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  1. OK kid just please please do what you have to do to score more points than the guy kicking oblong balls on your team tonight, okay? Thanks.
  2. Damn NFL is so soft these days. Imagine if Deion and Rison got run after this fight back in the day. Would have erased Prime Time's epic pick 6 later in the game from existence.
  3. Yep most likely he scores twice this week because this is the NFL/fantasy and people are clamoring over the likes of Anthony Miller and guys on Packers with hyphenated names. High team total, large snap share last week yada yada
  4. Thompson active. Firing him up (out of bye necessity) and praying.
  5. Perhaps I didn't articulate my thoughts so well. What I'm saying is this. As an owner of both LF and TJY Fournette coming back doesn't necessarily improve my team for the latter part of the year. I'm not at all saying that Yeldon is in the same ballpark as LF. Not even close. What I'm saying is that TJY is a capable 3 down back without much competition for touches right now so he has a solid floor and still a decent ceiling. What I'm also saying is that I've experienced bad hamstring pulls. They are no joke and you can rest all you want but without prolonged rest (I mean months) you just never know when it might hiccup again. So with that said, when LF comes back you have to factor that his floor is absolutely at the bottom of fantasy because of the hammy. JAX knows this so my take is that, even when LF comes back, you will see Yeldon rotated in at a marginally higher rate than he was last year because he's been spending so much time with the 1st team offense and Jax wants to minimize LF's workload for this year. So would I rather have Yeldon with virtually no competition for snaps or LF back with the ubiquitous fear of injury but potential for monster games? Fournette sure but my point is it's not really a giant upgrade for my situation all things considered.
  6. Fournette back is just gonna be a struggle for those of us who own both him and Yeldon. Even if he comes back after the bye there's no way he's gonna get the monster snap counts for which he was drafted. Yeldon has proved he's a more than capable 3 down back and he's gonna be rotated in regardless at a higher rate moving forward.
  7. Bahha some mods deleted my comments regarding Baldwin/Cooper guessing Stevie boy "reported" them. That's a shame because that was a damn good writeup and highly entertaining.
  8. Goodwin's catch percentage is 67.74% this year. Certainly not error free but also not terrible at all.
  9. Let that be a lesson on taking a 3 game sample size over 4 years of performance. Like I said, anything involving the Raiders is a losing endeavor at this point.
  10. See my earlier comment about Winston/Godwin in a bit of a larger recent sample. Huge targets last 2 games of 2017.
  11. Baldwin was double covered on almost every passing play against Rams. Methinks, while this team is now run first, that he still has some big games in store.
  12. Oy Vey. Not gonna spend much time on Baldwin since this is a Cooper thread. Could Cooper have a game? Of course...he's shown that he can. I'm just sick of his apathetic route running combined with Carr looking spastic every time he drops back and afraid to throw the ball into traffic. To me your Baldwin takes are unfairly strong towards the negative. He's not 100 percent and he hasn't had a big game this year but he's not dead yet. Guy is 30 years old and R. wilson isn't going to just magically stop targeting his favorite WR over the past 4 years. Big difference playing against the Raiders in London vs his other games @ARI and @ DEN. But you go ahead and take a 2-3 game sample and discount Baldwin completely for the entire year.
  13. Good luck to you. He's already eaten once on my bench. I'm just going with the highest implied team totals to make my decision. And FAWK the Raiders.
  14. My gut says he eats but I'm just too mad at the Raiders and, more so, ME for drafting Cooper. Starting Godwin, Baldwin, and Coutee over Amari.
  15. Ah ok my apologies I didn't even read the quote just saw that a reply was made.