sits. You can thank me if Darryl williams takes over in kc because I finally had to toss him overboard.
  7. Some of us are sitting here with Hopkins, JuJu, Godwin, F1, and Gallup in so it's not always that easy fella.
  8. Very well said and yes the percentages looked off last night with the blowout.
  9. Wilson was inactive and should continue to be. Not sure why you think Shanny would "forget about Mostert". RM is a great contrast to the other 2 and excels in the passing game. You've got Coleman coming off an injury and a relatively undersized Breida there's every reason in the world to keep a prouctive Mostert in the rotation and ensure every back is as fresh as possible. Shanny doesn't care about our fantasy teams and he won't nor should he "forget" a back who has been highly productive.
  10. Most probable based on current info is mild MCL sprain.
  11. He was and will continue to be involved in the passing games and was flexed out into the slot a few times. The 49ers will play actually competitive games this year so don't worry you'll see even more of it. Let's not have rotorworld fantasy forum dudes questioning the greatest offensive play caller in the NFL.
  12. If you fellas just click the link I posted you'll see said mask.
  13. What's to debate here? There isn't a more obvious non-fantasy starter hold in the hobby right now. Unless you're playing in 10 team leagues or have severe depth at RB and bye week issues you're holding him for the near future.